Body Ok I think I understand what your on about glitcher. I'm changing format. I can put more detail in that way. If you don't like it after this then I'll completely rethink the story, but I'll not give up.

Chapter 3

Jago found himself locked in a small, claustrophobic room.

"Where am I," he thought. The last thing he remembered was being hit in the back of the head by something metal, a butt of a gun, maybe. Suddenly he heard a voice over a speaker in the corner of the roof.

"Well, ninja, how do you feel. Good I hope, as you'll be competing


"What are you talking about?" asked Jago.

"You want revenge for the death of your master don't you. I can give you a fight against the droid that killed him."

"The droid's not as important as the creators," replied Jago hotly.

"Well that is out of the question. And if you want Fulgore then your going to have to beat an opponent of my choosing."

"Then bring him on."

A creature that resembled a velociraptor entered the room. It had metal gauntlets around it's wrist.

"This is Riptor, the ultimate genetically engineered lizard. His one instinct is to kill. He was the first of two, and is not quite as powerful as his counterpart, but I'm sure he will test your abilities.

"Oh no, what a predicament," Jago thought.

The creature stared at Jago hungrily, slavering. Jago had an idea what the look meant, but didn't want to think about it. It pounced, and the fight had begun! Jago side-stepped it, but still received a gash in the leg. A punch countered this slash, but it didn't do much. The creature started a combination of high and low slashes. Jago blocked them with his sword. He had to end the fight quickly, or Riptor would tire him out. Jago jumped back. "Eduoken," he yelled. A great green fireball erupted from his arm. Riptor dodged it, but left an opening.

This was all Jago needed, His sword became a blur hacking through Riptor's flesh. Blood spurted all over the place. Jago stopped, but mercy was not on his mind. The tiger spirit coursed through his body, and he ran at Riptor, delivering a devastating jumping uppercut, the Tiger Fury. The blow snapped Riptor's neck like a twig, and he fell, slain. Jago sat down. Though the fight was short, he was exhausted.

A while later, the speaker blared again.

"Are you still there Jago."


"Impressive. You should get some rest. You will face Fulgore in two days time, in the laboratory of his creation. Food will be sent to you. If you can beat Fulgore, you will receive the standard prize of the victor of the Ultratech fighting tournament, a single request.It can be anything, however."

Jago went to sleep, happy. For he knew exactly what that request would be.