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You're More Than Amazing

It was the second Saturday in July and a bright, summer afternoon in Reefside, California. Tommy Oliver, Rocky DeSantos and Jason Scott were all playing basketball in Reefside Park. The three twenty-eight-year-old men had been playing for over an hour. The game had been Rocky's suggestion. It'd been awhile since any of them had played any kind of sports.

A couple minutes later, Jason bounced the ball towards Tommy and rubbed his hands over his face. Rocky smirked at his predecessor.

"Don't tell me you're tired, old man," he quipped.

"Nah. It's time for me to head. Hate the cut the game short," Jason said.

"What's up?" Tommy asked.

"Kim," Jason told the paleontologist. "She wants me to go... sofa shopping with her." His friends' expressions made the original red ranger narrow his brown eyes. "If I hear something even close to laughter, there'll be a double funeral."

"Then, you know what, Jase? I guess I'm dying today because..." Rocky's voice trailed off into laughter. Tommy tried to hold it in for a few moments, then, he joined Rocky.

"Go on. Laugh it up. Lemme just get my cell and make the funeral arrangements," Jason said- causing them to laugh harder. "And you're in no position to laugh, Rocko. You've got it just as bad with Aisha."

"True story," Tommy agreed, grinning.

Rocky sighed. "Yeah, I know. I can't believe Kim and Isha's shopping obsession is still so strong."

Rocky- who was a chef- had married Aisha Campbell- who was a veterinarian- three years earlier. The couple lived in Stone Canyon- along with Adam and Tanya- and had one-year-old twins named Mateo and Bianca. Jason- who ran a dojo with Adam- had married Kimberly Hart- who was a personal shopper- three years earlier as well. They lived in Angel Grove- along with Billy, Trini and Zack- and had a one-year-old son named Jeffrey.

Tommy's grin faded and he looked down at the ball he was holding. Hearing his friends talk about their wives still made him feel a little uneasy. Six months earlier, Tommy himself was supposed to get married- to Nina Dawson. Yeah... supposed to. Unfortunately, Nina had other plans for their wedding day. Like... plans not to show up at all. Yeah, he'd been stood up at the altar.

Also, to make matters worse, she'd left a message on his answering machine saying how she realized she just really didn't want to be married. She'd gone on to give the lame "it's really not you, but me" speech. And her apology hadn't seemed very sincere at all. Tommy hadn't felt humiliation and pain like that in ages. He'd given his all to that relationship. He'd loved her with everything he had in him. He had done all he could to make her happy.

'And just what the hell did it get me?' he thought. Okay, it'd been six months. The pain was nowhere near as strong as it had been, but, it still wasn't exactly fun to think about. When Kim had sent him that letter years ago, that'd been nightmarish for him. But this was totally different since he and Nina were adults.

"Tombo? You okay, man?" Rocky's voice broke into his thoughts.

Tommy looked up to see his friends staring at him in concern. "Yeah, man. Yeah. I was just thinking about... Nina." His friends nodded in understanding and looked at each other. Rocky cleared his throat- a little too loudly. It was time for a subject change. Oh, yeah.

"So, you know what's great?" Rocky said.

"What, bro?" Jason asked.

"Kat choosing to come back to Cali for good," Rocky said.

Jason and Tommy nodded in total agreement. Katherine Hillard had been in London for the last ten years. Anyway, a few weeks ago, she'd informed her friends that visits, letters and phone calls had long since stopped being satisfying and that she wanted to move back to California.

"I'm really glad she's coming back to stay. After all this time, I figured she'd just settle down in England," Tommy said. Kat. Oh, man. He'd always really valued their friendship/relationship. She'd always understood him in ways no one else quite had. She was quite a woman. But Tommy wasn't exactly planning to seriously involve himself with anyone again. There was a wall around his heart now. Thanks to his ex-fiancee.

"Yeah. I didn't think she'd ever move back, either," Jason said.

"When's she flying in?" Tommy asked. He'd forgotten- surprise, surprise.

"Friday," Rocky replied.

"Oh, yeah, that's right. And the "welcome back" party Aisha and Kim planned is gonna be Saturday," Tommy said, nodding.

"Yeah," Jason said, nodding. "Well, I'm gonna head, guys. I'll catch you later."

"Later, bro," Tommy and Rocky said in unison as Jason turned and headed off towards the bench he'd sat his things on.

(Seattle, Washington)

Nina Dawson sighed as she entered her relatively small, but, charming apartment Monday evening. The twenty-eight-year-old, blue-eyed, brunette woman had just left her job as a receptionist for a doctor at the local hospital.

Nina had moved to Seattle six months ago. She could easily have gone back to her hometown- which was San Francisco- but, she'd wanted out of California. Not only because she'd wanted a different scene. If she'd gone back to live near her family, they'd try to convince her to tell Tommy about the discovery she'd made a few weeks after... leaving him.

Tommy. She didn't want to think about him. It always filled her with emotions she didn't think she was strong enough to handle. But, she was forced to think about him. Every single day. And she'd have to think of him for the rest of her life... .

A short while later, she was sitting on her couch, watching television- but, not really. She looked around her living room. She really liked this apartment, but, she planned to get a bigger one by the end of the year. She'd definitely need the space, after all. Nina placed her hand on her belly. Seven months pregnant. Yeah. In two months, she'd be bringing a little boy into the world. Tommy Oliver's son.

She closed her eyes and forced herself to ignore the all-too-familiar guilt. 'I can't tell him about this. Especially not now,' she thought. Those words had been running through her mind ever since she'd found out she was pregnant. She wouldn't face him. She couldn't. Not after what had happened.

If she ever did tell him about this child, it wouldn't be in the near future, that was for sure. She was aware that the longer she waited, the worse the results would be, but, this worked for her. It made her look spineless and, of course, selfish. But, unfortunately, she'd almost always taken the easy way out and old habits died hard. She looked down at her belly.

"I'm sorry, but, I'm just not that tough. I hope you don't hate me when you're older," she whispered to her unborn child.

It was short, but, that's who I am sometimes. LOL. And I know it wasn't the most interesting, but, my first couple chapters usually aren't. Sorry. Well, cya.