I suppose the moment I actually gave up all thoughts of a relationship, with either one of them, was when I saw Sora's reaction to being reunited with Riku. I was so happy for them. I promised Roxas and Namine that Sora and I would be together every day, but by then I know, it would only be as friends. His heart was with Riku.

That idea has only been further confirmed ever since they came back. Even now, as we sit watching the sunset from the Paopu tree, Sora in the middle (as always), he is leaning against Riku, whose arm is around Sora's waist. Apparently, the first night back, Sora freaked when he woke up and went straight to the island. Riku had been there. He told me later that Sora had latched onto him and cried, sobbing something along the likes of "It's real" and "Riku's here."

Something in Sora must have changed when he was away, knowing I was safe and worrying about Riku every day. His heart must have made a choice somewhere along the way, because he loves Riku now.

And, seeing how happy they are, there's no way I can be sad or bitter. I love them; they're my best friends. Roxas and Namine can still be together if we're just friends, right?

My heart belongs to me again and I thinkā€¦ I like it.