With Blake:

On his way out the front door Blake pulled his cell from his pocket and dialed his brother. But he got no answer and knew Hunter was probably still at the academy finishing up and he never got good service out there. Blake put the phone back in his pocket and vowed to try his office number once he got to see if Charlie was ok or not.

He looked around and ninja streaked to blue bay close to Hunter and Charlie's coming to a stop in an alley to steer clear of many witnesses. He quickly jogged out of the alley and down the block about three minutes to the house. He knocked on the door and got no answer. Charlie's car was parked in the driveway though. Blake used his emergency key to let himself in. "Charlie!" He called shutting the door.

There was nothing but silence that met him. "Charlie?" He hollered again. There was still nothing but silence. Blake started to walk around. He first went to the kitchen, but she was not there. His next stop was the rooms as he walked into the soon to be baby room he saw Charlie lying on the floor much like Tori had been. "Charlie?" Blake walked quickly and knelt by her. Her pulse was fine and she wasn't having any trouble breathing.

He saw no visible signs of why this had happened so he decided to just call an ambulance. The emergency operator answered the call after one ring and Blake went immediately into a story about finding his pregnant sister-in-law passed out. The operator asked several questions of which Blake tried to answer and then she told him an ambulance was on the way. Blake hung up and called Tori to tell her she had been right. Something was wrong with Charlie. Tori immediately started to panic and ask questions, which Blake told her he knew nothing and really he didn't and Tori understood.

"Try an call Hunter at his office Tor." Blake said softly into the phone. He heard a knock at the door. "I have to go the medics are here."

"Ok take care of her Blake."

"I will. I love you." Blake hung up and he left Charlie's side to go and let the medics in so that they could do what they needed to do and get her to the hospital.


Hunter walked into the hospital and saw Blake standing by the doors waiting for him. "Hey what happened?" Hunter asked.

Blake shrugged. "I dunno really. I came home found Tori passed out and when I got her awake she said she thought something was wrong with Charlie. I called her cell and the house no answer, so I headed over to check and found her unconscious in the baby room." Blake explained quickly as if trying to soften the blow.

"Has the doctor told you anything?" Hunter asked worriedly.

Blake shook his head. "No but since Charlie is seeing Dr. Marks like Tori did I called her and she said she'd be over shortly to check on her after the ER doctor gave his initial diagnosis."

Hunter nodded and they each took up a seat in the very familiar room of the hospital. They all looked alike except this one was packed with sick people, not people waiting to find out how a friends childbirth went. "Has the doctor been out at all?" He asked concern evident in his voice and fear.

Blake shook his head again in answer. "No he hasn't…" Just as Blake was going to continue a doctor walked into the waiting room.

"Bradley?" Hunter stood and walked over to him quickly. Blake did the same and before the doctor could speak he looked to Hunter.

"Do you want me to stay?" He asked.

Hunter sighed. "Let's see what he says and if it's not to serious go home and be with your wife and kids. Tori sounded really upset when she called."

Blake nodded and then they both looked to the doctor. "I'm doctor Labinski, which of you is Charlene's husband?"

Hunter raised his hand slightly in silence and then folded his arms across his chest. "Are they all right?"

"Well Dr. Marks arrived a few minutes ago and is re-examining her which I think is smart since she has been with her through the pregnancy, but I will say that I think your wife just passed out from stress or some sort of anxiety attack. Has she ever had a history of panic attacks or anxiety?"

Hunter shrugged. "None that she's ever told me about. Could it have been brought on by the pregnancy?" He asked calmly.

Dr. Marks walked into the waiting room. "Blake, Hunter." She said acknowledging them. "I see Dr. Labinski you started without me." She quirked a grin.

"Uh hello, my wife and child." Hunter said a little impatient. Blake put a hand on his shoulder to calm him back down.

Dr. Marks smiled softly. "Yes Charlie had an anxiety attack causing her to collapse. She and the baby will be fine. I'm going to put her on some medications that will not affect her pregnancy but should help with the anxiety. And yes it can be brought on by pregnancy. It's not uncommon to see it in first time mothers. Some do just fine and some don't. It should be nothing to worry about."

Hunter sighed in relief and looked at the doctors. "Is she awake? Can I see her?" He asked smiling softly at the relief he was feeling that everything would be ok.

"You may. I'll take you now if you'd like." Dr. Marks said softly.

Hunter nodded. "Thank you." He turned to Blake. "Thanks bro."

"No problem man. Just when you get home have her call Tor and tell her everything is cool. She'll be up all night with worry." He said giving his brother a quick hug. They released. "Go see your wife." He said smiling at his brother.

Hunter smirked. "Tell Tor I said thanks to." Blake nodded and he turned and headed out of the hospital for a now darkened alley that he could streak from.


"Tor!" Blake called walking in the door. Blake saw coop come running at him from the living room.

"Kitchen!" Tori called. Blake walked petting Cooper's head into the kitchen and stopped seeing every counter space covered in plates of cupcakes.

Blake looked at Tori who's back was turned to him and she seemed to be spreading frosting on the cupcake she held and rocking Izzy's carrier at her feet gently as she slept. "Tor?" Blake asked looking around one last time to make sure he wasn't imagining all of this.

Tori turned smiled and turned back. "I was a little nervous so I started baking to take my mind off things. Those over there are going to Marah and Kira as a congratulations." She pointed over to the counter space just to the left of the fridge. "The ones on the island will be split between Sensei Watanabe and Omino…and these…" She gestured to the ones still in the backing tins. "We'll go in small gift baskets to our friends."

Each set had different piping on them as well. The ones for Marah and Kira had decorative floors, the ones for the Sensei's had a mix of the thunder insignia and air insignia, and the others hadn't apparently been finished yet. "Ok who are you and what did you do with my wife?" Blake asked sarcastically.

"Blake don't kid I was just trying to take my mind off things." Tori said setting the frosted cupcake she held down along with the spatula she was frosting with. She turned around switching feet to rock her daughter gently.

Blake saw the obvious question in her eye. "She'll be fine. She had some sort of anxiety attack and collapsed. Dr. Marks said it was probably brought on by the pregnancy her being first time mother and all. They're gonna give her some meds and that's that." He said walking over to her. Tori smiled and let out an air of relief.

"Good. Now I can stop worrying." She said sweetly. Blake wrapped his arms around her waist.

"After you clean up this mess at least." He joked.

Tori smacked his arm playfully. "Shut up when have I ever not cleaned up my mess?"

Blake chuckled. "Never, you always clean up." He said a hairs breath away from her lips.

"Yeah that's what I thought." Tori whispered as she sealed the distance between their lips and kissed her husband passionately and then Isabella started to wake and cry. Tori giggled. "She's been doing that every half and hour since you left. Pick her up please." She said smirking at him.

Blake grinned. It had become apparent that Isabella was in fact more Blake's child. She was good for Tori during the day and even better for Blake after he got home from work. The first few days after he started going back to work had been the roughest though. "I've got her where's Joey?" Blake asked releasing Tori and bending down to pick up Izzy.

"Upstairs asleep. He fell asleep about an hour ago." Tori said softly. Blake took Izzy and started to gently swing her from side to side to calm her down. She immediately started to go back to sleep. "I'm gonna finish up these cupcakes and put them in containers why don't you take her upstairs to bed." Tori suggested.

"Ok. And then I'm gonna go shower and change." Blake told her.

Tori smiled and nodded. "Ok. I'll be upstairs after a while."

Blake nodded kissed her cheek and then headed off with his now back to sleep daughter upstairs to put her to bed and go take a shower.

Tori finished off the cupcakes and put them in tuber ware bowls and with a black sharpie she wrote names on the lids of whom which set went to so she could give them to her friends without hassle. Tori got everything put away and then headed off shutting lights off as she went to go upstairs. Cooper came running up along side her and Tori looked down and smiled. "Yes you can sleep with us tonight." She said softly.

Cooper barked and then went up ahead of Tori taking a let at the stairs and heading into hers and Blake's room. Tori knew that Cooper probably wouldn't stay in their room long. She slept in there for about an hour or two and then went into Izzy's room and lay down and then she would find her way in to lay down with Joey on his bed. They kept her well bathed and taken care of so Tori and Blake didn't mind her lying on beds.

Tori walked through the bathroom hearing the shower and grinning to herself as she walked into the closet to get some pajamas. As she was changing she heard the shower curtain open and close and then turned her head to see Blake walking towards her out of the corner of her eye. He had on his navy towel and his chest was moist from his shower and his hair had been lightly towel dried.

Blake came up behind Tori leaned forward over her shoulder and kissed her cheek. "She's asleep." He whispered going to his pajama drawer and grabbing some boxers and pants out to wear.

Tori smiled over at him as she pulled his oversized Motocross shirt over her head. She wore her light blue knit shorts that couldn't even be seen because of the length of the shirt. "She's fine during the day but in the evening she knows you're supposed to be home." She said slightly kidding.

Blake chuckled faintly as he dried quickly and dressed. "Yeah." He said softly. "So what did you mean by congratulations for Kira and Marah? I was thinking about that in the shower."

Tori giggled. "Don't tell Dustin unless he tells you first, but Marah's pregnant. She called me today freaked out that Dustin wouldn't be happy cause they just got married and she's still twenty-two. I just had to remind her Dustin loves kids and it's ok to be twenty two and have a baby."

Blake rolled his eyes in amusement as he ran his towel quickly over his head again. "Well that would be typical Marah."

Tori smiled softly as she leaned back against the door jam just watching him. His upper torso was bare and still slightly moist with a light glow in the dim closet lighting. His slightly dimpled abs were still perfect to her, comfortable and not to ripped. "What are you staring at?" Blake asked smirking at her.

Tori remembering asking that same question several times and every time he gave her the same reply. "You." She said smirking right back at him.

Blake chuckled faintly. "Come on let's go to bed." He said walking over to her.

Tori smiled and around a yawn. "No complaints here. Better get sleep while we can."

"Just wake me up if she starts crying." Blake said walking Tori to bed. Tori sat down and then adjust to lay under their covers as Blake walked around to the other side and climbed in beside her.

Tori giggled. "Easier said then done thunderboy. It's just easier and quicker if I get up and take care of her myself." She said snuggling up to Blake as his arms wrapped diligently around her.

Blake sighed. "I'm working on it." He said slightly kidding.

Tori smiled. "It's ok if I find that I'm way, way to exhausted to even comprehend a problem you'll be awoken by a water orb." She said laughing lightly resting her head on his chest.

Blake chuckled. "I love you surfer girl."

"I love you to thunderboy. Tomorrow's Friday and we have the weekend free." Tori said yawning.

Blake nuzzled his cheek to her head and laid a soft kiss there. "Maybe we'll go for a family trip to the park." He said softly.

"Joey would like that." Tori said sweetly as her eyes shut silently.

Blake nodded. "Yeah we haven't been to the park in a while. Go to sleep Tor." Blake kissed her forehead once and then he slowly drifted off feeling the even rise and fall of Tori's chest indicating she was asleep. This put him at ease.

A few hours passed and Tori was awoken when she felt a tug on the back of her shirt. She rolled slightly and saw Joey standing on her side of the bed leaning over to tug on her shirt. "Hey sweetie." She said softly.

"I had bad dream momma." Joey said softly. Tori smiled faintly and rolled out of Blake's arms grabbing her son and lifting him up and over her to lay between her and Blake. She adjusted the covers over him and then saw Cooper jump off the bed.

"It's ok sweetie you can sleep in here with me and daddy." Tori kissed his head and Joey snuggled back against her torso while his head lay on Blake's shoulder. Joey felt to sleep as did Tori and the rest of the night was silent until very early morning when Izzy awoke crying loud enough to be heard through the halls and the baby monitor. "Another day." Tori whispered smiling. She gently got out of bed not to wake her son and left him with Blake as she went to tend to her daughter.

The End

Well that's the end folks…but don't worry there is to be a sequel starting asap…