Author's Note: This fic is being done as a gift to a good friend of mine. I would like to give her credit for most of the ideas in this fic. Oh, and I don't own Transformers Cybertron, Hasbro does. The OC that will come in a later chapter belongs to my friend and I.

Chap. 1: Tormenting Dream

Darkness. It was all familiar and foreign at the same time. Peaceful and terrifying. He couldn't see that well in the dark, and he wasn't able to until his optics finally adjusted. Just as he thought he was alone he saw Red Alert in the distance calling to him.

"Hotshot," the medic said in an eerie tone, "We've disobeyed…you've disobeyed."

"I know Red Alert, I'm sorry,"

"It's all your fault Hotshot. What are we going to do? What are you going to do?"

"I'll take the blame, I swear…you won't be punished,"

Red Alert crossed his arms, "You should just runaway."

"No, I'm not a coward,"

"You're not a hero either,"

Slowly Hotshot pondered his words, "I have nowhere to go."

"Go home, return to your father. Your father will learn you in,"

"I…I don't know who my father is,"

"Then look,"

Red Alert disappeared suddenly. Hotshot ran to where he had been but didn't see the medic anywhere. The bot turned only to find himself back in the autobot base, looking face to face with his commander.

"Hotshot…Red Alert had told me what you've done,"

"He has? Sir, I'm sorry I disobeyed your orders. I just couldn't stand by and watch as two of Megatron's thugs beat up Clocker and Brakedown,"

"I can't trust you anymore Hotshot,"

"Optimus, you must understand,"

"I understand fully that you disobeyed me. I don't want to have to put up with this kind of behavior while trying to save the universe…I'm discharging you. Go home Hotshot. Distract your father for me, it'll help the autobot cause,"

"What?" asked the confused Hotshot.

His question was never answered since the "scene" changed suddenly and Optimus disappeared. Hotshot found himself standing in what looked like a fiery abyss. He looked about himself and suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. The light blue bot didn't move from fear.

"Turn around autobot,"

Slowly Hotshot did as the voice told him. Horror stuck him as he did so.


"Don't act so surprised Hotshot,"

"What…what do you want?"

The decepticon leader laughed, "My Hotshot, you've grown."

Hotshot was baffled. He couldn't figure out what Megatron was talking about. Why would he care to point out how much he's grown? Hotshot tried to take a step back, but his feet didn't move.

"I'm not a coward," he thought mentally, "I'll stand up to him."

Megatron went on, "You're still young though. I still have time…time to change you mind about everything."

"What are you talking about?"

Megatron turned and walked away from him. Hotshot stared blankly into the tyrant's back.

"I see the autobots don't want you anymore, after an innocent mistake. You had good intentions,"

"At least someone agrees with me,"

"Why wouldn't I…Hotshot?"

"I don't know," Hotshot said sarcastically, "Maybe because I'm a mere autobot soldier and you're the leader of the decepticons."

"Hotshot, you don't know me,"

"I know you well enough,"

The decepticon leader seemed to change the subject, "You have a lot of potential Hotshot. You will someday be an excellent soldier."

Hotshot didn't say anything. He had heard this before, from his platoon leader back in military school. Hotshot assumed his father had an excellent military background, which would explain his own abilities to fight so well at such a young age.

The decepticon chuckled, "If only your mother could see you now."

"My…mother?" Hotshot wondered then realized, "Oh sweet Primus, please don't tell me—

"Hotshot," Megatron interrupted, "I am your father."

Red Alert was walking by Hotshot's quarters when he heard the bot shouting. The medic entered only to discover the bot was having a nightmare. He shook him gently.

"Hotshot, wake up. You're having a nightmare,"

His optics flared online suddenly and he sat bolt upright startling the medic a bit. Hotshot was gasping for air and a light layer of coolant was on his face and neck. He calmed down realizing he was awake.

"Are you alright?" Red Alert asked concerned.

"I…I'm fine…it was only a dream,"

"Do you want to talk about it?"


"Alright then, I'll be going. Try to go back to sleep,"

And with that Red Alert left. Hotshot slowly lay back down, thankful that had only been a dream. Though as much as he tried, he couldn't fall back asleep.

Author's Note: Short, sweet, and to the point. Chapter two will hopefully come soon.