Author's Note: Here I am again writing the last chapter of a fic. It always feels good to end something knowing you had people who loved what you wrote and that whatever you wrote feels finished. Anyways I'll just write this. This epilogue is going to sum up everything and hopefully give a finished feel to the fic.

Chap. 20: Epilogue

After a long and tireless struggle, the autobots went on to win the war. Hotshot and Override stayed together through it all and their love flourished. Surprisingly enough, Megatron had kept his promise to them. The war only ended because Optimus Prime had killed Galvatron (also known as Megatron). Now Optimus was the ruler of the universe.

However, Optimus handed control of Cybertron over to Jetfire. Landmine and Wing-Saber went of to fight Starscream, Soundwave, and Sideways. Optimus was leading a team to build spacebridges to connect the universe. He was taking a few human astronauts with him.

As for Hotshot and Override, Override was going to go with Optimus and help with the spacebridges. Hotshot won another race on Speed Planet and was going to rule the planet while she was gone although neither of them wanted to be apart. Hotshot handed control of Speed Planet to Brakedown and asked Optimus if he could join the team. Optimus let him.

Hotshot was also given the choice of leading the decepticons as well since he was first in line to Megatron's position. The light blue bot felt that if he became the leader of the decepticons, he'd only be fulfilling his father's wish of him becoming a decepticon and thus declined the offer.

As for Pyrosyne, she went along with Thundercracker, Thunderblast, Ransack, and Crumplezone to find a new leader of the decepticons. No one really knows if the 'new decepticons' as they call themselves would present a problem in the future. Hasbro left out that little detail.

Author's Note: The end! I hope everyone enjoyed this fic. I do not plan on doing a sequel for this one. I've got other ideas for fics in this brain of mine.