"HI"- Animal talking

HI- Thoughts/Flashback



15 years ago

"Damn it!" Fugaku Uchiha shouted.

"What's wrong dear?" Mikoto ask her husband.

"Orochimaru is asking for too much." He said while throwing the papers from his desk to the floor.

"Did you ask him for more time?"

Fugaku has been working for Orochimaru when Mikoto was pregnant with Sasuke; he was born a month ago. Fugaku business was in debt. He owned a bank and many people stopped invested in it once a new bank open in town. Fugaku bank was close to the forest, which people fear since its home to beasts.

"Orochimaru isn't the type to give anymore time."

"So what will happen?" Mikoto asked worriedly.

Fugaku looked at his wife with a gloomy expression. "Leave with the boys."

"Fugaku!" Mikoto shouted she didn't want to leave him.

"You know what Orochimaru will do if he get the boys, he will exploit their abilities."

"Yea but what if they don't inherited the sharingan? The last person to gain the sharingan was you and you even said that it would be a small chance that they would have it."

Fugaku grabbed Mikoto by the shoulders and swiftly kiss her. She saw regret and sadness in his eyes. Mikoto now understood.

"You knew that they would have it?"

"I'm sorry." Fugaku let go of Mikoto and went into the closet, he took a suitcase out.

"It's not much but it has a little bit of yours and the boys things." Fugaku handed it to her.

Mikoto was shocked that everything was pack which mean her husband knew this would happen for some time.

"You knew?"

"I'm sorry, even if we did pay him everything he would have still gone after the boys. I couldn't just let him do that."

"Mr. Uchiha! Open up now!" A booming voice suddenly shouted outside the door.

"Damn, they're already here."

Mikoto looked worriedly at her husband.

"Go." He whispered.


He interrupted her by grabbing her wrist and dragging her to Sasuke room. He picked the sleeping child up from his crib and handed him to her.

"Take the back door."

Shocked at what he said and asked, "Wait what about Itachi?"

"We don't have time?"

"But he is also my son!" She shouted.

"Itachi will be fine Orochimaru won't him."

"But he will-"

"You and Sasuke will be in bigger trouble if you don't get out soon."

"Daddy." They dreaded hear that voice.

"What are you doing up Itachi?" His father asked.

"I heard shouted."

"Don't worry."

Fugaku grabbed his hand; he turned his head to his wife "Go."

"But Itachi can-"

"No. I'll buy time."

She was about to argue but they heard a loud crash at the front of the door.

Mikoto knew she didn't have time to argue and ran with Sasuke in her arms.

The young 5 year old didn't understand why his mother left.

"Daddy, why did mom leave?" His innocent question struck Fugaku.

He was going to answer when he heard an eerie chuckled.

"My, My look what we have here. It seems I miss the mother and the youngest son." Orochimaru turned his head slightly nodding at his men giving the signal to find them."

"Orochimaru leave them be, you have us."

He smiled "You got it wrong."

Fugaku gagged when he felt pain in his abdomen, he slowly looked down seeing a blade stuck through him.

"I only need your sons."

"DADDY!" Itachi yelled struggling against the men holding him in place.

"Take the boy." He said taking his sword out of Fugaku abdomen; the man fell limply on the floor.

He smiled at the dead man and left with a struggling boy.

Everyone was quiet after his story. Sakura felt sorry for the brothers, they were force to fight against each other.

Itachi look at all of their expression, he could see conflict in them.

"I understand if it's too much, I'll just leave you all." Itachi was about to leave.

"No stay." Sasuke stated. He didn't know how to express his feeling to the man he thought was his enemy all his life.

"If you wish for me to,"

Sasuke just nodded. Sakura smiled, glad that he was giving Itachi a chance. It seems that they could be a family again. Speaking in which-

"Oh crap!" Sakura shouted suddenly. Everyone looked at her.

"What's wrong Sakura?" Sirius asked.

"My parents are going to kill me?" She continued "I gotta get back, who knows what my mother will do."

"That's no problem I can take you back."

"Thanks Sirius." She smiled at the kind wolf. She looked at Sasuke and sigh. "I know that you need time to adjust to this so I'll just go."

She turned about to get on Sirius when she felt a hand grasping her wrist.

"No, we all will escort you." Sasuke said averting his eyes.

Itachi smiled at their interaction, it seems his brother found his soul mate.

"If you don't mind I'll like to come as well."

Everyone looked at Itachi.

"You don't need to." Sakura said suddenly still not sure how to interact with him.

"There still may be some of Orochimaru men there."

Sakura forgot about that, it was the reason she ran away. Her mother is so going to kill her.

"Are we ready?" Aegis ask crouching down waiting for Sasuke to go on, he oblige. Sakura climb on top of Sirius.

Itachi looked uncomfortable; he wasn't sure what to do. He saw Thaddeus come towards him. The alpha male crouched down in front of Itachi.

"You want me to ride you?" He asked shock that the male was very accepting.

"You are a strong human and you help me and my sons."

Itachi nodded, happy he was accepted; he climbed on Thaddeus. The others were waiting for them.

"Ready?" The alpha asked, all nodded and they were off happy that all was well and everyone together again.

Phew done. I wasn't all that happy with this chapter. I didn't believe it came out good. Hope you like it though. I was slowly losing interest in this story BUT on the bright side I have one chapter left YAY! Oh and sorry for any grammar problem which I have done a lot, hope you still are fine with it.