Title: Passionate Seduction

Summary: Dangerous and Illegal. Their relationship couldn't be anyone wrong… and right. He was her college professor. She was his student. Alternate Reality. Troypay.


Bold is Voiceover. Regular is dialogue. Italics are actions.

There has always been a line…

Shows the yellow line that divides the road

Between right and wrong.

Shows Sharpay walking up to a large university

There is always the distinction were you can tell which is which…

Shows Troy walking into a classroom filled with students

Until two lovers…

Shows Troy kissing Sharpay

blur the line.

"We can't do this!" Sharpay yelling at Troy in the classroom.

Shows Troy grabbing her wrists, "We can and we have!"

Their relationship was illegal

Shows Troy teaching and Sharpay eagerly taking notes.

And a secret…

Shows Sharpay and Troy running

And then… the truth was exposed

Gabriella sees Troy kissing Sharpay

What are you supposed to do…

Troy looks at Sharpay, "You're right we have to end it. Forever."


"There's nothing we can do now! We have to stop."

Sharpay is on the verge of tears, "I love you!"

Starring Ashley Tisdale

Shows Sharpay laughing with friends

Zac Efron

Shows Troy at a bar drinking

Lucas Grabeel

Ryan talking on the phone with Troy

Vanessa Hudgens

Gabriella is turning to face the camera

And Danielle Panabaker

Shows her character (Tara) "introducing" Troy and Sharpay

When you're trapped between right…

Shows them avoiding each other

and wrong

Sharpay kissing Troy

Passionate Seduction; coming soon.