Garfield Logan sat in his favourite chair, leaning back into it relaxing with a content smile on his face and the newspaper comics section in his hands. It was the first day of the weekend, one of his first without Raven home in a long time. He loved her of course, and would miss her while she was gone, but at the same time he was reveling at the thought of being home alone.

"Daddy? I'm back from school."

Okay, so not technically home alone any more. With a smile on his face, he lowered the paper from eye level and glanced in the direction of his voice. Rebecca walked in, dropping her backpack on the floor before walking into the kitchen and opening the refrigerator. Being fifteen, and not for much longer at that, Garfield assumed that she'd be away with friends for most of the weekend. Seeing her home so early was actually kind of a shock.

"Hey Becca, how was school? I figured you'd have gone over to Molly's like you usually do on Fridays, did you have a fight or something?"

"Oh, no, nothing like that dad." She called from the other room. Garfield could distinctly hear the opening of a soda can and the closing sound of the fridge. "Just figured with mom gone to visit with Aunt Kori, that you and I could have a little daughter dad time this weekend."

With that said, she bound into the room with a large toothy grin. Setting her drink on the table, she then jumped onto Gar's lap and gave him an extremely tight hug and kiss on the cheek. Of course. She wanted something.

"Okay Bec," Gar said with a laugh. "What are you up to?"

To her credit she opened her mouth in feigned shock. She was a Logan after all.

"Why daddy, I am sure I have no idea what it is you mean by that."

"Well let's see here," He responded, lifting his hand up to count on his fingers. "First, you never call me Daddy that often unless you're in trouble or you want something. Second, there wasn't a single contraction in that entire last sentence, something you do when you're guilty. Third, when was the last time a fifteen year old wanted to spend the whole weekend with her dad?"

"I'm sixteen next week you know."

"Oh, so that's it." He laughed to himself, he really should have seen this coming. It's something he would have tried to pull at her age if given the chance. "Okay little lady, hit me, what do you want for your birthday that requires buttering me up?"

He noticed that she seemed only embarrassed for a moment before digging deep, burying it and going back to business.

"I would like a car." She paused, looked at him and smiled even harder. "Please?"

He stared for a moment confused.

"A car? Really?"

He noticed her face seemed to fall a bit at that.

"Yes dad, a car." She had gotten back up and taken her own seat across from him. Hands folded in her lap, staring at him for a positive reaction.

"You can fly." He shook his head. That seemed like a familiar argument. "Do you really need a car?"

"I don't need a car, no." Points for honesty. "But I would Like a car. I'm one of the older people in my little social circle, and I would like to be able to offer myself as transportation without having to hurl them through the air hundreds of feet up. Plus, you know... it'd be cool."

"I don't know Becca..." Garfield began to stroke his chin, pretending to think long and hard about it. "I'll have to talk with your mother about it, but I'll see what I can do."

"Come on dad be reson-" She stopped abruptly, realizing what he had just said to her. "Do you mean that? Really?Oh Thank You!"

And he found himself enveloped in an even stronger hug.

"I have to go tell Molly!" She got up and ran towards the door. "I'll be home for dinner! I love you!"

And with that, she was gone. So much for daddy daughter bonding. Oh well, he'd rope her into something when she got home.

He smiled to himself, knowing that he'd get to look like quite the hero to his daughter for at least the next month, and all for braving a conversation with Raven where he would have to convince his wife that such a present was a good idea.

Honestly, it wasn't going to be a hard conversation. They had already talked about her upcoming birthday, and had both agreed that they were going to go above and beyond what they normally did on the occasion. A car would be about the right level of spoiled, so long as it was reasonable priced and insured.

Besides, Rebecca was turning sixteen. And sweet sixteens were rare occurrences sometimes.