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Author's note: Okay, so the pairing in this fic will be a little different. I've never seen a Hermione/Lily fic before, but I've seen a lot of Hermione/James ones and I decided to explore what it would be like for Hermione to travel back in time and fall in love with Harry's other parent.

The title of this fic comes from one of my favorite songs, "The Gravity of Love" by Enigma.


Hermione Granger stood facing her girlfriend in the Gryffindor common room. Her frizzy brown hair was even frizzier than usual from her having run her fingers through it so much, and a single tear was streaming down her face.

"I don't understand, Ginny," she said, her bottom lip trembling. "Just tell me what I did."

"Nothing! You didn't do ANYTHING!" Ginny cried, waving her hands about in a frustrated manner. "I just…I realized recently that it was really Harry I wanted to be with all along. I was so torn up when he broke up with me that I just wanted someone to love me again, but I was still in love with him. I never should have tried to be with you or anyone else. And I'm just not gay. I'm sorry, Hermione, but I'm not."

"How you can you say that?!" Hermione's small white hands curled into fists at her side, and more tears fell from her eyes. "How can you stand in front of me and say all these things? I---I came out of the closet for you! I didn't care when half the school was shouting at us and calling us dykes, because I loved you and I thought that we were in this together! We lost our virginities to eachother, for Merlin's sake! And now you're telling me that you didn't even love me and it meant nothing?"

"Dammit, I'm not telling you that it meant nothing! You're still my friend --- you've been my best friend. But that doesn't make me gay! I just don't like girls like that! How come you can get perfect grades but you can't get that through your thick skull?"

For a moment, the empty common room was silent except for the sound of the two girls breathing. Hermione felt as though her heart had stopped. But even in that moment, she found the courage to say the words that she never thought she'd say --- had hoped, with every fibre of her being, that she'd never have to say.

"Goodbye, Ginny," she said quietly.

"No --- wait!" Ginny exclaimed. "Hermione, I didn't mean that!" But Hermione was already running out of the common room and towards the stairs that led to her dormitory.