The Earth Has Two Loves

The Earth Has Two Loves

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Note: This takes place in the olden days.

Part One: Sun Kissed

Before there were computers or TVs or telephones or even ice cream, there lived a prince on Earth.  Of course, the world had many princes, but this prince was different.  He was the prince of the Earth and its defender.  His parents died when he was at the young age of four, so he lived alone in the castle, except for all of his servants.  Still, the prince was lonely, so he made a wish when he was became six that he would have someone with him all the time, day and night.

When the prince was around twelve, he finally got his wish.  Far from Earth, in the cold darkness of space, lived two princesses.  They were different than any other princesses.  These princesses were special.  They had neither a mother nor a father but were born like the stars were.  One princess lived on the moon and the other in the hot of the sun.  The princess of the moon was younger than the prince on Earth and the princess in the sun.  The earth age of the moon princess was four years younger than the Earth prince and the sun princess was the same Earth age as the prince.

It was the princesses' duty to watch over the prince. The princess of the sun watched him during the day, slept during the night and the princess of the moon watched him during the night and slept during the day.  However, the two princesses did not know of each other so they worried about the prince when they could not watch him.  One year later, both princesses fell madly in love with the prince and took their duty very seriously.

The prince did not feel as lonely as he used to.  But he did not see the princesses.  They were like spirits or angels, watching over him closely.  They did have bodies, of course, but they were different than an Earth body.  The more the princesses watched him, the more they wanted to be seen by him.

The princess of the sun was called Mia.  Her hair was the color of fire and it fell down to the middle of her back.  Her eyes were a deep shade of green.  On her forehead was a golden sun.  The garment she wore was a shiny golden dress with hanging sleeves.  When she traveled to Earth, her mount was the bird of fire, Phoenix.  She was happy during the time of late spring, through the warm sweet days of summer to early fall because of the long days and she could watch over the prince longer.  But from late fall, through the bitter cold days of winter to early spring, the days were shorter, the nights longer, and worried about the prince because she did not get enough time to see him as much as the days of summer.  She made sure that the prince was warm throughout the day. When the prince was upset, she soothed him with her warm kisses and embrace.  They made him feel better, though, he did not know why.  He had no idea that someone had been comforting him.  When the sun came up, she would kiss him to awaken him.

The princess who lived on the moon was called Serena.  Her hair was the color of gold and it fell down past her knees in streamers. Her eyes were the color of the sky and an upturned crescent moon graced her forehead.  Her dress was white with short-cupped sleeves and golden rings around the top.  When the sun went down, she woke up and went to the Earth, riding a winged horse, Pegasus.  She made sure Darien slept soundly and had sweet dreams.  She did not see him much when he was awake and that made her sad because she loved the sound of his voice and the blueness of his eyes.  But she was happy that she at least was able to spend time with him while he slept.  She kissed him goodnight right before he slept and if he did have a bad dream, all she had to do was kiss him again.

Five years passed and the two princesses fell more and more in love with the prince every time they went down to see him. 

In the middle of the warm summer months, the sun was close to rising. It was an hour before dawn and the princess of the sun could not wait to wake up her prince for the new day so she woke up early.  Although it only took a few minutes to get to the Earth from the sun because the Phoenix bird was the fastest bird, Mia wanted to get to her prince.

Prince Darien, the prince of Earth, slept soundly in his bed.  As the sun was just about to rise of the horizon, Mia arrived on the Earth.  Darien began to feel the warmth of the sun sink through his window, and with the sunbeam, appeared Mia.  She smiled and floated over to his bedside, brushed a few of his hairs away with her fingers and kissed his forehead to wake him up.

The Prince yawned and opened his eyes.  He looked up in Mia's direction and for a moment, Mia thought Darien saw her. She smiled brightly and he walked passed her.

"Can you see me?" Mia asked.

Darien did not reply.

Her smile turned to a frown.  "You can't, can you?"

Although he still could not see her, she remained by his side throughout the day.  She whispered sweet nothings in his ear, even though she knew he could not hear or see her.  She watched him do all the things he loved and wished that she could be more a part of it.

"Prince Darien," one of the servants said.


"Tomorrow we are going to have a ball," he said, "we are going to invite all the princesses to join.  You are eighteen now, young man and you need a bride."

Mia smiled, 'Now is my chance,' she thought.

"A ball?" Darien muttered, "You expect me to meet the girl of my dreams at a ball?"

"It was your parent's wish before they died," the servant said.  "You need to carry on the family name. You will still have to do this even if they were still here."

"Love takes time," Darien said, "you certainly won't choose the bride for me, will you?"

"No," the servant replied, "That is not my choice to make for you.  But you have to chose one by tomorrow."

"When is the ball?" Darien asked.

"It starts at sunset and goes on to midnight," he replied.

"Sunset?" Mia gasped, "no!" she came closer to Darien and slid her arms around him, though she knew he could not feel his touch.  "Please, say something!"

As if he did hear her, Darien said, "No, sunset is not a good time.  Let's have it tomorrow at noon."

"Noon!" Mia cried.  "That's perfect!"

"Noon, your highness?" the servant wrinkled his nose. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Darien confirmed, "Noon on to midnight.  The ball can start with a lunch."

"That sounds like an awfully long time," the servant said.

"I want a lot of time to choose," Darien said, "It's summer, man!  The sun sets three hours before midnight; how do you expect me to find the woman I want in three hours?"

"As you wish." The servant left.

Mia breathed a sigh of relief and held Darien onto Darien again, wishing that he could feel her, see her and dance with her.

But Darien still did not know of the princesses that watched over him.  If he could see them, it would make all the difference.  Darien walked over to the river and sat down as he looked into the waters.  Mia sat down next to him and touched his hair.

"I know you can't hear me," Mia said, "but I'm the princess of the sun. I've been watching over you when you became twelve.  I watch you during the day.  Remember the wish you made?  You made a wish that there would be someone there with you day and night. I come and visit you during the day.  But I don't know who comes to you at night."

Darien lied down on his back and looked up at the sun then closed his eyes, moaning softly as the sun began to warm him up.  "I love the sun," he breathed, as if he heard everything Mia said.

Mia gasped in surprise, "You do?  You can hear me?" she leaned over him.

Darien didn't say anything.

"I just wish that there was some how you could hear me," Mia said.  "Then everything would be so different.  I love you so much.  You will not find anyone in that ball tomorrow that will love you like I do."  She kissed his forehead and when she raised her head, she saw how content he looked.  She ran her finger over his lips, wanting to kiss them.  Feeling that this may be her only chance, she leaned over and brushed her lips softly over his and then kissed him.  Soft at first, then it grew.

Darien could feel immense warmth.  The sun was shining brightly upon him.  He never felt the sun this warm before.  Some men would have left because the sun was too hot, but Darien remained lying down.  He was in the shade, after all so the sun did not seem too hot that it was burning his skin.  There was a sweet taste in his mouth.  He couldn't tell what it was, but it was nothing like he had ever tasted.  It was warm and sweet.  He savored it.  It was almost he was drinking sunshine.  He opened his eyes to see if he could find out what was giving him this sweet taste, but he saw nothing.   Although he did not see anything, he could sense that there was something, something was there. 

Mia lifted up from giving him the kiss and looked back at Darien.  His eyes were open in concentration.  He still could not see the princess before him but he had a feeling that he was not alone.

"Can you see me now?" Mia asked.

He wondered if he would ever get his wish that someone would come visit him.  If he could choose, he would want a woman that was like no other.  A princess that would follow him wherever he went and stayed with him day and night.  Certainly, he did feel a little more content now than he did 6 years ago before the two princesses came to see him.  He felt like there were angels watching him.  He couldn't quite explain it; there something was just different.  Still, he wondered if he would ever find the one he loves.

"If only you could see me," Mia hoped aloud. 

If Darien knew that it was Mia who kissed him, he would kiss her as much as he could, just so he could get another drop of sunshine in his mouth.

To Be Continued