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Chapter One

Serenity didn't know where else to go so she went to Seto Kaiba. He was out on the terrace eating his breakfast when she started jumping up and down to get his attention and as she yelled his name till he finally acknowledged him.

Seto was eating my breakfast when he saw Serenity Wheeler and she was jumping up and down and yelling my name. he finally couldn't take her yelling any more and he asked her "what in the world is the matter with you?" He couldn't make out what she was saying so he called for Roland.

Seto asked Roland to go and bring Serenity into the Manor so he could talk to her. As she walked out onto the terrace I could see that she was very upset about something and when I asked her "what in the world is the matter?" she started to cry.

"Please help him" she sobbed.

"Help who?" Seto asked her

Serenity wiped her face and she finally said "Joey, their hurting him. There are four men and they have him and when I left they had taken off his clothes and he was crying and begging them not to hurt him."

Seto yelled to Roland to get the car ready and then he called to Marie to keep Serenity in the Manor till I got back and then Roland and I took off and went to find out what was happening to Joey.

When we got to where Serenity told me her brother was, he had already been raped by three guys and the fourth was getting ready to rape Joey, but a bullet in his head stopped him. The other men tried to get away, but between Roland and myself we got them to get on the ground and as Roland kept his gun pointed at them, I call the Police and an Ambulance to take Joey to the Hospital.

They doctor examined Joey and came to tell Seto that he needed to get anyone who was related to Joey, because they didn't know if he would make it through the night because of the abuse he got and the loss of blood. Seto called Marie and asked her to bring Serenity to the Hospital.

Seto was sitting in the corner of the room as Serenity entered and walked over to where Joey was lying in the bed and she started singing a song that was one that he remembered hearing when Mokuba and I was at the Orphanage and it made me begin to cry. She held Joey's hand in hers as she sang and then the next sound I heard was Joey moaning and Seto ran outside to find a doctor. When the doctor and I got back Serenity was crying and laughing and she whispered "I knew that you'd come back to me."

"Hey why all the tears?" Joey whispered. Serenity wiped her face and she said "you almost died."

Joey closed his eyes and then he asked "how'd I get here?"

"Seto got to you in time and stopped those men from hurting you any more then they did and then he got you here" she told her brother.

Joey looked at Seto and softly said "thanks." Seto nodded that he understood. The doctor walked over to Joey and then he told him "you're one lucky guy."

Joey had tears in his eye when he replied "how can you say that, I was raped by those men and I will never be the same again, but I guess you're going to tell me at least I'm alive well if this is alive then I'd rather be dead" Joey said. Serenity grabbed hold of his hand and she said "please don't talk like that" and he apologized for what he had just said.

Just then there was a knock and Serenity opened the door and there stood two detectives and they told her that they needed to talk to Joey Wheeler. Seto knew them both and they were good men, but he knew that their job wasn't an easy one. They had to question Joey about the rape.

Detective Wilson asked if "Serenity and Seto could leave the room?" Serenity held onto her brother and she said "I won't leave him for you to belittle with all your stupid questions."

So Seto and Serenity stayed. As Detective Wilson questioned Joey, he knew how hard it was on him because he too was a survivor of a brutal rape when he was a young man. When they were done questioning Joey both Detectives told him "we're sorry for making you relive the incident. And then they told Joey that the three men confessed to the rape and that they had a good case against them but he might have to testify in court as to what happened." Then they left.

Serenity was in Seto's arms as the questioning was going on and she hated to hear what happened to her big brother. Seto held onto her to keep her from hitting either of the Detectives because of some of the questions that they asked her brother. When it was over and they left Serenity ran over to Joey and he held her as she cried. Joey looked over her head to Seto and he mouthed thank you.

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