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Chapter Eight

When they got home, Joey turned to everyone and he said "I want to thank all of you for standing beside me and Serenity and for being there when we needed someone to either talk to or just to listen to us."

Mokuba then said "what are friends for but to be there when you need them?" Serenity then went over to Mokuba and gave him a kiss and to everyone's surprise, he returned the kiss.

Seto, Joey and Roland just looked at each other and then they walked to the kitchen. Marie was standing there and she said "well, what happened?"

Joey walked over to her and he gave her a kiss and told her "they got what was coming to them." Marie then said "let's celebrate, I have my favorite chocolate double fudge cake, so let's eat."

"Did I hear cake?" Mokuba said and he and Serenity came walking into the kitchen holding hands.

Marie then smiled at them and she said "oh, puppy love." Mokuba went over and gave her a hug and kiss. Then Serenity stood there and looked at Joey and asked "are you angry because I kiss him?"

Joey went over to his sister and put his arm around her and he then said "listen you couldn't have pick a better guy, and then he looked at Mokuba and told him "you better treat her right or she's beat the heck out of you." And then he started laughing when he saw the look on Mokuba's face.

Joey laughed and said "just kidding, but really please treat her right." Seto then added "if he doesn't then he will have me on his ass and he doesn't want that, do you?"

Mokuba smiled at all the adults and told them "listen we are getting to know each other and we know that we have to take it slow, so don't worry." As the others were eating cake, Seto asked Joey "if he could talk to him?"

They walked outside and when Seto closed the kitchen door, he reached for Joey and he took him into his arms and he laid one on him. Joey wrapped his arms around Seto's neck and he returned the kiss. When Seto lifted his head to look Joey in the eye he noticed that Joey had tears in his eyes. "What's wrong?" Seto asked him.

Joey touched the side of Seto's face and remarked "I'm just so damn happy" he said. Seto smiled down at Joey and he told him "me too."

They held hands as they walked through the garden and when they got to the gazebo, Seto sat down and pulled Joey till he was sitting on his lap. "Joey Wheeler I love you" Seto said. They started kissing and it wasn't long before they nearly lost control, but then they heard giggling and Joey laid his head on Seto's chest and Joey smiled.

"I think we have guests" Joey said. Seto whispered "we'll continue this later" and then he said "alright come out from were you're hiding."

To his surprise out came Roland, Marie, Mokuba and Serenity. Then Mokuba started singing "Seto and Joey sitting in a tree, and before he could continue Seto moved Joey and the chase was on. Everyone was laughing and Serenity went over to her brother and told him "you couldn't have a picked a better person." That made them all laugh and then they really laughed when Seto came back with Mokuba over his shoulder. As Seto stood him back on the ground, Seto stood there and looked at everyone whom he loved and he closed his eyes and then he told them "I love all of you with all my heart and then he knelt down in front of Joey and asked "will you marry me?"

Joey had tears running down his face and he whispered "yes I will." Everyone there cheered and then Serenity said "how many kids are you two going to have?" This stunned both Joey and Seto and Mokuba nearly fell to the ground. The two brothers then started chasing their siblings and Roland turned to Marie and said "any cake left?" And they walked back inside.

Mokuba and Serenity snuck back into the kitchen and Roland asked "where's Seto and Joey?" "Still out there looking for us I guess" Mokuba told him.

Seto had seen them go back inside and he took Joey by the hand and the entered the house by the side door and then they walked upstairs to Seto's room. When he closed the door and locked it, Seto turned to Joey and he reached out and Joey took his hand and they ended up on the bed. As Seto reached out for Joey, Joey whispered "I love you so much and I want to be with you, but I'm really scared that I won't be what you want."

Seto touched the side of Joey's face and softly whispered "I'm scared too, so we need to take it real slow." Joey then wrapped his arms around Seto and as he felt how aroused Seto was he smiled at him and got up and started to take off his clothes. Seto stood and he also took off his clothes, and then they laid on the bed and let nature take over and soon they were transported to another world. A world full of love and void of any kind of pain that they both had suffered. Now they were free to show each other how much they loved each other and live together with the people that they loved. They would never have to be afraid to be themselves again……….