Dragons Blood and Griffons Heart

By London


Disclaimer: Jim Henson owns Labyrinth…yadda yadda yadda


1/? The Mission

"My Lord" Randal said running into Jareth's study in a hurry. "Lady Jessie would like to speak with you if you aren't too busy."

"What does she want?" Jareth said not even looking up at the small goblin.

"She wouldn't say. But if you ask me--" Randal said being cut off.

"I didn't" Jareth replied automatically.

"She looks like she's about ready to fall down, My Lord" Randal finished.

"What time is it?" Jareth said casting a glance at the goblin.

"Just after noon or so, Sire" Randal replied. Jareth put his things down and turned to face Randal.

"Send her in and prepare a room for her" Jareth replied. Randal nodded and scampered from the room. A minute later, Jessie came into the room looking a little too pale with dark rings under her eyes. "My dear London, you look horrid."

Giving Jareth a pressing glare, London (also known as Lady Jessie) moved to lean against Jareth's desk.

"I have gone through all the files in the city and I haven't been able to find anyone by the name of Dorus the Mystic" London replied. "I need sleep, Sire. I can search again after a few hours sleep."

"You will get your sleep" Jareth replied. "But, tell me, have you found anything on Risor the Gimp?"

"Yes" London replied. "I found information from 5 different centuries that tells of him living in either the Fiery Forest or in the Goblin City. He's said to have known the secrets of Dorus the Mystic, but there aren't any manuscripts telling of the secrets themselves."

"Damn" Jareth said bringing his hand to his chin in thought. London pulled her large brimmed hat off and let her cloak fall open. She was starting to fall asleep right there in Jareth's study. Seeing this, Jareth said "London, I've had a room prepared for you. Go rest for a while. Find Randal, he'll show you to your room. I'll speak with you later."

"Yes Sire" London replied bowing before she left.

Jareth sigh inwardly. He needed to know the secrets of Dorus the Mystic so he could fix the trade problems with the Trolls and the Eastern Fae. The only other place that came to Jareth's mind was Stone City, where Nigel Murph, a local alchemist lived. Making a quick note of it, Jareth continued on with his work.

Four and a half hours later...

Sunset. London stirred in the bed that had been prepared for her. Her head still felt like custard from being awake for the past 52 hours. Sitting up, she clutched her aching side. She had fallen asleep without taking her sword off or out of its case.

"Ugh" London said. Taking a deep breath, she stood up and picked up her hat. She looked in the mirror and took a deep breath. She still looked bad.

She could smell the life of the goblin before it knocked on her door. Her stomach churned and her senses heightened.

"Yes?" London asked in snappy tone.

"His Majesty would like to talk to you" The goblin said from the other side of the door.

Trying to push back her hunger, London opened the door. She didn't look at the goblin. She only asked "Where can I find him?"

"He's in his throne room" The goblin said. "Follow me."

In the throne room, goblins were busy making a casual mess and Jareth was on his throne watching something in a crystal. As the goblin led London around the corner, the crystal vanished and he put up the façade of a smile. London was carrying her hat and cape. She bowed as he stood up.

"Sleep well?" Jareth asked. He gestured for her to walk with him and they started out for his study.

"I suppose" London replied. Once they were clear of any goblins, London said "Sire, I need to go hunt."

"Let me tell you of your mission, then you can hunt" Jareth replied. London nodded and continued to follow Jareth. They walked down a long corridor. "I need to you ride to Stone City and find Nigel Murph. He's an alchemist, or was, last time I checked. He can help us."

"And you think he'll come with me?" London asked.

"You will have to prove yourself to him. I'm sure he'll go with you because I believe you can pass his tests" Jareth replied. Turning to face London, Jareth said "I have to go get a message ready for Nigel. Go hunt and come back here."

"Yes Sire" London replied. She was gone in a few blinks of an eye. The only thing that determined her departure was the window that was flapping against the wall.

Ten minutes later...

The hot liquid of a small goblins life was pouring into the Lady Jessie's system. It made her clustered head feel better, her senses heightened, and her body felt better. Once the feed was over, the goblin was nothing more then a lifeless husk.

Gathering herself together, London made for the castle.

Meanwhile, at the castle...

Jareth squashed the melted wax with his seal. The letter to Nigel Murph was complete. He had already ordered a trio of goblins to get a horse ready for London. Jareth sat back in his chair and mused over her name. London. Lun-Dun. 'Such a braced name' Jareth thought 'compared to Jessie.'

A knock at the door interrupted his thoughts. Loudly he asked "Yes?"

The door opened and London walked into the room. She removed her hat and bowed. She looked much better then before. She wasn't white as parchment; she had a small rosy glow in her cheeks now. Jareth smiled and stood up.

"Here's the letter to Nigel" Jareth said handing the letter over to her. She placed it into a bag that she now had under her cloak. "It shouldn't take you long to get to Stone City. You know the way?"

"Yes" London replied. "I was trained there for fencing a few years ago."

"Well, you should be safe on the way there. I'll make sure that you and Nigel are met up with in the Fiery Forest by some of the knights tomorrow night" Jareth replied.

"I'll keep my eyes open then" London replied.

"Ride quick and well" Jareth replied. "Your horse is waiting in the stables." London nodded and was almost out the door when Jareth kicked in "Relax a little more."