The Fight 5/?

Ten miles down the trade route...

The wagon was stopped by five nasty looking Trolls. Wrogren had been sweating the entire time, now he was sure rivers were pouring out of him. The five Trolls were on horse back and held swords and battle axes.

"Is there a problem?" Wrogren asked.

"What is you taking to trade?" A troll asked.

"Wine" Wrogren said. He lifted a corner of the covered wagon to show part of a barrel. "Goblin wine."

"We'll be taking it" The troll said.

"You can't take it!" Wrogren said in a raised tone. "I need to trade it!"

The Trolls laughed. They were joined by more Trolls who emerged from the woods. They went around back to take the wine. When they opened the back flap of the wagon, they were met with a silvery dust in their eyes and 50 goblin knights who had become restless.

The goblin knights all sprang upon the Trolls who had come around back. The rest of the knights and Nigel emptied out of the wagon to attack the Trolls up in the front of the wagon. Wrogren ducked inside the wagon.

Nigel, trying not to become a dead Nigel, blew the silvery dust into the Trolls eyes as best he could. He had a lot of it, so it could be used at great lengths. The Trolls fought hard. Swords clang, battle cries were heard, more Trolls came from the woods, and the dust hadn't taken effect yet.

"Ludo!" London yelled. "Call the rocks!"

Ludo let out a roar as he smashed a helmet down past a Troll's eyes. Rocks came from the woods and rose from the earth. They rolled and tossed themselves at the Trolls. Ludo let out a low roar and the rocks rolled away from the trade route road. Most of the Trolls ran after them yelling 'Gold! They're made of Gold!'.

The Trolls that were left were killed and moved into the woods. The knights spent the next half hour trying to clean the road so traders would have an easier time not worrying about the Trolls.

"Good job" London replied to the troops.

"Can we go back now?" Wrogren said from the wagon.

"I think so" London said. "Everyone on the wagon."

Back in the Goblin City...

"I told you Sire" London said. "Back within two hours."

"No one was lost?" Jareth asked. The two were outside of the pub the knights had decided to go to.

"No one" London replied. She took off her hat and scarf, revealing raven black hair. The sun had gone down during battle and the cool night was pleasant to her skin.

"Well" Jareth said. "Good job, London."

"Thank you Sire" London replied.

"I'll see you soon" Jareth said. "I must get back to my work."

"Have a good night Sire" London said watching Jareth disappear towards the castle. She ducked into the pub to join the knights in a victory drink since everything was back to normal.