Before I knew it, nine months had passed. I was now in the hospital, squeezing the hell out of Cory's arm, delivering a baby. "Do the breathing exercises." Cory said to me.

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" I yelled as I pushed with all my strength.

After many 'shut the hell up's, and pushes, something finally happened. My baby was finally born.

Cory and I didn't want to know the sex of the baby before he or she was born. So we were about to find out now. I grabbed Cory's hand, and squeezed.

"You have a beautiful baby girl." Said the doctor, beaming.

Cory and I looked at each other, I had tears in my eyes, and so did Cory. "What about names?" I whispered to him.

"Angela?" Cory joked. I hit him in the arm.

"Don't even joke about that."

"Ok... ok... Samantha?"

"Really Cory? Samantha?" I sat there thinking, "Samantha... Samantha Matthews... actually that's pretty cute." I smiled up at him. "I love it." I gave him a kiss.

The doctor smiled, "You guys thought of a name yet?"

I nodded. "Samantha Melody Matthews." I looked up at my wonderful husband. And they handed him our baby daughter. Baby Samatha, she was so beautiful.


Cory walked back in the room after going to see Samantha. Followed shortly by Shawn.

"She's completely gorgeous." Shawn said smiling, and he next to me. While Cory sat on the other side of me.

"Just like her mama." Cory said smiling also.

"Thank you guys. I'm just glad that's over. It was such hard work."

"It couldn't have been that hard." Shawn said jokingly. I punched him in the arm, as hard as I could. Which wasn't very hard, considering all my strength was pretty much gone now.

"Shut up. That was the hardest and most painful I ever had to do in my entire life." I sighed loudly.

"Well you are going to have to do again sometime." Cory said, smiling widely.

"Oh lord..." They laughed at me, and Cory kissed me on the forehead.

After several minutes of me just sitting there, Shawn spoke. "I'm going to ask Jennifer to marry me."

"What?" I looked at him, happy out of my mind.

"Really?" Cory asked.

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure I'm in love with her. I'm asking tonight." He was smiling a mile long.

"Shawn that's so great." I continued to smile at him.

Everything was perfect; from my husband. To our new baby child. To Shawn actually falling in love after Angela. Nothing could beat this.

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