A/n: I hope you guys like it. i was thinking that i could write a fan fic using this poem in the story. Well, enjoy and please no flames! this is the first poem i put in fan fic.

Sly's Confession

My love for you is hard to describe

You give off an angry vibe

But I know underneath it all

Your feelings for me aren't very small

And when you're with me

Your eyes fill up with glee

I know we sometimes disagree

But this much I can guarantee

My love for you shall never fade

For your safety I've always prayed

And without a doubt, I'll go to your aide

But if I spank your tush, please don't rain on my parade!

Your sparkling eyes and dazzling smile you should never trade

Your house I would gladly invade!

Even though I'm a bit of a rascal

And I don't know the language Haskell

I still think I'm good boyfriend material

Even though I steal from different imperials

So please love me every day

So that I may

Always know you wouldn't want me too far away…