My Dare to you Mr.Uchiha

The rain poured over the city. Hitting people outside with fierce intensity that any ninja would be jealous of. The apartment complex, housing a certain teen, was hit with a massive leak in the ceiling, waking up the teenage girl in a not so pleasant way. But is there really any pleasant way to wake up a teenager? After yelling at the alarm clock, that was supposed to go off fifteen minutes ago, and cursing the ceiling for dripping all over her, the young high school freshman ran out her door, down the hallway, and around the corner to the outside door in her pajama pants, and school shirt. Not really caring that she didn't look "appropriate" for school. What are they going to do, take her Pjs pants away? They couldn't call her parents, they were dead. At that thought she slowed down, to a nice power walk, hearing the school bell hit her pace quickened and her breathing ragged. She panted as she reached homeroom, Mr.Hatake, one of her all time favorite teachers. Why you ask? Well, it could be that her parents were really good friends of his, or it could be the stunning absence that he seems to have everyday. Yes, that one seems to fit. As she neared the door to his class, her reach of the handle increasing the bell rang and her eyes widened. 'Shit" she mumbled to herself, the doors automatically locked, preventing anyone from either leaving the room unnoticed or from anyone sneaking into the class. "Shit, shit shit shit!!!!!" Repeating words seemed to be sakuras thing this morning as she mumbled and slid her back against the wall, letting her bottom hit the ground with a sigh. "I guess I'll wait out here, with nothing to do, nothing, nope." She sighed again, she was bored, and when Haruno Sakura got bored, she got bored. "Let's see, I could paint my locker a different color again. I'm starting to not like the stripes." She snickered remembering when the teachers saw the unique design she did. "What about blue, or maybe black and red, with little bunnies!" she squeaked and then laughed. She was known as Haruno Sakura, the physicotic, wacko/rocker, of the school, valued for her difference and individuality, which made her proud. Getting her butt off the ground she slid over to her locker, placed on the bottom, which she liked. I mean she could just slide her ass from one class to her locker without having to walk. She laughed at this, remembering that she did that once and tripped 13 people on accident. "Oh the memories, sigh" After getting comfy in the middle of the hallway and stretching, she looked up at the ceiling smiling. Thinking what her best friends Naruto and TenTen would say. A smirk hit her face and she thought. "Those dumbasses, they would probably scold me about being late and then make me do my homework." She smiled. "And I wouldn't have it any other way." Her fingers played with a piece of her pink locks, making her smile more. "I remember when people thought this was a "un-natural" hair color Ha! Who would want to dye their hair this ugly pinkish color!" closing her eyes she soon feel asleep again. "Ms.Haruno, falling asleep in the hallways again, for shame!" A man in a white striped shirt and black slacks, making her open one eye. "Just because I was friends with your parents does not give you the excuse to skip my class all the time." He playfully scolded. She pouted and then pointed an accused finger to him. "What about you? You skip your own damn class! Not once,Hatake, have I seen you show up on time for your class!" She smirked as he looked speechless. "W...well Miss Haruno, you know my pesky cat, Mr. Nuggets gets lost all the time." He smiled as she glared. "You retard, you don't even own a cat, and if you did I bet it would be dead by now you know why? Cause your probably never home ON TIME to feed it!" She smiled cutely at him and skipped away. "Ms.Haruno I could write you up for that!" He threatened playfully again as she mumbled and almost flicked him off. "Whatever kakashi" She mumbled and walked with him to his class. This time him smirking and her speechless.

The bell rang again, signaling all the students, or as sakura would like to refer as, cattle, to move their way to their next class. For sakura it meant pure, living torture, Gym. Sakura wasent fat, now really skinny she was just average. About 5'6, 147lbs and she were pretty. She never cared about her looks, makeup was a foreign culture to her and as for clothes, and hot topic was her home, the band tee shirts and just regular dark jeans. She slowly trudged towards her gym class. Her most feared teacher of the day Mr.Gai, the almighty lord of youth and his weird twinkling smiles always gave sakura that knot at the bottom of her stomach. "Good morning sakura, my you're looking even more beautiful then ever, is that a new shirt? Did you do something to your hair? It looks stunning!" Sakura spun around only to see the schools green beast himself, Rock lee. His bushy eye brows could make any cousin it scream with jealously and his bowl haircut resembling her teachers only made her shudder. But being the polite person her was, she had to at least say hi. After all he did compliment her did he no?

"Um, hey there Lee, how is everything going ehehehe." She said with slightly disgust, since she could tell the pervert was undressing her with his eyes.

"Oh nothing, nothing my dead cherry blossom, just admiring your lushes beauty" He said with a smile that twinkled and after sakura saw that, she was out of there, as she bolted for the ladies locker room and spun around the corner and panted.

"what is with that guy, cant he ever take a hint?" she muttered to herself and quickly changed into a black tee shirt and red gym shirts, their school colors and headed out to the track to run of some suppressed anger from kakashi that trader, making her stay after school today to make friends with a new student. "Ha like I would do anything like that." She smirked to herself again and had an ongoing battle with the voice in the back of her head while taking off for her warm up. She always enjoyed running, it took her mind off things complicated, like her bills, and her job at the café down the road, or her friends. She sighed again and accidentally tripped hitting the pavement with a small thump and rubbed her arm, that now had dark red skid marks and burning like a bat out of. . ."hello? Are you okay?" a purple headed smaller girl said as she extended her hand out to sakura which took her hand and stood up, wiping her off. "Y. .you fell b...Back there s so I wa. . .wanted to h . .help." stuttered the now shy and embarrassed girl as she played with her fingers. "Are you o . . . okay now?" sakura nodded her head and smiled asking her if she wanted to join her in jogging and soon the two girls were talking about music, which celebrity sucks more and what guys are hot. "So you like naruto huh? He's one of my best friends!" sakura exclaimed and the girl who was now named Hinata nodded blushing deeply. "He's . . . he's just so. Kind and sweet, and very outgoing." Hinata stated and as the girls finished they were done and left for lunch which they had together and quickly met up with naruto and tenten.

"So sakura I heard you were late again?" naruto raised a eyebrow, he always enjoyed ticking sakura off, it made him feel in control.

"Why yes Naruto I was late, thanks for asking." Sakura grumbled as she drank her diet green tea and finished her sushi. "I'll leave you two alone, since Tenten already left, I feel like the third wheel." Sakura winked at Hinata and slowly got up off the bench and walked her way outside, still having twenty minutes of lunch left, and listened to her mp3 player, linkin park, and reflected on things, that is until a certain someone had to do a certain something and turn her life into a living nightmare.

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