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Chapter 15: Iron sea of emotions

Sakura woke up with a start. Did she just feel something on her stomach? Her eyes scanned her body until it was met with an arm. She wiggled both of her arms. 'Well, that ones not mine. Did I spawn a man…ly…arm? Poo Bear?' She thought to herself as she glanced behind her at her sleeping captive. 'That's odd. Did he have a nightmare?' She took a hold of his arm and tried prying it off of her body.

"D...Damn Sasuke, how much strength can you have in your sle…sleep gerrrr!" She panted and laid her head back upon the rather fluffed up pink pillow. Her eyes peered over to her alarm clock. It was Saturday, no school so there was no reason to set the damn thing, but pinky knew all to well that the alarm clock had a mind of its own. She waited, stalking her pray as her hand set, ready to smack the electronic device to the floor.

Minutes passed rather slowly, as her arm grew tired, but she was determined to not wake Poo Bear up so early. Finally the Alarm clock made in hell and imported to Japan launched its vicious attack. Pinky, armed and ready smacked the poor thing to the floor, making the Annoying Beeping come to a dramatic end. "AH HA! SUCK THAT BI-ATCH!" She covered her mouth quickly looking over at sasuke and noticing his eyes closing tightly, then he rolled over, releasing his prisoner.

Sakura wasted no time in getting up. She was, of course, a naturally hyper person, and staying in a position for so long drove her crazy, well, crazier. She 'gracefully' landed on the floor with a small thump and rolled over to her dresser, grabbing her clothes and a hair tie. "What in the jebus? No yellow ones? Damn you hair ties!" she huffed and settled for a blue one. She was set to get a shower when a squeak reached her ears.

Turning slowly, she saw Mr.Whiskers the third twitch his adorable white ears. She lit up in a snap and awed at the cute little ball of fur. The bunny blinked and tilted its head. Sakura twirled over to the blue metallic cage and opened up the latch, taking the bunny in her arms.

"You need clothes Mr. Whiskers, unless…MARRY LORD OF CHRISTMAS YOU'RE A NUDIST!" At that Sasuke bolted up straight and pointed a finger at Sakura with an accusing expression. "YOU'RE THE NUDIST!" Sakura blinked and laughed, the bunny joined in soon after. Sasukes eyes widened at what he just said. Why in the hell would he say that of all things? Sighing he scratched the back of his head and closed his eyes. This weekend is starting out great.

"Poo Bear is there something you would like to share? I mean, I admit I say things randomly, but that, my friend, took the cake and threw it up and ate it again." At that sasuke made a confused expression and stood up a yawn followed. "No, I just, I don't know what happened. It must be a side effect from being around you so much." She narrowed her eyes at him, and whispered something to the bunny, and smirked, setting him back down in the cage.

"What did you say to him!?" Sasuke yelled as he stomped a foot. Sakura shook her head and stuck her tongue out at him playfully. "It's a secret!" She skipped off into the bathroom to take her delayed shower.

Sasuke mumbled to himself and glared at the fuzz ball a few feet away from him. "What did she say? Was it bad?" He looked at the animal as it nibbled on its carrot innocently. "TELL ME!" He yelled as it squeaked and dove into its burrow of fluff. "Damn piece of wasted fur." He said quietly and stepped out into the kitchen.

As sasuke made his way to the kitchen the phone rang. He decided to answer it. After all, he DID live here; this was as much as his home as it was Sakuras. Yawning he pressed the talk button on the old wireless phone and answered with a cold hello. "Hey Onyx!" it was none other then the 'famous' Jessie. "I was just wondering if you wanted to come over and play live. A few other people are coming as well. It might be a good chance to exchange tactics and meet other live players!" He smirked as thousands of tactics and maneuvers ran though his head. "Sure, I'll just get cleaned up and be right over. What's the address?" He accepted her request, not something he does normally, but she seemed alright and he wanted friends other then Pinky and Drummer up stairs. Not that he didn't care for them, but sometimes you need to just make new ones.

"Oh right! How silly of me!" She giggled and told him the address in between giggles. "You take a right on yokamashi Drive and it's the fourth house on the left!" He nodded and smiled. "See you in a bit Raven." He hung up the phone and walked into Pinkys' bedroom, grabbing a blue shirt and a pair of jeans. He was just about to knock on the door when a voice hit his ears.

It was sakura. Was she singing? Sasukes eyes widened. She was amazing! Her voice flowed over the running water as she kept the melody slow and even. He lowered his hand and placed his ear closer to the door.

"I don't know you're face no more, or feel the touch that I adore. I don't know face no more, its just a place, I'm looking for. We might as well be strangers in another town; we might as well be living in a different world." Sakura Finished as she turned off the water. Sasuke stayed glued to the floor, unable to move. Sakuras voice was stunning. He blinked and cleared his head as he knocked on the door.

"Yesssss Poo bear what is it?" He closed his eyes but felt a rush of warm air hit his face and the sound of a door hinge opening. Sakura stood there with a blue towel and fuzzy red slippers, her face tilted with furrowed eyebrows. It took him a moment to compose himself but pulled himself together flawlessly, like always.

"Oh um, Jessie called." He said slowly, looking into her eyes for any trace of emotion she might not want to display openly. "Really now. What did she want?" 'She hid that well.' Sasuke thought to himself as he kept staring into her eyes. "She wanted to play live." Her face lightened up a little. "Oh well, the 360 is in the living room under the TV." She said and turned to leave, but her arm was held by his hand.

"No Pinky, she wanted me to come over and play. She said some other live players will be there." Her face wasn't facing his as she frowned, luckily he didn't see. "Oh, Well um, I'm just going to go to the store. Besides, you need to meet new people, I've kept you pretty cooped up here." She faked a laugh and pulled her arm away. He didn't notice the hurt in her voice as he nodded. "I'll see you later." He walked out and opened the front door soon after closing it. Sakura sighed and placed a hand on her forehead. "I was being selfish with him though, but I think he has a thing for Jessie." She looked down. She knew she fell for the uchiha but she wanted the feeling returned. Smiling sadly to herself and shaking her head she dressed and blow dried her long pink locks. "That's impossible. He's saved me, called me his friend, but that's all. It didn't mean anything on the affection list." She grabbed some money and noticed her funds were getting low. She hadn't been to work since Sasuke moved in. that was a week or so ago.

"Suppose I need to get another job." She rubbed her shoulder and walked out the front door, locking it behind her.

With Sasuke.

He finally arrived, after walking for twenty minutes, at jesses house. He approached her front door and rang the door bell. He could hear foot steps running in his direction and before he knew it, arms were wrapped around his neck affectionately. "Hey Onyx! Nice to see you finally made it! We've all been waiting to get this live thing started!" She said with joy as she dragged him inside by the arm and closing the door.

She let go once they were in the spacious living room. "Guys, this is Onyx. The guy I've been telling you about." She smiled as everyone nodded and smiled in his direction. There were two other girls and three guys. One guy stood up and threw a pillow at the guy who was staring off into space at the ceiling. "Names Neji. Nice to meet you..?" He waited for Sasuke to introduce his real name. "Sasuke." He said bluntly as the brown headed man smirked. "That girl right there." Neji started as he pointed to a purple headed girl sitting on the floor with a controller. "That's Hinita my cousin. And that girl with the brown hair and orange shirt is my girlfriend, tenten," Sasuke knew who Tenten was; she was one of Sakuras friends. He nodded in her direction and she smiled. "You didn't bring Sakura Sasuke? I thought she was going to be here, that's the only reason I came." Tenten said as she glanced over at Neji.

Jessie heard the conversation and bit her bottom lip trying to change the subject. "Anyways, forget about all that. Let's get started!" Sasuke looked at her for a moment then nodded, taking a seat in the beanbag chair.

Back With Sakura….

She didn't like traveling by herself anymore. Ever since that incident yesterday, she couldn't stop replaying it in her head. She thought if she distracted herself she would be alright, she would stop thinking entirely of him, or that incident. Sadly her brain was as stubborn as she was. She stayed close to populated areas, never taking the chance of walking to a remote location.

'Sakura, you can't let this get you down! You're a HARUNO DAMN IT!' She shot her fist up in the air randomly as people turned and stared, Giving her odd looks. She blushed and stomped off into the grocery.

"Let's see, what does poo bear likes?" she scanned down the isles, grabbing sasuke looking stuff. "I remember him saying something about tomatoes; we'll get a few of them, and OH OH OH OH OH …crackers!" She giggled to herself and proceeded buying items. She finally finished a half an hour later and rang up her items. The cashier looked at her and smiled. "That will be forty three fifty please." She glanced at her wallet and sighed. She didn't have enough, Sasukes things were more then half of what she had. She took away her items and looked down. She cared for him; she wanted him to have what he liked, even if that meant sacrificing her things. The lady nodded and took her money, all of it, and gave back the change, a few quarters. "Thank you and have a nice day." Sakura nodded and smiled back wishing her the same and walked out with three bags loaded with Sasuke goodies.

It started raining again and she growled, frustrated. Her apartment was six blocks away, and the rain was getting heavier by each passing moment, but she was determined to get everything back safely and non-wet. She took off her jacket and placed it on top of the bags to keep the items dry and walked rather slowly back home.

With Sasuke

Sasuke sighed and smiled as he left jesses house. He had a blast. Neji proved to live up to his gamer name, killerfighter and the new people he met, including Niji and Tenten had now become friends. He had no idea he had so much in common with Jessie as well, though she always seemed to agree with him on everything and liked everything he did. It was weird. He shook his head and looked up. "Another storm? Sakuras probably still out shopping, that weirdo." He smirked at the thought of her taking hours to pick something out. Jessie ran out the door just as he left her driveway with an umbrella in her hands. She panted and handed it to him, which he gladly accepted. "I thought, since well there's rain!" She giggled and sasuke found it rather annoying but smiled at her thoughtfulness. "Thanks catch you later." He said as he continued walking down the sidewalk. She waved and smiled to herself giggling.

He arrived back at the apartment fifteen minutes later. He shook the umbrella to get the access water off and walked up the creaking steps to the battered door, he was going to use his key, given to him by pinky herself, but the door was already unlocked. 'She must already be home.' He shut it behind him slowly and locked it.

"Pinky? Are you here?" He knew it stupid to ask, since he knew the answer, but what else could he say to let her know he was there without looking like an idiot. "Y...yeah I'm here, hold on." He heard her voice coming from the bathroom, it sounded weak and sickly. He approached the door cautiously; careful as to make sure this wasn't a prank. He knocked on the door gently and then peered inside the dimly lit room. Sakura sat, shivering over the toilet with a cup of water to her left. His eyes widened as she looked up at him with a blush on her cheeks.

"Sorry, I think I got you're tomatoes a little wet. But the rest are dry, I promise." She smiled a little and sat against the bathtub, placing a hand on her warm forehead. Sasuke rushed over to her side and placed his hand on her cheek, feeling the burning on his hand from her cheek, he knew instantly she was sick, very sick. "Sakura! What were you thinking?" She simply closed her eyes and winced at the loudness of his voice. "Sorry Sasuke. I just didn't want you're things getting wet." She smiled a little as his eyes softened.

He picked her up bridal style and turned off the bathroom lights and continued his way back into her bedroom. Operation sickly sakura has officially started.

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