Like Father Like son

Summary: Harry is still upset about Sirius's death as he enters his sixth year at Hogwarts but thing take a twist when Professor Dumbledore finds out that James potter my have been a mutant !X-Men crossover.

Chapter One

Harry sat on his bed his jet black hair was as messy as ever his eye were on the Letter in his hands.

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this letter I am Dead. There are somethings I need you to know one, I need you to know I died a happy man because you were in my life I know it sound fluffy but hey,Two, There was something you need to know about your father Harry he was a Mutant Dumbledore would have found out just now aswell. Three, Harry you must have put one and one and found out you are a mutant like your father and your powers will start to show them selves do watch the claws if you have them Harry your father was alwas useing his to chase people away. Four, Harry if you want to get away from the Dursley's there is a place in the states called Xavier's school for the gifted.

Take care, Sirius

Harry begain to get mad he could hear someone walking toward the house he looked out the window and saw a witch she saw him and pointed her wand at him the window flew open and with a loud crack she stood in front of Harry she pointed her wand at his chest said something Harry didn't hear and a yellow light hit Harry who fell and couldn't move.

" Good luck getting all your bones back this time Potter or should I say Howlett." she said as she vanished with another crack.

Logan shot stright up the dream seemed so real the boy just fell to the floor Potter the name rang in his head it was like he had heard it before he walked around to the bathroom Logan wet his face when he grabed his head Flashback of his past came to him.

He could smell fire the house was falling apart it was on fire he pushed the table off of him. he got up and ran up the stairs to the babys room . " Harry, Lily no Lily don't die on me don't go. Harry were are you buddy Harry." no answer came The next thing logan knew he was hit by a flash of yellow light from behind his head hit the floor near his wife's .

Logan could remember it all which was not normal for him but it finally hit him He had had a wife and A son who could still be alive. He ran to Xavier's office.

Harry was found in his room by Dumbledore when the old wizard came to take Harry to his friends house. Harry was out cold in the Hospital wing at Hogwarts his body in pain as his bones grew back in at a much faster rate then the last time he regrew his bones due to a spell cast by Dumbledore. When the last bone was back in Dumbledore walkes up to Harry who was sitting up taking potions to dull the pain.

" I see that you to have gotten a letter telling you of your Father being A mutant do you have a problemwith that?" He asked

" No I don't should I he was my father " Harry said.

" No Harry but I need you to know that Your father may be alive and I want you to join the group of people helping me look for him." Dumbledore said.

A hint of hope flashed his eyes .

Logan burst into the office and walked over to the elevator hidden in the wall he went down to the last floor before walking into the Hall falling to his knees as another Flash back happened this time his Name his life and every detail he forgot Came back to him.

" Logan are you ok?" Charles Xavier asked rolling up to the man .

" I'm fine but I need you to do something for me two thing." Logan said.

" And what would those be ?" Xavier asked

" One call me James that's my name.Two Find a mutant by the name Harry Potter." James said

" You know who you are thats good but why the boy?" Xavier asked as the eye scan to Cerebro opened the door for him.

" He's my son." James said as the doors closed.

" Your telling me that my father could be alive ?" Harry asked

" Yes but he has no memory of what happened or you." Dumbledore said

Harry was angry and it happened he felt someone enter his mind and then it was gone.

" What was that " Harry said in a low voice.

James walked into his bathroom agin this time he did something he hadn't done in years grabed a razor and shaved. He took a quick shower and then found the box he had never been able to open even with his claws . He pushed the numbers 452 and the box clicked open and James reached in inside was a wand and Glasses he picked up the Glasses and put them on his vision stayed the same.

' James I found him he's somewhere in london a place called Hogwarts.' Xavier told James in his mind.

James ran down to the War room he could hear that all X-men where there.

" Ok X-men I have a job for you." Xavier said.

" Ok professor but what about Logan ?" Storm the white haired x-woman asked

" The mission has everything to do with James." Xavier said

" James?" Cyclops asked

" That's my name my real name." James said walking into the room.

" Logan did you shave?" Jean asked

" What this about James?" Cyclops asked.

" Ok some how some way I don't know why I can remember who I am. Fifteen years ago I had a wife and a son.My wife was killed and my son was taken by someone. Xavier found my son." James told them.

" So where off to find him." Xavier said

" X-men move out!" Cyclops called.

" Harry this portkey will take you to Ron's house do take care Harry." Dumbldore said.

" Yes Professor." Harry said takeing the portkey and feeling the tug fell into the home of his best friend

" Oh Harry I'm glad your ok ." hermione and ginny screamed.

Harry was then attacked by an army of people making sure he was fine.

" I'm fine you guys just sleepy." Harry said.

Ron pulled Harry up the stairs to his room where he and Harry would be sleeping.

" Were talking when you get up." Ron said.

" Jean the boy is at this location remember only James should get close to the boy." Xavier told Jean.

" Storm head to this location the boy's there." Jean said handing storm the paper

Harry shot up in bed he could hear the sound of a jet getting ready to land. he ran downstairs just as someone knocked on the door.

Mrs.Weasley opened the door.

" Hello we mean you no harm were friends but one of are memembers is looking for Harry James Potter." The man with strange glasses said

" I'm him what is you want bub ?" Harry asked then noticed he said bub.

" Your father is it posable he had his memory wiped so he would not remember you?" Jean asked.

" Yes it is he was also a mutant." Harry said.

The Weasley's watched as the two steped to the side and A man waked in who looked just like Harry.

" Harry?" James asked

" Dad!" Harry said he didn't know why but he knew it was his father.

Arthur walked up to the man " How can we be sure your James? " He asked.

Skint six razor sharp claws came out of his hands.

" It's him." Molly said hugging him as the claws were put away.

Harry them walked up to the man and hugged him.

" Well why don't we take the kid home?" Scott asked.

" Only if my friends can come." Harry said looking at James.

" They can all come." James said.

Soon The Weasly family Harry and Hermione were on there way to the states to Harry's new home.

" So you just recalled you whole life tonight ? " Hermione asked James.

" Yes, Were it not true you would not be here." James said smileing

" Were here welcome to Xavier's school." Scott said.

They got off the jet and walked up to a large room.

" Hello team, Harry I'm I right in saying you and your friends will stay the rest of your holidays here ?" Xavier asked.

" Yes sir." Harry said.

" Very well Harry I have spoken to my Brother and have agreed you will have to attend classes both at hogwarts and here being so you must have a check up with Jean." Xavier said.

" Yes sir ." Harry said in shock this time.

Harry fallowed jean to the hospital room she did the check up then a full body x-ray.

" Harry can you step outside I want to talk to James alone for a second." She said as James walked in.

Harry walked out and sat in a chair.

" Logan look at this his bones are not real there a type of metal that is much stronger than yours and one Magneto can't controll." Jean siad James just had to smile when he saw the shape of claws in his sons arm.

" He has a healing factor see the claws." James said.

" Yes and it just kicked in my scar is gone!" Harry called from out side.

James and Jean smiled he was Wolverine's son.

Latter they were up stairs in the main hall the sun was up. Hermione had used a spell to get rid of the jet-lag.

" Harry you will have a dorm your friend will stay in the guest rooms unless they become mutant which is quite possible." Xavier said.

James led Harry to a Room stoped him and said " Now This work sort of like Hogwarts no house but everyone is family take care of your friends from both schools harry."

James left and Harry walked into the room in side was a blond haired boy .

" Hey you must be new I'm Bobby." The boy said.

" Harry."

" So your Parents send you or did you run away?" Bobby asked

" None." Harry said.

" None thats new everyone here was sent or came you just show up . Why ? " Bobby smiled.

" James is my father." Harry said

" Who?" Bobby asked still smiling

" You know him by his middle name Logan." Harry said.

" Wait Logan the Wolverine is your father man do you have the claws to?" Bobby aske he saw a bit of ron in the boy and new friend.

Skint six claws came out of Harry's hands he was shocked that it worked he turned to the boy.

" Cool!" Bobby said as Harry put the claw away and the skin healed.

" Can you show me around this place?" Harry asked

" Yeah I can." Bobby said.

Harry and Bobby walked down to the main hall where Ron and Hermione were.

" Hey you know those two?" Bobby asked Harry.

" Yeah there my friends Ron and Hermione not mutants witch and wizard like me." Harry said

" Cool." Bobby said.

" Harry me and Rom are going back home to get clothing be back next friday." Hermione said.

" Ok guys this is Bobby Drake my roommate." Harry said pointing to Bobby.

" Hello. bye. See you next friday." Hremione said pulling Ron into the elevator.

" Come on I'll show you the last place on our list the mess hall." Bobby said

They walked into the dinning room and al eyes were on Harry.

" Don't mide them your the new kid they don't know who you are." Bobby said

" Yeah I'm used to it in the wizard world its the same." Harry said as they got there food an walked over to to a table with one girl.

" Hey Rouge This is the new kid Harry." Bobby said.

" Hey." She said and grabed Harry's hand with out her glove but nothing happend.

" You trying to drain me of something because it wont work my powers are the same as your's and my Fathers." Harry said smiling

" Yeah I was I do it for a couple of second just enough to scare new kids a bit." Rouge said still smiling.

" Yeah well lookes like you two would make a great couple. And Rouge had you hurt him Logan would have killed you." Bobby said.

" Why?" She asked

" He's my son." James said from behind her.

" You shaved?" She said.

Every eye that was on Harry looked away as soon as they herd the Wolverine was his father.

" Bobby show my son to the Danger Room show he can be tested your his team mate along with Rouge and Kitty. His captin skills are frist so listen to him on this one." James said and walked out.

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