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Chapter 2

"Come on, he's kinda cute." the blonde exclaimed, pointing to a dark haired man that sat not to far away from them.
"Kinda?" the red headed scoffed, "Cute my ass."
"Come on, Barb!"
"You have your opionion, I have mine." Barbara Gordon pouted, making a face at her friend, Jenny. Giving up, Jenny Orbach sunk into her chair, her eyes still on the dark haired man.
"I wonder what he thinks about."
"What? Come on, you must also be curious."
"I can already guess. Girls."
"It's the same with all guys, Barb."
"He IS like every other guy, Jenny." rolling her eyes, Jenny ignored her friend, and sighed happily.

"She's at it again," the dark haired man turned around slightly, to see a blonde starring at him happily, beside a seething red head. He chuckled. "You find that funny, Grayson?"
"What? And you don't?" Dick Grayson smiled.
"It depends on who you're laughing at." his friend, Bill Knightly paused, "Is it the ditzy Jenny? Or the fiery Barbara Gordon?" Dick chocked on his drink. "So it is the fiery Barbara!"
"O.K, first things first, just don't presume. I basically grew up with her."
"There's no way it's Jenny," Bill said slyly. "I always see you starring off into space when Barbara's around."
"In your dreams."
"Come on man! Your relationship with Cindy is over. Ask her out!"
"I don't think so."
"At least try."
"Bill..." Dick said warningly.

Alfred Pennyworth smiled to himself, as Dick paced up and down. He reminded him much of a young man he once met, when Bruce Wayne was still a small boy. He had a feeling he knew what was on the young man's mind. A particular red head. He chuckled. He was just like his father.
"Hey, Al... do you have a minute?" Dick asked.
"Ms. Gordon on your mind?" Alfred fought back a sly smile. Dick didn't seemed to surprise. Afterall, this was Alfred he was talking to. He could read people just as well as Bruce did.
"One thing I can tell you, is that she is much like her mother. She doesn't like to be woed." Dick looked at Alfred slightly confused.
"How...?" Alfred smiled humbly.
"Back when Master Bruce was still a small child, I met her mother." and that was all he said.

"Dick!" she exclaimed surprised, opening the door. He stumbled slightly, in the midst of knocking. "Sorry..." she quickly added, letting him in. "What are you doing here? Did dad ask you to come?" she asked suspiciously.
"No, actually I..." he paused, now somewhat embaraced.
"Um... do you wanna catch a movie or something, if you're not busy?" he blurted out. She looked at him surprised.
"A movie? Where is all this coming from?" she paused, "Didn't you just like break up with Cindy?"
"Well..." he trailed of slightly. "I'll just..." he turned around. He was surprised Barbara burst out laughing. He turned to face her again. "What?" she just smiled at him.
"So, what are we going to see?"

"God Grayson!" Andrew cried out, "Next time don't do that again!" John turned around slightly, waving at his friend, ignoring the comment that was made to him.
"John Grayson." he introduced himself.
"Rebecca. Rebecca Peters." Rebecca said, with a pleasant smile on her face. Glaring at her friend, Rebecca grabbed another handful of mud, "That person there is my friend, Amy and Penelope."
"They seem... energetic." John smiled.
"Energetic? Ha! They're just like a pair of... kids!" the young red-head paused, before dusting her hands clean. He chuckled, as Andrew appeared by his side.
"This is Andrew." John extended his arm to his friend. Rebecca nodded politely.
"Thank-you again, but I must go." she said, turning around slightly.
"Um... will you be watching the show?" John suddenly asked. Rebecca frowned thoughtfully.
"I think I might, if my father doesn't return tonight." she responded with a smile.

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