I wrote this one right after the new season began. After looking it over before posting it I noticed it has some similarities to Croatoan which are purely coincidental. Hope you like it. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

Blood Moon

"Hey here's something that could be interesting." Dean said leaning back in his chair as he looked at the computer screen. They had taken a few days off after their last hunt and now Dean was itching to get back into the action.

"What?" Sam asked as he stood at the front door to their motel room looking out into the early morning light.

"There's a small town in Maine that's being attacked by wild dogs. Seems five of their townsfolk have been attacked by dogs within the last few months. Some of the bodies were found with their throats ripped out."

"Only at night?" Sam asked walking over and standing behind Dean.

"Yep, only at night." Dean looked over his shoulder at Sam. "None of the dogs were ever found. You thinking what I'm thinking?"


"Could be. I ran a search on the dates of the attacks and everyone occurred during a full moon."

"How many people?"

"Four men, one woman."

"All killed?"

"Two of the men were killed and also the woman, the other two recovered. No mention of their names though, apparently the two that recovered didn't want their names released to the press."

"When was the last attack?" Sam said leaning down to see the screen.

"About a month ago…..There's going to be a full moon in a few days." Dean looked up at Sam. "What do you think, you want to go up there and take a look?"

"Well it's only a couple hundred miles from here."

"If we leave now we'll get there before noon."

"Then let's get packing."

11:45 AM

They pulled into the small coastal town of Bedford Maine and checked in at the only motel in town. They then headed to a local diner for lunch and to see if they could find out any information.

They entered the diner and were immediately met by the stares of the locals not use to having strangers in their small town.

The waitress seemed friendly enough as she walked over and gave them a smile.

"Hi." Dean looked up and gave her his most charming smile.

"Hi…..We don't get many strangers in town, you boys visiting friends?"

"Actually my brother and I are on a road trip. We've been camping out across the country trying to hit all the states before we go back to college."

"Oh…" The waitress had a worried look on her face.

"But we're staying at a motel this time. We heard there are wild dogs in the area and were warned about camping out. Do you know if that's true; are there wild dogs in the area?" Sam asked as he looked at the menu.

"Yes it was terrible. Five people were attacked, three died instantly."

"What about the other two?"

"They were ripped up pretty bad but they lived."

"Yeah, someone told us that a Bob Dreese and a John Miller were both pretty torn up."

The waitress gave a small laugh.

"Well who ever told you that got the names wrong. It was Riley Walton and Scott Barnet that survived. The others…" She shook her head sadly. "They were so torn up there was nothing anyone could do for them."

"They ever catch the dogs?"

"That's the strange thing. No one ever saw any wild dogs in the area."

"Do you know where attacks took place?"

"Two were down near the beach…. The other three were deeper in the woods. Some of the local hunters went out looking for the dogs but never found any." The waitress gave a nervous laugh. "But one of the hunters said he heard a growl and thought he saw a man running through the woods but nothing came of it, everyone figured he just imagined it."