Purple W.a.P: Another IrukaKashi story. This one really feels like it's going to be a twoshot, so I'm leaving it incomplete. Anyways, I was thinking of fanfics last night. This plopped in my mind. Things don't 'poof' in my mind, they 'plop'. Okay, done, read on.

OH! This is done in Kaka-vision! Enjoy!

"I'll be RIGHT back!" I say, motioning him to stay here. "Okay." He says, sitting down on a bench.

"Right back." I say, backing away. He rolls his eyes. "Okay, okay, I know. I'm a trained ninja, I'll be fine."

I'm always protective of my Iruka. It's weird. I'm not usually protective of my students, or anything else for that matter, but my Iruka…? Yes. Very much so. I start walking away, glancing back once. He waves to me, smiling. I wave back, smiling beneath my mask. I never took it off. Taking it off was like going a day without underwear. You feel…


I buy my gift for him. It's Christmas, and, unlike most couples, we go shopping for each other together. Why? Well, it started with me following him the first year we spent together. Then, it was him that followed me. After that, we just started going together.

Oh, the gift. I had nearly forgotten. I pulled it out again and smiled. Hm. My gift giving skills were at an all new record of coolness.

I start walking back to Iruka. Sorry, my Iruka. Halfway, I stop dead in my tracks. He's talking with another man. I couldn't recognize him, but he and my Iruka were laughing.

I narrowed my eyes and jumped into a near tree. I grunted as I hoisted myself up onto the branch, hoping Iruka didn't see. When I looked back, he was still talking with the other man.


Wait, bad.

The man moved closer to him. Iruka scooched away! Huzzah! Does that mean he was just making small talk? Being friendly? I returned to my spying and saw the man was closer. My Iruka was on the very edge of the bench now. Now my protective rates were on an all time high. The man continued talking, but now Iruka looked uncomfortable. I was about to jump down and help him when a voice in my head screamed "Stop! He's a ninja! He'll be fine! And what kind of ninja would you be if you blew your cover now?!

I sighed, and stayed in the tree. I looked up to resume my spying. I gasped. Did he just get closer?! How dare he! A-and now he's…

I couldn't take it. I used teleportation jutsu and went to my Iruka's aid. "So, you have plans tonight?" The man said to my Iruka, who was looking around desperately. For me perhaps? No.

I put my arm around Iruka, who yelped, but realized it was me and relaxed. The man jumped from surprise but regained his composure. He glared at me angrily. "I believe he does have plans. I'm sorry." I pulled my Iruka closer. The man looked at me with anger. "Oh yeah? Says who?" I stared him down. He finally backed away after I almost considered my sharingan. "Okay, okay, fine." He started walking away, but not without pushing his luck. He flipped the finger at me. Or was it my Iruka? Did he flip the bird at my Iruka? A closer glance confirmed he was staring at me, not my Iruka. I simply smiled and waved, beginning to walk away with my Iruka. After we were out of earshot, Iruka leaned in and whispered to me, "I think I can live with your protectiveness for awhile more." I smiled and looked at him. "I don't think I could help it even if you couldn't live with it."