This is my first Titanic fanfic, hope it's okay. I don't support how Jack died HE SHOULD'NT HAVE!!!! This is why I wrote this.

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Story Told in Rose's P.O.V:

My fingers and toes were icy, and I couldn't feel any part of my body. My hair was frozen in tresses around my pale face. I guessed my lips were blue, because Jack's were, and both of us were shivering, numb from cold. I don't know how Jack could stay in the water, I was freezing and I was floating on a door above the water. I checked on Jack every few minutes, if he fell asleep, his body temperature would drop even lower and…he would die.

Suddenly, light flashed over a heap of bodies nearby. My pulse rate quickened as I realized that a boat was coming over. I had never been relieved to see a lifeboat!

"Jack!" I rolled over and shook his arm. He didn't move. I frowned slightly. "Jack, Jack wake up!" I shook his arm again. Still no movement. "Jack, please!" A smile crept onto my face. "There's a lifeboat, just like you said." He still didn't move. Panic took over the smile and I suddenly realized I might've let him go to sleep…forever. "Jack!" I screamed into his ear. There was a slight movement. It gave me an inch of hope. I shook his arm. His head moved slightly. I shook his arm harder and his eyes finally cracked open.

"Rose," his voice cracked and he gave a horrifying cough. I grasped his hand and gave it a small shake.

"A boat, Jack, just like you said, a boat," I whispered to him. Jack smiled, I think. His face was frozen, along with his hair. His face was pale and drawn and his lips were blue. He opened his mouth to say something, but I pushed a finger to his lips. "Get on the door, I'll get their attention." We slowly traded places, and as I touched the water, every muscle tensing up. I couldn't believe that Jack had stayed in this water. I glanced at him once before waving my hands about in the water. Jack joined in.

"Help!" He croaked, splashing his hands in the water. I floundered, my arms smacking against the freezing water. Finally, the torch light swung on us. The man leading the boat saw us.

"Help me!" He yelled to another man. The two men helped me and Jack into the boat. We were wrapped in blankets and we both huddled together. The man gave us another blanket and put a jacket around Jack's shoulder. I already had stripped off the jacket that Cal had given me.

"Jack," I began. "I should never have doubted you when Cal found that necklace on you." Jack shivered beside me. He smiled at me and I tried to smiled back, but two tears ran down my cheeks. Jack's cold hand brushed them away and he shook his head.

"Don't," he murmured. "It was visual evidence." I sighed and turned away to look out over the sea. It had taken so many lives today, and we were passing more as the lifeboat bumped between them. The men were still searching for survivors, but I doubted they'd find any. I was out of the water the whole time, and Jack was accustomed to the cold.

We were lucky.

The Carpathia rescued us in the morning. Jack and I stayed together, covered by blankets in a corner of the deck, steaming tea-cups warming our hands. My mother was sitting with a few of her friends and just across from us. I kept my back turned, not knowing why, but not wanting a confrontation.

Cal walked in front of us in the afternoon, I suppose he wanted his jacket back. I kept my face hidden, so did Jack. I wanted nothing to do with the ungrateful, unloving pig.

"You think he would be surprised to see us?" Jack asked me. I buried my head in his shoulder and nodded. He kissed my hair and placed his head beside mine.

"First, yes he would. Second, he's not going to see us," I replied. Jack smiled and put an arm around me. I moved closer. "I'm not even going to see my mother," I murmured. He brushed a strand of damp hair away from my forehead.

"You sure? She looks….um, worried," Jack gave me a lop-sided grin and we looked over to where my mother was standing. I guess she was worried in her won sort of way. She had a solemn, stony look on her face and was regarding everyone with a cold silence.

"She lost everything," I muttered bitterly. "Her money, her ticket to more money, her reputation will leave now that she is poor—"

"She lost her daughter, do not forget that," Jack said, looking at me pointedly. I didn't meet his eyes.

"I was the ticket to freedom," I answered.

"Oh," Jack lifted his head in a half-nod. I man came over, requesting names. "Jack Dawson," Jack told him and then man scribbled that down. He then turned to me.

"Name, miss?" He asked. I looked down at my hands, then at my mother, then at Jack.

"Dawson," I replied with a smile. "Rose Dawson."

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