The Strength of One Will: Link's Origin

Disclaimer: I don't own the Zelda games at all. Salydia and Kiru are OCs, because I don't know who the real parents of Link were.

Note: This is supposed to be pre-Ocarina of Time. And Queen Zelda is NOT the Zelda from Ocarina of Time. It's her mother. (I heard somewhere that all the Hyrulian princesses were named Zelda in honor of some ancestress or something. I think it was on Wikipedia…?)

Ch. 1: A Mother's Glow

Kaepora Gaebora listened to the sounds of Hyrule about him. The owl could hear the screams and battle cries of the war-torn fields and pastures, bloody and resolute. He could sense the chilling pleas for mercy coming forth from the innocents caught in battle. The splash of the Zoras in their far off haven, the yawn of the Gorons slumbering in their mountains, and the march of the Gerudo guards patrolling the desert. All these voices and cries rang throughout the wise owl's head, and they all had seemed typical of late. However, something else, something that usually would not intrigue Kaepora, elicited his attention. They were the cries of an infant, the screams of a newborn baby boy.

Salydia gazed lovingly at the baby in her arms. She traced her fingers over his fuzz of soft blonde hair and sighed in relief. Thank the heavens the birth had been successful. With her petite frame, Salydia had been told that her body may be unsuitable for birthing. And of course, giving birth to your first child would be unnerving to any young mother even by itself. But that thought needn't worry her any longer.

A slight knock on the door turned Salydia's attention from the babe to the new visitor. It cracked open a bit to reveal the nurse who had been tending to Salydia that night.

"The Queen wishes to visit you and your firstborn, Lady Salydia," the nurse informed her, coming in from the door. "Would that be unreasonable?"

Salydia smiled and shook her head.

"No, I'd love to have Her Majesty Zelda's company. She needn't ask someone lower than herself in rank something such as that, especially when it's a request to a friend."

"Oh good," a voice emanated from the hallway. "Because I came regardless of what you would say." The lady walked in with a grin spread across her face, an elegant gold crown gracing her blonde head. Her dark sapphire eyes shone in happiness as they surveyed Salydia's newborn.

"He's wonderful, Salydia dear!" she exclaimed. "Oh, he has the same fair hair as his father. But I think he'll have your eyes, Salydia, that lovely blue shade of yours that is the envy of the court."

"They are not!" Salydia laughed. "And you have blue eyes yourself, Zelda! Besides, eye color doesn't really matter, now does it?"

"Of course not, dear, I'm just so happy for you and Sir Kiru," Queen Zelda replied. "And isn't it exciting that we're both mothers at the same time?"

It's exciting to be a mother at all, Salydia thought gratefully. Once this horrid war had ended, Kiru would come home and see his first child. And he could teach the boy how to wield a sword, and she could teach him schoolwork, and they could see him through the first steps of his life. To think she had been given the chance to lead another human being into the world—Salydia couldn't ask for anything more wonderful.

"Hm? Salydia, are you all right? You're blushing," Zelda said, her gloved hands pressed on Salydia's own.

"I suppose it's true, then?" Salydia answered, her face turning pink. "There is a glow about new mothers, isn't there?"

Zelda blinked, then laughed.

"Well, Salydia, it seems that I haven't gotten this glow just yet," the Queen spoke brightly. "Or are queens exempt?"

"Oh, let's forget it. How is little Zelda, your daughter, doing?" Salydia inquired.

"She's doing fine, I'm glad to say. However, her eyes opened much faster than expected, the lightest blue eyes I've ever seen. But that poor nurse, little Zelda never seems to sleep!" Queen Zelda complained, a little smile showing on her lips.

"I can't wait to see his eyes," Salydia murmured, stroking her baby's soft skin. "I'm sure they will be beautiful."

"Of course they will be," Zelda assured her gently. "And I can't wait for our children to meet each other! They'll be friends for certain. Perhaps I can persuade my husband to let me betroth my daughter to your son. Wouldn't that be perfect?"

"If they want to be betrothed, then that's fine," Salydia replied.

"Oh, I've no worries about that," Queen Zelda said unconcernedly. "Of course they'll fall in love. It's only logical."

Salydia shook her head and decided not to argue. Kiru would prevent the betrothal later; he always did have a way with words. After all, the leader of the King's army needed to be charismatic as well as strategic and strong.

"Salydia dear, I'm afraid I have to leave now," the queen apologized, turning to the door. "The King will be missing my presence, and I mustn't keep him and the baby waiting. I'll visit you later tonight?"

"Of course you will," Salydia insisted. "It gets lonely here."

Zelda laughed.

"Well, you're not lonely anymore. You have your new son!"

Salydia listened to the door close, and held her baby firmly in her arms.

"I wish Kiru would come home soon," she whispered into the sleeping babe's ear. "He'll love just as much as your mama does!" Kissing him lightly on the forehead, she was about to ring for the nurse to take her baby to his bed. Just as her finger was above the bell, something bizarre happened.

The lights blew out all out once.

A blast of cold air flew in as the window was blown open by an abnormally strong wind. Clutching her child close, Salydia suppressed a scream as a looming dark figure appeared in her window. Her heart threatening to burst out of her chest, Salydia was stunned silent as the creature began to speak.

"Greetings, Lady Salydia," the owl began. "I am the oracle, Kaepora Gaebora."