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It's been weeks since the defeat of Serpent. Irregular attacks are occurring more frequently, and without Slither Inc. the Guardians have to work harder to protect the inhabitants of Innerpeace.

Aile and Vent continue to work for the Guardians after the defeat of Serpent to protect humanoids. Aile and Vent have met ten years ago in the park since their moms were friends. Both of them suffered the fate of losing their mothers and if it wasn't for Girouette, they would have died as well.

Model W, Pandora, and Prometheus are still out there somewhere plotting their next scheme. However, a new threat will soon prove to be more than the two chosen ones can handle alone…


Guardian HQ

"Alright, you two, go into the medic wing and we'll have you both examined." Prairie drags Vent and Aile to Rose.

"Why do we need to do this again?" Aile tries to protest but isn't able to break out of Prairie's grip.

"We have to make sure there are no harmful effects from using the biometals." Prairie stops for a moment. "Well, we're here."

"Do I have to go through with this? I don't feel any different." Vent tries to escape, but fails as well.

"Alright, Rose, they're all yours."

"Come this way." Rose leads Vent and Aile to two different beds as she starts the examination.


"Is there anything wrong?" Prairie looks at Rose going over the results with an intense look on her face.

"Well, there is a small side effect, but it's very unpredictable." She looks at Vent and Aile to make sure that they are paying attention.

"What's wrong with us?" They both say in unison.

"Everytime you use the biometals, you have two voices in your head, right?" Vent and Aile nod as Rose continues. "Anyways, this can cause a bit of confusion inside your brain. In other words, you might get mood swings. That's the only problem I can find for now, you two better go back to your room."

"Alright, I'll race you there, Aile." Vent looks back but finds Aile already at the door.

"You're on!" Vent chases her down the hall as Prairie looks at them.

"Aren't you gonna stop them, commander?"

"They've gone through a lot since they acquired the biometals. They need to act like kids once in a while." Prairie hears the footsteps slowly subside. "Well, I guess I should go back as well. Night, Rose."


Aile and Vent's Room

"Aile?" Vent looks at the sleeping figure sleeping on the lower bunk. She groans for a moment and sits up.

"What is it, Vent?"

"I'm scared, can I sleep next to you." Aile starts to cough before putting the pillow over her head. She starts to blush a bit as she thinks over Rose's words.

"You might get mood swings." Well, Vent certainly doesn't act like this very often. Maybe if I ignore him, it'll be okay.

Thirty Minutes Later

"Please, Aile, Please…" Aile tries to hide under her blanket, but Vent's words seem to pierce right through it.

"Alright! I give up." She moves to the wall to create some more room. "Just stay on your side and don't try anything funny."

"Thank you!" Vent moves down as the two of them go to sleep.


Prairie's Room

Prairie looks at the crystal stuffed animal on her desk as she smiles, remembering the events of the past. The last time I saw Forte was back when he left the Resistance. Is it possible to know someone for such a short time and still care so much about them?

Prairie sighs as she thinks over the events of the past. It's been a long time since Ciel's disappearance, but Vent and Aile's words encouraged her to continue looking for clues. Where are you, sis?

Prairie decides to go to sleep and worry about everything else the next morning, but someone starts knocking on her door. Prairie gets up and gets dressed.

"I'm coming, just wait." She opens the door to find a Guardian.

"Commander, there's another Irregular attack in Innerpeace!"

"Are there any more units left that can take care of it?"

"Everyone else is already taking care of other Irregular attacks." Prairie sighs for a moment.

"Alright, I'll go get Vent and Aile." Prairie motions for the Guardian to leave the room and finishes getting dressed. It looks like defeating Serpent still hasn't solved the problem yet. Where are all these Irregulars coming from?


Vent and Aile's Room

"Hey, Vent, Aile," Prairie turns on the light as the two chosen ones groan. "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

Aile opens her eyes and immediately turns red as she pushes Vent off her bed. How did that happen? I told him to stay on his side of the bed. She continues to blush as she remembers seeing Vent's face as she woke up and how they were in each other's arms.

"Huh!?" Vent wakes up with a start as his head hits the floor. He immediately stands up in his blue pajamas. He looks at Prairie as he immediately stands up. "What do you need, commander?"

"Get dressed and go to the Commander's Room, there's another Irregular attack." Vent gets dressed first and rushes off as Aile waits before coming out of bed.

"You know, you shouldn't rush a relationship like that in your age." Aile's face turns red at Prairie's comment.

"Vent was having a mood swing and it was the only way to make him shut up." Prairie just winks at Aile.

"I'm sure his mood swing has nothing to do with the fact that you were hugging him back." Prairie narrowly dodges a pillow before leaving the room. "Well, you should get dressed as well."

Aile grumbles something about nosy commanders as she gets dressed and leaves the room.


"Well, this is the place." Vent and Aile look around to see Irregulars attacking a building. "All the humanoids have been evacuated. Let's do this!"

"Rock-on!" Model X and Z appear in front of them. Vent slashes at some galleon hunters as Aile starts shooting.

"Hey, Vent, is it just me, or are the biometals more quiet than usual? They're usually more talkative than this, except Model P." Vent thinks about it for a second.

"You know what, I noticed that as well." Vent slashes at a nearby galleon hunter. "They usually say things like duck or behind you and give other helpful tips, but I haven't been hearing that lately."

"Alright, let's just tell Prairie when we get back." Aile shoots down the last galleon before the two of them go back to base.


Guardian HQ

"Is there anything wrong with the biometals?" Vent and Aile look worriedly as Prairie and some scientists continue to scan them.

"It seems that apart of the biometal has been separated. It's no longer living anymore, but you can still use them."

"Oh, then there shouldn't be much of a problem. Alright, I'm going back to our room." Vent leaves the room as Prairie looks at Aile with a serious look on her face.

"What is it, commander?"

"Do you two have enough experience to fight a real battle?"

"I think so…" Aile starts to realize where this is going. Me and Vent always had the help of the biometals whenever we fought, if another threat like Serpent appears, how will we handle it?

"Alright, just be careful. Prometheus and Pandora are still out there. Don't try to fight them by alone. The two of you have only fought for a few weeks. You can't defeat them without more experience. If you're losing a fight, then run."

"Alright, Prairie, I'll keep that in mind." Aile leaves the room as well as Prairie watches them. We need your help more than ever, sis. I don't think the two of them can handle this by themselves anymore…


"So, this place is intact after all." A hooded figure walks down the stairs and looks at the old lock in front of him. He enters a few numbers as the door opens. The room is filled with blueprints and chips of different kinds.

The figure looks carefully and picks out five different chips. "These five will do quite nicely." The figure starts to walk away and leave the room.

"Soon, it'll be time for me to make my move…"


"Is it ready yet, Prometheus?" Model W speaks to Pandora and Prometheus through a telepathic connection.

"Almost…" Pandora presses a few buttons as she looks at the figure in the tube. "What makes you think that this can defeat the chosen ones?"

"Serpent was nothing more than a normal person with ambitions. If my power can make him so powerful, think of what it will do to this." Prometheus presses a few buttons on the machine.

"He can take down the Guardians, but the chosen ones are mine!" Prometheus looks as the tube opens and the figure steps out.

"Welcome back. You'll be the new servant of Model W…" The figure seems to ignore Prometheus as he looks around for his own weapons.

"He's been infused with the power of Model W." Pandora looks at the figure. "The chosen ones stand don't stand a chance this time…"


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