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-----------POV Shift: Aile-----------

"…I intend to fix…enough…first to fall…me…" I can hear voices but my body feels too sore to move. What's going on? I was in a battle. I didn't win so that must mean that I've lost.

Unnggghhh… I can't see anything, have I been blinded? My whole body is burning. What happened again? Oh right, I was shocked by more electricity than a human body should be shocked by. I knew I should have paid attention when Giro talked about how to treat electrical burns, not that it would help since I can't even move my arms or any other part of my body.

Wait. What the hell!? My body is moving by itself. What the hell's happening? Damn, I'll have to just force my eyes open to see what's happening. This isn't working… come to think of it, where the hell are my eyes? Wait, now that I think about it, where the heck am I?

"Don't worry about any of those minor details. I'll take care of everything from now on." Oh no… Please don't tell me what I'm thinking about right now is true… "I hate to break the news to you, but there isn't anyone else here. Yes, I've finally managed to gain control of your body. It took me a lot of patience to not go insane and give up, but I did it."

"If that's true then how come I can still feel my own body? Also, why can't I see anything, how were you aware of everything that happened?" I don't want to be stuck here forever, but I need to know what's happening outside first. I might be killed before I regain control.

"Now that your eyes belong to me, you must see into our mind's eye. The only way for you to be aware of your surroundings is to stop trying to look out and look within."


"What did you just say? Where did you learn to talk like that? It must be some sort of dialect that I'm not aware of. I understand the words individually, but no matter what order I string them together, it doesn't make any sense."

"If you're just going to snap back for anything thing I say, I might as well not talk to you. I guess this is what they mean by the saying biting the hands that feeds you."

"You're comparing me to a dog? Besides, you've done me a lot more harm than good. In fact, I don't remember when you did anything good for me at all."

"If it wasn't for me, we'd be dead by now. I've spent way too long talking to you already. If you want to see what's going on then you're going to have to learn the hard way like I did."

I think she's gone now… What does 'Now that your eyes belong to me, you must see into our mind's eye. The only way for you to be aware of your surroundings is to stop trying to look out and look within' mean? Is that even proper English?

AAHHHH! What just happened? I feel like something just stabbed me through the shoulders. "What are you trying to do to me?"

"Oh, you can still feel your body? I guess that explains why I don't feel any pain." The voice answers playfully. I'm hanging onto my last bit of life and the person controlling my body doesn't even feel anything!?

This. Will. Not. End. Well.

Alright, I just need to relax and think rationally while ignoring the pa- GAAH!! I really need to know what's happening, from the sound of her tone, she shouldn't be losing, so why is my body still feeling so much pain?

Alright, I'll have to try to concentrate and stop trying to open my eyes. I can see a small blurry color. I think I might have some kind of vision disorder… Wait, that can't be possible because I can't even see through my own eyes anymore.

I can hear silent whispers… but it doesn't like something from a battle and I can't use my own ears anymore. It feels like that image and those whispers are being transferred straight into my mind.

Wait! If she was in my mind when I was in control then that must mean... I might as well try and make the best out of this situation and try to find out more about her, that is, if I get through this day in one piece.

-----------POV Shift: Pandora-----------

No matter how many attacks I throw at her, she just keeps getting back up. She isn't even putting any real effort in trying to dodge my attacks. Right now, she's looking at the ground slightly disoriented after receiving a direct thrust from the butt of my halberd, but she's not down yet.

I have to find another way to subdue her and quick, this isn't going anywhere. Her arms are starting to move again. She hasn't gotten close enough to attack yet, but that last one was way too close for comfort. Her head shoots back up and she grins again. Why's she grinning? She isn't even showing any signs of weariness. Alright, I'll have to keep calm, human's have a limit no matter how hard they try to mask it.

"I just discovered that I'm not a very good at multitasking, but now I can turn all my attention to you, so that problem's already solved." Multitasking? What could she possibly have been doing when she took one hit after the other?

"What exactly do you mean by multitasking?"

"Dead humans and reploids alike don't need to take any information with them to their graves." Don't get so overconfident just because you haven't collapsed yet. She's drawing the gun that she has left now. That won't make a difference, I'll just have to disarm her again and she can meaninglessly get back up as many times as she wishes.

Wait, something's going on! A bright light is engulfing her right arm and her weapon. I think the weapon's disassembling itself… Her energy levels are rising. This seems somehow familiar.

Right, now I remember. This is like when Prometheus and I observed those two activate the Overdrive System with those four biometals, but Model X and Z never had one because they had no elemental affinity.

"You've lost enough blood to collapse and now you're trying to initiate OIS?" I don't if she's inhuman or just overestimating herself in sheer recklessness. I didn't expect her to even last anywhere close to this long, so the first one is more likely than I would have liked.

"It doesn't matter how much this body bleeds, it won't affect me." The light surrounding her right arm has faded to reveal… a gauntlet? Now her arms are reinforced by a dark protective gauntlet with long claws that would make the mightiest predators in the animal kingdom run.

"You think that giving up your benefits of a long ranged weapon for a short ranged oen will help you defeat me?"

"I don't need help defeating you. I just think defeating my opponents up close is more fun." Fun? She's in a battle for her freedom and she's worried about fun? I don't know what happened, but she most likely has gone insane and gave up on any chance of escape. Still, that certainty in her voice is starting to unnerve me.

Wait, where did she just go?

-----------POV Shift: Normal-----------

Pandora turned just in time to put her halberd in the way to block the attack. Pandora swings her halberd in a wide arc to push Aile away, but Aile lands on her feet unharmed.

She's faster than I thought, I'll need to find an opening and attack quickly before she does the same. Aile circles around Pandora in a flurry of violet and brown, pausing to throw attacks trying to catch Pandora off guard, but each attempt was parried or dodged by the white reploid.

The hurricane of colors directly in front of Pandora and Aile lunges at her from the front. There's an opening. NOW! Pandora steps back to avoid the tip of Aile's claws and thrusts her weapon directly in the center of Aile's chest.


The loud sickening sound of cracking metal shrouded everything except the methodic dripping of crimson blood and Pandora lets out a sigh of relief. That was too close. Melee combat isn't my strong point, but she was too fast for me to get in position and use my other attacks.


"Pandora won after all. Is the girl dead?" Phantom remarks.

"Perhaps I overestimated her after all. If she had gotten one shot in while in that form then victory would have almost been assured. Pandora's loyalties have proven to be true in this battle and Aile's proven to be useless. It's time to just end this and move on to the next part of my plan. Pandora, end this, that girl's heart still beats."

-----------POV Shift: Pandora-----------

Finish her off? Gladly. I'm tired of listening to pointless talks of peace and love. I don't know why they think the Guardian's think that the whole world is sugarcoated, but their ideals must be contagious, because just for a while, I started to believe in them.

I outgrew those fairy tales after my first year of activation but then I met him and was locked away in a pod while being experimented on. After that Model W, an experiment like Prometheus and myself, told us that we had a chance to escape and we followed him, but things just got worse from there.

There's only one way to bring peace to this world and that's to destroy it, but no one will do that, because deep down, everyone fears death. Those who claimed to e fearless in the past were just daisy picking optimists who believed that if they continued to believe, death would not fall upon them.

Now, I'll finish off one of the people responsible for contaminating me with those idiotic ideals for good and I'll never have to think back to that again.

However, she did make me realize one thing, this place does suck and I intend to escape from here as soon as possible, and I may have just found a ticket. Well those are my thoughts, so don't say that I sent you to your afterlife with nothing.

One more blow will finish her off for good, not that it's exactly necessary now, but she's been getting back up too often lately for me to take any risks now.

-----------POV Shift: Normal-----------

Pandora tugged on her halberd to dislodge it from Aile, but it remains still. It's stuck…

Pandora tries to dislodge her halberd again, but fails. She inspects the halberd and notices that Aile's left hand is grasping her halberd. Her eyes widen as realization hits her. She's been-

Pandora is unable to finish her thoughts as Aile's head shoots back up and she pushes the halberd away while bringing her right hand upwards. Her claws slash Pandora from just above the left of her waist all the way to her right shoulder, leaving five deep gashes.

Pandora feels uses her hand to inspect the severity of her wounds as she stares at the grinning Aile. She let me attack her on purpose so that I would let my guard down. Well, I fell for that, but what type of human would so willingly welcome pain like that. That risk was beyond suicidal, I doubt even Prometheus is willing to go that far.

"You didn't think that defeating me could have been that easy, did you?"

Where did all this power come from? She sure wasn't this headstrong and skilled in the beginning of this battle. The Overdrive system only improves the power of the biometal, not the skill of the user. Perhaps it has some hidden ability, like blocking out pain. If that's the case, I'll just have to keep attacking and hope that it wears off soon.

"Can't you tell by now? It's hopeless. It doesn't matter what attack you use unless it either rips off my limbs or kills me, otherwise, it will have no effect. It doesn't seem like you're in any condition to do that now, does it?"

"Don't get so overconfident just because you managed to land a scratch on me!" The end of Pandora's halberd crackles with electricity and four serpent-like streams of electricity lunge towards Aile, one moving directly towards her, one from above, and the other two from the sides.

"No matter how much dead people struggle, they'll remain dead."

"AAGGHH!" Electricity escapes from the wounds on Pandora and she keels over in pain while dropping her weapon. The electricity dissipates and Aile moves forward. These wounds are doing something to disrupt my system. Every part of my body is either overheating or malfunctioning. Damn Model W, he made that biometal just for the purpose of subduing me?

"Stop! This fight has gone on long enough." Aile stops for a second, confusing Pandora.

What are you doing still conscious? I thought the last few attacks would have shut you up long ago. I see that you managed to find your way around, but my mind won't be as easy to see into as your own. Pandora tries to reach for her weapon, but another wave of electricity stops her.

"She's already been beaten! Nothing else is necessary."

Are you suggesting that we actually spare her? You had no trouble killing the Pseudoroids or Serpent. Why do you want me to let her live? A new thought enters her mind and she grins. Oh, I get it now. You don't want me to finish her off so you can do it yourself since Vent had trouble choosing between the two of you.

"We had to finish off the Pseudoroids and Serpent because there were innocent lives on the line! I'd never want to kill for enjoyment!"

Just because you don't want something doesn't mean you won't get it. The resentment and frustration you had helped make me what I am, so don't try to lie to me. I know about your emotions more so than yourself. I might have let you deliver the finishing blow some other day, but I need to make sure I have complete control before that happens.

"You fought using my body and got it injured, I demand that you listen to me and not finish Pandora off!"

Hey, no risk, no reward.

"It was MY risk!"

That was a reward in itself. Now shut up, back seat drivers are annoying. Aile starts moving towards Pandora again. Just as she raises her right hand up in front of Pandora, her whole body freezes.

-----------POV Shift: Aile-----------

"The pain in my body arms is starting to go away. Does this mean that I'm losing connection with my body? Will I be trapped in this void forever?"

"You've only been there for less than a day and you're complaining? Do you have any idea how long I've been stuck there?"

There's nothing I can do here. I think I may just go insane if I stay here a day longer, I guess this explains why she is the way that she is. It must be really lonely to spend all your time here unaware of even day and night.

"AAUUUGHHH!" That sounded like a painful scream…. Wait, she can feel pain now!? "What the hell is this!? My arm won't move and feels like it's dead. What the hell did you do to me!?"

"I guess what goes around comes around. That's what you get for recklessly getting my body beat up."

"Damn it, I wasted too much time playing around. If I just maintain control a bit longer, then I'll finally be free." Wait! That means she's starting to get used to my body. This isn't good, I could be stuck here forever!

"AAAHHHH!!! Now my body hurts everywhere! I can't bare this pain anymore!" I felt my fists tighten- Whoa, whoa, whoa, did I just actually tighten my fists? I might actually be able to get back in control, I'll just have to concentrate a bit more.

"Oh no you don't, I've waited far too long for thi- AAHHHHHH!!" I can move my feet again and a small amount of the pain is coming back to me. I can't believe that I'm actually happy to feel pain.


I finally managed to get my body back, but I had no more energy left to keep the biometal active. I don't think Pandora's ready to continue the fight anytime soon either, so I guess that's fine.

My head hurts, along with the rest of my body. I never wanted to collapse and fall asleep so badly ever since I got here. I lie down on my back on the cold hard floor, but this beats trying to stand.

-----------POV Shift: Normal-----------

Aile faints as all the pain and stress of the day fully catches up with her body. To her right lies Pandora, unconscious as well.

"Hmph, so that was pain. The only reason you're still in that body was because I was careless and miscalculated. Next time, there will be a next time, I can promise you I won't make the same mistake twice."


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