Alpha hummed as she flipped on the TV. She flicked through the channels and huffed. "Nothing on"

"Sure there is!" Omega laughed. "Van Hellsing"

Alpha sighed. "Again?"

"You love that movie"


"Wanna watch it"

"Do I have to?"

"Please?" Kit begged.

Alpha sighed. She looked around the rec room. "Alright"

"WE'RE WATCHING VAN HELLSING!!" Omega yelled to the others.

Jazz grinned and jumped onto the couch. "Alright!"

Alpha sighed.

Kit jumped into her mother's lap while Omega plopped down on the floor.

"Oooh, a bloody, violent movie!" Hammetread said gleefully, running/stomping up and jumped over the back of the couch, almost landing on it's occupants

Alpha oofed as she moved over, almost getting squished by the tank. "Easy, HT! You almost squished us!"
"Yeah, then this couch would be bloodier than the movie." Jazz laughed.

Kit smirked and laid in Hammertread's lap. "Better than being squished." She grinned a grin like her mother's.

Alpha sighed. She got up and moved over to the floor. Jazz grinned.

"Get 'em, Van Hellsing!" Omega cheered.

"I hate that part!" Alpha said, folding her arms.

"You always hate it when Mr. Hyde dies." Omega commented as said monster fell from the cieling. "And...he's dead!"

Jade sauntered over and sat down on top of Jazz, giving him a grin. She glanced over her shoulder at the doorway to make sure Prowl wasn't coming.

Alpha sighed and stood up. "Ah'm not in the mood..." She whispered to Omega.

Omega pouted, "But sis...this is your favorite movie"

"So?" Alpha asked before walking away. She headed outside of the Ark and sighed as her neck gave off a pain. She touched the side of her throat. "...Primus"

"What's wrong, child?" A voice smirked.

Alpha froze. "Oh no." She whispered, "Not you"

Turning, she saw a black figure. The femme froze with fright.

The mech's fangs glittered in the night. "Me." He hissed before grabbing the femme.

HT glanced at the femme as she walked away. "What's her problem?" he grumbled.

Driveby double-checked the supply list one last time. The crew quarters had gotten a bit cramped after the others from Jade's group came back, and after a nasty argument that almost turned into a fistfight between Beacon and Gunlock, and Mic and Needle, Driveby had decided it would be best for her team to return to their original headquarters. The Autobots even offered to provide them with some supplies and other upgrades to the base, and they had invited Terra to go along. Cap hadn't responded yet, though. Driveby smiled at that. They were probably 'taking their time saying hello.'

Anyways, there was no more threat from Klutch to worry about, and they had agreed with the autobots to stay in close contact, in case a situation arose where they would be needed. (Like a Decepticon attack or something)

Omega glanced at Hammertread. "Nightmares." He shrugged. "She's been having them often. 'Bout somethin' that happened to her when we were sparklings."

The vampire dropped Alpha and smirked as her optics turned red. He grinned, rubbed her cheek, and then looked inside the building. "You know what to do." He whisperd in her audio.

Alpha nodded, but then looked around. She walked into the Ark, Lamort following in the shadows.

"Oh." Hammertread went back to concentrating on the movie. Jade stood up. "I'm gonna go see if Driveby needs any help moving."

She started to walk away, and Jazz followed. "I'll go too." he glanced at the group apologetically. "I've seen this one before. Sorry guys, another time, kay?" the two left.

Omega nodded. He scrambled up and took Jazz's spot on the couch.

Kit giggled as Van Helsing killed the werewolf. She clapped. "Yes"

Omega deadpanned. "You're Alpha's kid alright." Kit wapped his head with her tail.

"Shut up."


Terra sighed and held onto Cap's hand. "...Are you sure you have to go?" she asked.

"Yeah, but you can come with us." Cap looked her in the optics, lowering his voice. "I'd love for you to come with us." his fingertips brushed her cheek. He really hoped she would.

Terra took his hand in hers and smiled. "...I would love to..." She whispered, "Alright. I'll come..."


Alpha hissed as she saw Jazz and Jade. She looked up at Lamort and he lunged at Jade while she, who was practically starving since her entire energon had been drained again, lunged at Jazz. She bit down into his neck and hissed, drinking his energon.

Jazz yowled with pain and threw Alpha into the wall. "What the slag?!"


Omega jumped up, almost hitting HT with his wings. "Oh slag. SIS!" He yelled, running out of the rec room. "Kit, stay here!"

Kit paused. "Yeah, right." Kit laughed, "If something's going on with mommy, I'm going, too!" She said, running after Omega.

Jade jumped about three feet straight up, and took off flying down the hall, screaming.

"VAMPIRE! VAMPIRE! VAAAHAHAHA!" She rounded a corner and smacked into Omega.

Omega oofed and fell over. "Ow"

Kit blinked. "Er"

Omega's optics widened. "ALPHA!!" He yelled, seeing Alpha bent over the motionless form of Jazz.

"Alpha, stop it!"

Alpha jumped off of Jazz and hissed. She glared at them and ran straight at her brother. Omega moved out of the way and Alpha hit the door to the rec room.

"Careful!" Omega threw Kit into the rec room and then pinned Alpha to the ground.

"Alpha, snap out of it! It's a nightmare"

"Not anymore." Lamort laughed. He kicked Omega away. "It's real!"

Jade took a step, then froze. Jazz was her not-quite-boyfriend?

(although much to the chagrin of his bondmate, Prowl), and she wanted to save him... but if it meant her getting bitten? She turned and ran for the nearest alarm switch. It was the best she could do at the moment.

Cap and Terra were just leaving their old quarters to join Driveby in the command room, and Hammertread stomped out of the rec. room behind them. Cap turned a corner and halted. His optics went as wide as dinnerplates.

""he breathed


he grabbed Terra's wrist and yanked her back, going about as fast as one of those little cartoons that leaves a little puff of smoke, and hid behind Hammetread, who simply threw a halfway-glance behind him.

The alarm sounded, and red lights blinked down the corridors.

Omega growled and kicked Alpha away. The femme grabbed Omega and bit his wrist. Omega yelped.

The sound of feet echoed down the corridor, and Hammertread looked at Alpha.

"Why are you...biting him?" he asked.

"She's a vampire!" Cap hissed from behind the taller HT.

"I didn't ask you, coward." Hammetread shot back.

Jade could be heard from down the hall. "There's someone down there they did something to alpha!"

Hammertread pounded forward, intent on ripping apart the person Omega said hurt alpha. Cap, having no one to hide behind, grabbed Terra and ducked into the rec. room. "What's going on!?" a voice demanded down the hall.

Omega kicked Alpha away. "Snap out of it, sis! Remember what happened last time he bit you?"

Lamort laughed from where he was flying above them. He shook his head. "You really should gaurd your sister better. She was much easier this time to drain." He grinned. "And turn."

Omega fired at him. "I'll KILL YOU!!" He roared before kicking Alpha into the wall.

He pinned her down. "Someone get that vampire!" He pointed to Lamort.

Alpha bit her brother's neck, who yelped and kicked Alpha away again.

Hammertread grabbed the vampire around the throat and slammed him against the wall, lifting him completely off the flooring.

Several autobots appeared down the hall, and stated firing at the sight of Lamort. Hammertread turned so the vampire in his grip was between him and the weaponfire. his grip tightened.

Lamort gagged and kicked at Hammertread. He looked at Alpha and hissed an order.

"J'kef new o'lv!"

Alpha paused. Her red optics went back to emerald.

"W-What?" She whimpered.


Alpha's optics went red and she hissed and lunged at Hammertread. The femme bit his neck, but didn't drink. She was trying to fight the mech's orders.

"J'kef!" Lamort hissed again.

"Slag! Our langauge!" Omega cursed as he stood up. "How does he know our langauge!?"

"What does it matter?!" Wheeljack growled as he fired at the femme and the vampire, trying not to hit Hammertread.

Alpha yelled as a shot hit her side and bit down harder, whimpering.


Dum-Dum-Dum! looks like the Autobots have a pretty big problem on their hands, huh? Nobody's ever found a cure for vampirism, so how are they going to save their friends? I guess you'll have to read more to find out!