Alpha yelped as Lamort tried to tackle her. That's when Orcus came. He grabbed the vampire and bit down on his throat.

Lamort yelled and slowly, painfully, died. The femme turned and ran, but Orcus chased her.

When the twins were alone, they looked at each other and grabbed hands, gasping slightly.

Omega had a gash in his chest and Alpha, a small cut on her cheek.

The femme smiled at her brother. "You didn't have to stop him." She said.

Lamort had tried to get her, but Omega had stepped in the way, being a good little brother.

Omega smiled back. "Yes I did, sis."

"We're in trouble, aren't we?"

"Oh yeah." Omega nodded.

"Well...we can't be in THAT much trouble..."

"Uh-huh? Remember when Master was angry at us that one time? Prime's gonna look MUCH worse than that."

"Oh crud."

Surely enough, it was at that moment they were spotted. Jade, Powerglide, Gunlock, and Beacon all four swooped down to land around the duo. They eyed Orcas, who promptly ran, and dissapeared into the trees.

The other Autobots came charging up and surrounded the two. Prime Transformed and Calmly walked up. "And just WHAT on EARTH did you two think you were doing!?" he demanded.

Omega swallowed.

so did Alpha, but she calmly stated, "Correcting our mistake, sir."

Omega nodded and wrapped his arm around his sis' shoulders. "He's gone. We told you we weren't being controlled."

"'Course now we owe Orcus something..." Alpha muttered.

"So what? You said it couldn't be one of our friends or one of us." Omega shrugged.


"We will discuss this when we get back to base." Prime said sternly, and transformed.

Alpha and Omega looked at each other. their optics went wide and they touched each other's necks.

"No way..." Both whispered.

They wiped the paint off of their necks and saw that the bite marks had vanished.

Alpha's face cracked into a small smile. She slid her hand into her brothers.

"One nightmare down..."

"Who knows how many to go." Omega agreed, smiling.

Alpha transformed. "Race ya back!"

"Oh, you're gonna loose!"

"You just try to keep up!" Alpha laughed, driving away.

Prime transformed and followed them back. He radioed Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. "Go after them, and make sure they go directly back to base." he ordered.

"On it, Prime." the red twin revved his engine, and the two sped away.

The twins reached the Ark and transformed.

"I won!" Alpha smiled.

"No way! I did!" Omega huffed.

"Wanna bet?"

Omega grinned.

Alpha deadpanned. "3, 2, 1..."

"MOMMY!" Kit glomped her mother, knocking her over.

Alpha groaned. "Ow."

The lamborgini twins pulled up and transformed. They folded their arms and waited for Prime and the others to get back.

Alpha glanced at the Autobot leader from the ground. She looked at Prowl, Driveby and her crew, Ht, the twins, Jazz and the others and looked at Omega.

"Yup, you were right. They do look even more peeved then master."

"And I thought that wasn't possible." Omega chuckled.

Prime simply said "I want to speak to you two in my office. now."

Alpha gulped. "Oh boy..."

"We're in trouble now..." Omega swallowed.

Alpha picked up Kit and handed her to Hammertread. "Don't get into any trouble."

"I won't." Kit smiled.

"I was talking to both of you." Alpha smiled.

Omega shook his head. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Let's go."


The two followed Prime to his office.

"Five cubes says Orcus is having the time of his life with the femme." Alpha said.

Omega nodded.

Once in his office, Prime motioned for them to sit. "Now then, I want you to explain exactly what you thought you were doing and why. Had you been patient, we could have helped you. You may not have realized it at the time, but when you escaped, I was on my way to talk to you about your plan so we could carry it out as a team. The Autobots work as a team. Did you think you could do more as a pair than the autobots as a team?"

Alpha and Omega shook their heads. "No sir." They said at the same time, looking at him. "We know we can't, but it was our mistake. Our mess to clean up. we were the ones who had to fix it."

Prime launched into his lecture on teamwork, disobeying orders, how if a team cannot work as a group it is less organised and less effective not to mention the vamp could have retaken control, which would have put other Autobots in danger, and why there is a set line of command for a reason...

He talked for about an hour, then assigned both of them to disceplinary duty, which he told them he would discuss with Prowl, and until that was decided, they would be confined to quarters (although it would probably only take the two fifteen minutes to work out what to do with the twins. He just said that part to scare Alpha and Omega more.)

Alpha and Omega were almost asleep when Prime finished. THey nodded, and left. Alpha grabbed her kid from HT. "Now..."

"You're an idiot." Kit huffed.

Alpha deadpanned. "Never mind. Stay here with HT." She said, putting Kit down.

Kit stuck out her tongue.

Omega rolled his eyes and motioned for Alpha to follow him.

Prime called Prowl, and they decided the rec room floor could use a good cleaning. by hand, with scrub brushes and and a waterbucket.

Wheeljack's workshop could use some reorganizing. His junk was piled in stacks to the ceiling about to fall over, and there was a lot of scrap metal that needed categorising and sorting...

And after that was done, they'd find something else to keep the twins busy, because, as Prowl had put it, "The busier you two are, the less you will be thinking of how you can cause trouble.

Unfortunately, Jade happened to walk into the rec room while they were there. "Lemme guess, he gave you the lecture, too?" the jet rolled her optics.

The twins groaned, but nodded. "Yup. And we've gotta clean and reorganize Jack's office. Perfect." Both muttered.

"Oh well..." Omega muttered. "Could be worse."


"He could've dumped us on another planet like Master did or try to kill us like Megsie did."

"Point." Alpha nodded.

"Let's get to work." Omega sighed.

Alpha muttered something and created three copies. She, the copies, and Omega got to work on cleaning the floor. They all glanced at each other and one of the copies took the water and splashed some on Omega's face.

"Hey!" Omega laughed. He tossed some on Alpha.

"Hey! It wasn't me, bro!" Alpha laughed. She dumped the entire bucket on Omega.

"Well that...was you."


Omega laughed and engaged in a water fight. By the time they were done, they were soaked and the floor was cleaned.

Alpha laughed as she shook her head, making her copies disappear. "Well, that was entertaining."

"Yup." Omega nodded. "Any ideas how t' make cleanin' Jack's place fun?"


Prowl walked in to inspect their work. He nodded. "You may go. You have an hour before helping Wheeljack." he called Wheeljack, who said he'd be waiting. Of course, the mech next door (the repairbay being next door to the workshop), Ratchet requested their help in cleaning/reorganising the repairbay also.

Alpha and Omega groaned, but nodded.

HT was trying to watch wrestling on the rec room tv and keep an eye on Kit at the same time.

Cap jumped over the back of the couch to sit beside him. "Wassup, tank-man?" he grinned.

HT gave him a flat look. "I'm trying to watch wrestling." he grouched.

"Oh cool! I love WWF!"

Kit giggled. "Me too! I love HBK!" She said, looking at the screen.

Shawn Michels and TRiple Edge glared at Rated RKO, "We've got two words for you-"

"SUCK IT!" Kit, DX, Alpha and Omega cheered. The twins clapped hands.

Kit giggled. "Gotta love DX!"

"And Ray Mystiro." Alpha nodded.

"You two." Ratchet muttered.

"Right, sorry..." The twins huffed, walking towards the med bay.

Cap just chuckled. "Yeah, that mysterio guy is..." HT growled at him. Cap eeped and shut it. "...sorry." he mumbled.

Driveby and Ty appeared in the doorway. "Cap." Driveby called. Said tank hopped up and went right in front of HT to leave.

"we're leaving." Driveby said.

"Aww, but I was just starting to watch wrestling!" Cap complained.

"Ooh, wrestling!" Cable appeared from behind Driveby and ran and jumped over the back of the couch. HT growled again.

And glared at him.

"Eeep! maybe not." Cable scooched over a little, away from the giant tank.

Kit giggled and cuddled up to her uncle. She clung to her teddy as HBK hit Edge on the head with a chair. "Go, HBK!" The kitten cheered.

"...You let her watch that kinda stuff?" Jazz asked Alpha, who was out of the room.

"Yup! Got a problem with that?" Came Alpha's reply over the com.

"Eep. Nope."


Kit smirked as Ray Mysterio wacked Edge as well. "I hate that fragger..."

Driveby sighed. "Cable..."

"All right, coming, boss." the car hopped up and went in front of HT to leave. Driveby shook her head as he passed.

Kit waved. "Bye..." She sighed.

Terra flew over to Cap. "Comin' with ya!"

Cap grinned and took her hand in his.

Terra smiled and squeezed his hand. "Let's go." She said, rubbing his hand wih her thumb.


Wheeljack was waiting for the pair when they got to the repairbay. "Hi guys." he said cheerfully.

"Heyas." The twins waved. They sighed and looked at each other. Alpha duplicated. "Right. We'll get to work." She muttered.

Omega yawned slightly and got to work.

Wheeljack put on some music, and helped them move stuff around.

"I know you guys meant well, but you really should've waited instead of going out on your own like that." he tried to use a non-accusing tone. He shrugged. "Don't mind Prime, he gets upset over that kinda stuff. Believe me, you're not the only ones who's gotten in trouble for that."

He hefted a large peice of scrap metal and moved it to an unused corner. "I think we can put all the scrap metal over there... don't mind the woprkbenches. Those are projects I'm working on. It seems a little messy around here, but it's not, really." his earpanels flashed an amused blueish.

Alpha and Omega nodded. "Yup." They muttered. "I guess we should be glad we didn't get a worse punishment, like we've had before, but we didn't wanna wait. As we've said before-" The twins lifted up a piece of scrapmetal, "Our mess, our job to clean it up."

Wheeljack shook his head. "I know you might think that, but sometimes it's better to let others help. I've made a few messes in my time, believe me.." he looked at the dismantled neutralizer ray he'd made a couple weeks ago, off to one side.

"Sometimes it takes all of us to make a mistake right again." Megatron had gotten his hands on the ray, and used it against his friends. Wheeljack had gotten pretty upset over it, but the Autobots together had defeated Megatron and gotten it back. Prime ordered it to be destroyed, which had been punishment enough for the mechanic. He'd worked so hard on it.

He explained about the gun to the twins.

Alpha and Omega nodded. "We know what you're saying, Jack, but you don't understand."

Alpha sighed, "Master always told us to be responisible for our actions-"

"-and to finish what we started-" Omega continued.

"-And correct our mistakes. Not let-"

"-Anyone else do it for us. It was our fault-"

"-You all were turned-"

"-So we had to do it ourselves-"

"-To make up for getting-"

"-Our friends hurt." The twins finished at the same time.

Wheeljack shook his head. "there's a difference between claiming due responsibility for your actions and trying to correct mistakes on your own." he let it drop. They weren't going to see things any differently, and if they kept trying to handle thing on their own... well, they'd just keep getting into trouble with Prime. But they'd learn eventually.

A certain jet had done the same thing, going off on her own and getting into trouble.

she learned.

He put another stack of components on the pile. "Well, looks like we're almost done. Only have that little pile over there to go thrugh." he pointed to a pile reaching nearly to the ceiling, threatening to topple over at any second.

Alpha and Omega nodded and they and the copies got to work on the pile.

They finished after a bit and Alpha leaned on her brother as the copies disappeared. "Well, that wasn't so bad." Both shrugged. They looked at Wheeljack and then looked at the exit.

"Now what did Prowl wanna us to do or was that all he needed?" The two asked.

Wheeljack glanced at the doorway between his workshop and the repairbay. "He wanted you to go help Ratchet clean and reoganize the repairbay. But if you wanna take a breather, you don't have to be there right away." he shrugged.

"Nah, bettah go 'head and get it ovah with." Alpha shrugged.

"Where'd the accent come from?"

"Hangin' out wit' Jazz, I think."

Omega rolled his optics. "C'mon."

Ratchet was waiting for the twins when they arrived. He let them know just what he thought of what they had done, and basically let them have it. He was gonna keep letting them know that the entire time they were here. Although, there wasn't really much he could say, since they had saved Wheeljack, also. But they could have waited for help. He also told them just that. Well, leaving out the part about saving Wheeljack. But he let them know about going out on their own.

The two finished and looked at Ratchet. They pulled something out of their audios and grinned widely. "What was that?" They laughed before running out of the room and into the rec room.

Alpha doubled over laughing. "I'm glad I got those things after Prime's and Prowl's speech."

"Yup!" Omega chuckled.

A wrench connected with the doorway where Alpha's head would've been, had she not bent over laughing. The CMO yelled a few choice words, including explicatives that would make paint blister after the duo, as they made their escape down the hall.

Alpha and Omega laughed and highfived each other. They stuck out their tongues at Ratchet and then laughed.

"Ooh..." Omega twitched. "Wrestling's still on..."

Alpha twitched as well. "OUTTA THE WAY!" She ran towards the tv and jumped on the floor so she was sitting crosslegged just as Ray Mysterio took a chair to Chavo Guraro.

"That's what he deserves!"

Omega sighed. "I need a life." He muttered, sitting down next to his sister. He twitched as Ray got flipped. "Ooh...I take that back..."