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Summary: "This is a robbery. If you do what we tell you to do, nobody will get hurt."

Main pairing: SasuNaru/NaruSasu.

Warnings: Boy x boy. OOCness?

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Chapter 1.



It was well over midnight when Uchiha Sasuke, the young CEO of the Uchiha corporation, stopped his car at a gas station just outside his home town, Konoha.

All Sasuke wanted to do was go home and get some much needed sleep, but luck was definitely not on his side. He was well aware of the fact that, if he didn't fill his car s fuel tank, he wouldn't make it home.

Sasuke was exhausted, and more than a little pissed off. He had had to drive to Suna early that morning to attend an important business meeting with the mayor of Suna, Sabaku Gaara. Gaara had informed Sasuke and his rival companies presidents that he wanted to renovate the city hall of Suna, the oldest and most magnificent building in the city. If Sasuke got the contract, it would make the Uchiha corporation the most successful company - in their field - in the whole country.

However, this was not why Sasuke was so pissed off, or even why he was tired. No. The reason he was in such foul mood was because he was forced to drive back to Konoha that same night. The vice president of Uchiha corporation, Kurosawa Orochimaru, had decided to call a meeting for the next morning without a warning.

Oh how Sasuke hated the snake-like man. It was as if Orochimaru was deliberately trying to make life difficult for him. This wasn't even the first time something like this had happened. Sasuke was pretty certain that Orochimaru was conniving to take over the company, but he wasn't going to let Orochimaru s little mind games get to him. And he certainly wasn't going to let Orochimaru steal the company his parents had left for him. No way in hell.

Sasuke got out of his car to do what he was there to do, but, before he could do anything else, he was stopped by a serious voice.

"I can fill up the tank, Uchiha-san. You should stay in the car."

That voice belonged to Sasuke s new annoyance, his bodyguard, Aburame Shino.

Sasuke didn't really think he needed a bodyguard, but Uchiha corporation s head of security, Hatake Kakashi, had disagreed with him. No matter how much he had tried to convince Kakashi of the fact that he could very well take care of himself, and that he didn't need to be protected, Kakashi didn't waver in his decision to hire a bodyguard for him.

The reason for Kakashi s concern was the fact that Sasuke had started receiving anonymous death threats. At first, no one had really taken them that seriously why would anyone want to kill Sasuke? - but a few weeks back the death threats had become more frequent, so Kakashi had felt that it was better to be safe than sorry. If someone really wanted Sasuke dead, they should take some precautions.

Kakashi had insisted that Sasuke not only have a bodyguard when he went out, but that said bodyguard should be with him all the time. Sasuke, however, was a very private person, so this didn't bode too well with him. In the end, he gave in, though, agreeing to have a bodyguard just so that Kakashi would stop bothering him. The man, no matter how laid back, could be very persistent when he wanted to be.

Sasuke didn't like the fact that he had practically no privacy, but, more than anything, he hated when someone told him what to do.

"Fine," Sasuke said, scowling. He didn't move to get back into the car, though. Sasuke knew he was being childish, and that Shino was just doing his job, but it didn't mean that he would just let Shino push him around. Sasuke was stubborn like that.

As a reply to this, Shino gave Sasuke, what Sasuke thought to be, a tired look - he couldn't really tell because Shino was wearing sunglasses. After this, Shino went to fill up the fuel tank without commenting on Sasuke s less than mature behaviour.

After a few seconds of waiting, Sasuke started to think that it was pointless for him to just stand there doing nothing, so he decided to go pay for the gas. The sooner he got this over with, the sooner he would be home sleeping. Shino would just have to deal with the fact that Sasuke was going inside alone - it wasn't like someone would attack him there anyway, right?

If Shino saw Sasuke leave, he didn't say anything.

Sasuke walked into the gas station's store, heading straight for the counter. The whole way there, he glared at the innocent floor, grumbling something about stupid vice presidents making his life difficult.

When he reached the counter, he looked up - and froze.

There in front of him stood the most gorgeous creature he had ever seen: a boy with unruly blond hair, tanned skin and the bluest of eyes.

The sight left Sasuke speechless; he couldn't help but to stare. It was like the boy in front of him was perfect...

"Oi bastard, what do you think you re staring at?"

Scratch that. A better word to describe the blond was definitely 'obnoxious'.


End of chapter one.