Chapter thirteen: Stress and laser tag

Aleera has spent the last five months preparing for her dream wedding with John Cena. Her emotions are on edge and she happened to panic whenever one little thing went wrong. This is going to be the best day of her life, she has to have it perfect.

John sat back watching as his soon to be bride became a bridezilla. He calmed her down a few times when he got the chance, but she didn't feel like getting "busy" all the time. All Cena did was play with Jack, chat with Aaliyah and his wife stress out over everything.

Jack stayed atop his lessons for school, since his mother was always busy he didn't have anything to do except learn. His father has been with him a lot, which gave him something to do besides learning. He recently had his six birthday. John planned the whole party, letting Aleera not have any part in it.

Aaliyah on the other hand had an amazing five months. Randy apologized to her and they started dating, but with less bickering. She started falling faster for him than she could with any other man. The two have been inseperable until she had to help Aleera with the wedding or Jack with his school lessons.

Today wasn't any different. Aleera woke up early in the morning to make sure the flowers, catering, and decorations were going to be on time tomorrow. Her cell phone never stopped receiving phone calls or text messages ever since she started planning the wedding.

A quick short knock snapped Aleera at her daze as she stared at the many papers on the dining room table. She smoothed out the wrinkles in her white tank top and black baggy sweatpants before answering the door.

"Hello," Aleera greeted staring at a very young woman with blond hair pulled in a tight bun.

She smiled, her red lips widening across her face. "I'm Brianna, my sister Katrina is out sick today and she called me to help with your wedding." Brianna said weighing out a large binder in her hands.

"Oh yes," Aleera opened the door more, letting the young woman come in. "She left me a message about you. You know how this whole wedding is going right?"

"Yes," Brianna took a seat at the table, opening her binder stacked full of papers. "She made sure I remembered every little detail to your wedding,"

"Good, I've been so stressed lately over this. Who knew a wedding could be so hard,"

Brianna laughed. "Yes, that is why I wouldn't get married. Too much of a hassel,"

Aleera cocked her eyebrow. "But your a wedding planner?"

"I love weddings, just not my own,"

They shared a laugh. "I got it, now lets get to work,"

John stirred, the laughter of the woman in the other room waking him. He took a quick stretched, pulled on his boxers and headed out of the room.

Brianna gaped as John joined them half naked. She was a huge fan of wrestling but failed to mention to her client just in case she would send her out. Couldn't let fame ruin your chances of getting fired for being too overwhelmed. Her sister was always better at famous clients than she was.

Aleera followed her wedding planer's gaze and smiled at John. He leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips before sitting down next to her. Brianna shook her head, clearing all dirty thoughts that creeped into her imagination.

"What's going on babe?" John asked taking a look at pictures of wedding dresses.

Aleera picked up a certain dress. "I'm still deciding on my dress. I don't know what to get. Were going to be on the beach and I don't want to get too hot,"

"Be naked, I'll love that," he smirked.

Aleera nudged him. "Of course you would, but everyone else doesn't need to see what my clothes are hiding.

"Then it can be just me and you," he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her bare neck. "We can start our honeymoon right after we say I do,"

"John!" she pushed him away. "Get your mind out of the gutter,"

"Sorry, its hard to whenever your around me." Cena pressed his lips to hers one more time.

"Awe," Brianna gushed. "You guys are so adorable together. Seeing you like this in person is way better than on TV,"

They turned towards her. "Your a fan?" John questioned.

"Yeah, especially of you. I've watched you wrestle since you first came out! And you are so much hotter in person to," She smiled, resting her chin in her hand.

Aleera glared. "John sweetie, can you see where Aaliyah went off with Jack? She doesn't need any distractions while she's trying to help,"

John nodded while Brianna frowned, bowing her head. "Alright babe, love you,"

"Love you to," she waved him off as he went to get dressed. "Now where were we?"

"Yes, right," Brianna said, fumbling with papers.

Randy wrapped his arm around Aaliyah's waist as they walked around the breakfast area. Jack was filling his plate full with anything from eggs to omelets.

He joined his guardians at the table. Aaliyah picked at some fruit while Randy finished his pancakes. Jack just started shoveling his food in his mouth.

"Slow down Jack, your going to get sick," Aaliyah said, scrunching her noise at all the sugar on his plate. "Aleera is going to kill me."

"No, I'll say I ate the whole buffet. Kicking and screaming style!" Jack said, giving her a thumbs up.

Randy laughed. "Right on dude!" he high-fived the now six year old. "Your still going to get in trouble. She is like PMSing every day!"

"What that mean?"

Aaliyah slapped Randy in the arm. "Nothing, we won't tell her about this." she looked at her boyfriend. "And Randy, don't say anything anymore,"

Before he could reply John joined them at the table, taking a seat next to his son. He was fully dressed now. Cena started eating off his sons plate while he was starting to get stuffed with breakfast foods.

"Another wedding planner is in the room. You might not want to go up there. She is a huge fan of us all," John warned, chugging down Aaliyah's water.

"How many is she going to go through?" Randy asked, shaking his head. "The woman is so bitchy now. I can't believe your still with her,"

Aaliyah pushed her boyfriend slightly. "Do you not know how important a wedding is to a woman? It's supposed to be the best day of our lives, besides having children. And you think Aleera is bitchy because she wants to remember this forever so it has to be perfect. To me, she is doing fine. Every woman gets like this when she is about to become a bride," She ended her rant with John, Jack and Randy staring, open mouthed at her.

No one understood what she said except the words wedding, perfect, and children. They usually got used to her ranting by now. Aaliyah had one about everyday. They trained their ears to block her out, but this was not a good time they did so.

She threw a grape and each boy before eating one for herself. John rubbed his face, pushing his sons plate to the other side of the table.

"Okay, now that we got that out of the way. Who wants to go laser tagging?" John suggested.

Jack bolted out of his seat and screamed in excitement. "Yay! I LOVE laser tagging!"

"You game Randy?"

"Hell yeah man!" Randy did a quick handshake with his good friend.

Aaliyah smiled. "Me to, sounds like fun. I don't want to talk to another wedding planner today,"

"Alright!" Randy cheered, kissing his love.

The three left the hotel with out any word to Aleera. For all she knew, they were still down near the lobby, eating breakfast.

It wasn't till late when Brianna left. She helped Aleera do everything she could for last minute preparations. They found her the perfect dress, getting it fitted that day. Everything was ready for the wedding which was in a week. Aleera felt some stress lift from her shoulders.

John chuckled his way into the hotel room, Jack on his shoulders. The two were talking about the game of laser tag and how they beat Randy and Aaliyah by ten points. Aaliyah didn't come back to the hotel with them, instead she went to Randy's for an intimate night.

Aleera was passed out in the bedroom when John came in. He just finished putting to Jack to bed at around eight and was ready for bed himself.

Cena stripped off his clothing, leaving only his boxers on. He slipped into bed, scooting close to Aleera. She awoke to movement and turned towards John.

"Where were you?" she asked.

"Laser tagging with everyone. We thought it would be best to leave you alone while you finish planning. That was the last time we see any wedding planner till the wedding right?" John replied, hoping he would be able to get some time with his fiancee.

She let out a sigh. "Uh, I don't know. This wedding shit is so fucking stress full. I'm barely ever around you or Jack. I can't wait till this is all over,"

He kissed her forehead. "Only one more week and you become Aleera Cena,"

"I love hearing that. It sounds so perfect," She smiled, kissing his lips.

"Me to, there's just a certain ring to it,"

"John?" Aleera started.


He pushed hair away from her face as she struggled to talk. The silence wasn't helping him, he wanted to know what was bothering her so much.

"I'm sorry for acting like a mad woman these past months. I promise you won't regret marrying me. After the wedding I'll be the real me, not this crazy woman. It will be like old times,"

John chuckled. "Aleera don't even worry about that. I still love you no matter what. I understand why you act a little crazy. Sometimes its a turn on. And I would never regret marrying you, I love you too damn much,"

Aleera kissed him hard on the lips. "It feels so nice hearing that. I love you to,"

She kissed him again, this time slipping her tongue in his mouth. John felt the desire inside her and pushed her into the bed, climbing on top. Aleera let him have his way with her that night. She missed it way too much.