A Good Story - Red Tale


"The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict." - Dante


For the first millenium or so of civil war, pockets of Cybertron remained unaffected, the inhabitants continuing their peaceful existence with the intention of remaining neutral. Bumblebee lived in such a pocket and carried out such an existence, but eagerly followed whatever reports on the Autobots and Decepticons he could get, a passion others around him not only didn't share but discouraged. Only two matched his enthusiasism, a set of twins named AT1 and KI3. Because of this Bumblebee would consider them his best friends in his beginning life, although they shared no other interests. As the war around them intensified, the limited reports would become more compelling, and scraps of information would have the three spending a whole cycle at the outskirts of the city in deep discussion of the exploits of different sides, and the major players. Optimus Prime and Megatron were studied at length.

But even the twins had their limits. When the debate turned from events of a far-away war to what was to be done in their own city, they drew the line.

"They're not coming here, we don't have any resources near here, we're not strategic", AT1 snapped in frustration.

"We have ourselves", Bumblebee insisted, "We have troops. Both sides need that. If we don't convince our populace to side with the Autobots…"

"Drop it, Bumblebee", KI3 growled.

"How can you see what's happening to our race and just stand by-"

"I said drop it", KI3 repeated, his grey eyes flashing. AT1 folded his arms in frustration.

"Maybe if you'd been around before the war you'd appreciate that "our race" is inherently neutral. These Autobots and Decepticons are just…"

"Programmed wrong. To fight a war is to go against our programming…"

"…Against the Matrix."

Bumblebee considered the pair before him, they weren't much older than him, especially by transformer standards, only about 300,000 years. He could appreciate the elders, those more than a couple million years old, that is just about every other transformer in the city, holding onto what used to be the way of life, refusing to recognize the change coming, but not these guys.

"If we allow the Decepticons to turn all this to evil-"

"They won't", AT1 replied.

"It will end soon. They're not going to take over the world."

"But they are, city by city, and the Autobots need-"

"Drop it, already", the growled in unison.

And so he did for them. But not for himself.


Alright you all, beginning of the first Transformer story I've ever done You gonna let me have it now, or reserve judgement until the end?