"Do not judge a warrior by stature or action until you truly understand that which drives him" – transformer proverb, possibly part of the covenant of Primus.


Bumblebee next found himself inside a large well lit room, scattered with piles of transformer parts, but not in the horrid way of the Decepticon base. This looked like a repair bay, a place Bumblebee had never had to visit before. A friendly looking transformer…an Autobot, stood over him.

"Well, look whose online", a cheerful voice greeted Bumblebee.

"Where am I?", Bumblebee wondered, and then turned to examine himself, the hole was repaired, and, feeling his head, his horn was back.

"We're in Delta Nine. Nearest Autobot base to your city."

"You fixed me? It looks good as new."

"Thanks. Name's Wheeljack. I'm an Autobot inventor, but in these times of war I'm a mechanic. We've all been wanting to know your name, Mirage said you managed to tell him quite a story."

"Bumblebee", he answered, shaking hands.

"Bumblebee? Never heard that before. Does it mean something?"

"I don't know. It's the one I was created with", Bumblebee shrugged. Once again he marveled at the repairs on his body, everything worked perfectly.

"This is really amazing, Wheeljack. I thought I was slag for sure."

Wheeljack beamed. His design didn't allow for a smile, but his eyes seemed to convey the appreciation.

"You know Optimus Prime is here. He wants to talk to you himself."

"Optimus Prime? The leader of the Autobots?"

"The one and only. You feel up to it?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I do. Is he going to ask me to join?"

"I got the insigna paint right here waiting for you."

"How long have you been an autobot?", Bumblebee inquired, hoping to aleive his nervousness by learning more about his new comrade.

"Oh, almost from the beginning. I was a scientist, and Megatron recruited researchers first. I was young, new, didn't even really know the other mechs, but I knew right from wrong, and I got a couple to join the Autobots with me. The rest went to the 'Cons. In fact Mirage says you had footage of one of my old associates, goes by the name Starscream. Looks like he's a luitenant now, that information is very valuable."

"I'm just starting to learn how to use my skills"

"You know most of us don't have the kind of equipment you got, Mirage only has standard transmittion, he could read what you gave him but he couldn't play it back for us. He can make himself invisible but he can't function as a spy the way you could, and heck you're so small you're almost invisible right now. Man, we can use you."


Bumblebee looked up at the imposing form of Optimus Prime, another transformer twice his size and probably way more than twice his age, with a voice that conveyed all of the battles he lead, all of the warriors he had lost, and all of the heart invested in the Autobot cause.

"Optimus Prime, it's an honor", Bumblebee said, "I…my name's Bumblebee."

"It's an honor to meet you as well. You destroyed a Decepticon Base, identified key figures in their army, and fought valiantly for our cause, all with out being a part of our army. I can't wait to see what you will do after joining."

"I won't let you down", Bumblebee vowed.

And so begins Bumblebee's adventures, and ends our story.