Bounty Hunter Tales-Captain Falcon

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PROLOGUE-Black Shadow's Disgrace

Black Shadow failed in his bid to win this year's Grand Prix,
& has now incurred the wrath of an evil villain...

Black Shadow had to get out of there. His prized Black Bull was screaming along the track like he was trying to set a new speed record for F-ZERO machines. He knew his boss would not be happy to learn that he had failed to win this year's Grand Prix. Just then, something in the side mirror caught his eye. He looked and saw two blinding white lights: It was another F-ZERO racer. Black Shadow recognized it instantly as the Dark Schnieder, which, to Black Shadow, meant one thing, and one thing only...his boss, Deathborn, was chasing him.

Black Shadow knew that there was no outracing Deathborn. Sure enough, all too soon, Deathborn and Black Shadow were even. Their machines collided. Sparks flew everywhere from the point where the two machines were playing bumper racers. Eventually, Deathborn was able to push Black Shadow into the laser wall along the side of the track. This, in turn, caused the Black Bull to fly into the air, while the Dark Schnieder raced on ahead. The Bull somersaulted through space for almost a mile before landing upside down and skidding for about 600 feet, setting off a small fire.

Black Shadow was able to walk away from the wreck, but presently, he stumbled and fell-right at the feet of Deathborn. As Black Shadow had expected, Deathborn was really pissed, but that didn't stop Black Shadow from begging and pleading with Deathborn for one last chance.

"One more chance is all you get," came the reply. "Win this F-ZERO Grand Prix or..." Black Shadow waited, but he was turning blue, due to the fact that Deathborn had him by the throat. And then...

" know the price of failure," finished Deathborn.

"Yes, yes! I can win it this time," promised Black Shadow. "I swear!"

Deathborn, apparently temporarily satisfied, dropped Black Shadow to the ground, where he lay, gasping for breath. All the Emperor of Brutality, as Black Shadow was commonly known, could do was watch as Deathborn climbed back into his vehicle, started it, and zoomed away.

When he finally did get back up, he got to work fixing the Black Bull, knowing full well that if he didn't beat that meddling bounty hunter, Captain Falcon, in the F-ZERO Grand Prix coming up in three weeks, he would be facing a lot more than humiliation and disappointment...he would also be facing the last thing he ever wanted to face...the wrath of an indestructible villain who wanted to destroy the whole galaxy. That was Deathborn, a twisted soul (if he even had one) who ultimately wanted to turn the galaxy into dust, and if he had his way, nothing, not even the great Captain Falcon, would be able to stop him.


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