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There was something different about Neji. The younger Hyuuga couldn't figure it out though. The more Hanabi thought about it, the more she realized some thing was different about her cousin.

Hanabi slowly made her way to where her cousin was in the main of the Hyuuga compound. Hanabi crotched next to Neji, who seemed to be meditating.

"What is it Hanabi" asked Neji in his usual monotone.

"What did you do, something's different about you?" questioned Hanabi, whose soul pride and joy was pestering her sister and cousin.

"I've done nothing, so the problem must be you. Always has been so far." Replied an uninterested Neji.

"Don't give me that you prick!" shouted Hanabi.

"Fine then if he won't tell me then I'll find out for myself" thought Hanabi."

Then suddenly Hanabi's hands flashed forward and grabbed hold on either side of Neji's head. Neji could have stopped her from touching him within an instant, he just chose not to because he didn't see Hanabi as any threat.

Hanabi struggled to bring the older Hyuuga closer, when she finally gave up she decided it would just be much easier if she went closer top him.

She inhaled the scent of her older cousin, and then let out a sinister smirk.

"You smell like that one girl!" taunted Hanabi.

"I don't know what you're talking about" replied Neji, still emotionless and unfazed.

"You smell like that weapon mistress, the one you always spar with!" shouted Hanabi.

"I'm getting closer, he's getting more annoyed. I always knew he liked her. Stupid Neji….thinking he can fool me."

"You smell like Tenten…you even have lipstick on the edge of your lip! I can't wait to tell everyone you're hitting off Tenten. I hope you have to listen to three hours worth of Gai and Lee telling you about youth and how wrong it is to defile their beautiful flower!"

"Right and I hope you enjoy talking to Hiashi after I tell him about your little midnight visits to that Konohamaru kid's place." retorted Neji, still as calm as ever.

"You wouldn't" said Hanabi.

Neji cocked an eyebrow" You don't think I would?" questioned Neji in a mocking tone.

"Fine, Neji Hyuuga you have won this round but I garentee you will not win the next." swore Hanabi while leaping up and away from Neji.

"No you won't…I always win and I always will." said Neji in a stoic tone.

With that Hanabi took her leave while mumbling curses and remarks about her cousin.