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Carmelita's Thoughts

That blasted raccoon, why is he on my mind?

And though he's so easy to find

Why can't I ever catch him?

It's noticeable he spends some time in the gym

And the way he smiles when he escapes me

When he sees me his eyes show much glee

And even though he and his gang always manage to flee

Someday I will catch those three!

But why do I still find myself thinking of that raccoon?

After all, he is only a flirtatious buffoon

I can't quite put my finger on it

Why don't I stop chasing cooper, why can't I quit?

Could it be?

That I love him and he loves me?!

No way! Not with that ringtail!

Although...he is quite a handsome male

No! Stop! All I want is to see Cooper in jail!

Unfortunately, lying to myself is of no avail

So it's true!

I do love you!

I thought my heart was playing tricks

But now I know what I must fix

Cooper, tonight it's just me and you

Not your crew

Not my shock pistol

Just me and you under the sky that is blue

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