He was in love, plain and simple.

Sitting at the conference room table, he was devouring the most delicious piece of chocolate cake he had ever tasted. Wilson usually had the upper hand when it came to baked goods, but this was not Wilson's, this was pure heaven.

While his minions were off running a battery of tests, most likely all useless, he ate through half of, what he guessed was, a chocolate blackout cake; it was moist, creamy, and melt-in-your-mouth good.

Just as he was about to put another delectable piece into his mouth his team came in, looking depressed because their tests had probably been inconclusive.

He held up his hand and licked a smudge of chocolate from the side of his lip as he said, "This is better than sex. In fact, I will have sex with whoever made this chocolaty goodness as a personal show of gratitude."

Foreman looked amused; Chase looked disgusted; and Cameron just stood there, arms crossed, with a smirk forming on her lips.

"So, who do I personally thank for this treat? Sara Lee? Betty Crocker?" He asked chewing in a loud, obnoxious way. His chest puffing out and sucking in a big breath of air, feeling as if he should loosen his belt a few notches.

"Allison Cameron," came the cheeky reply from the female doctor, who was currently leaning against the doorframe.

House turned towards the sound of her voice, quirking his eyebrow and mouth, and his eyes glowing with delight.

They each stood their ground looking at each other, completely disregarding the other two men in the room.

House stood and made his way over directly in front of Cameron; neither wavering from their eye contact.

"Well, when you're ready for your thank-you, I believe Exam Room 10 is usually empty. I'll be there resting after my feast," he told her in a raspy tone.

Turning towards the door, he licked his lips and added, "bring the rest of the cake," before winking and walking out the door.