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This was ridiculous!

She was tired, stressed, and it was Friday evening. She wanted to be home, but instead her mind took control of her steering wheel and she ended up at an A&P supermarket, on aisle 8, staring at 20 different brands of Jell-O.

She wanted to go home; she wanted to climb into a warm hot bath with a glass of wine; she wanted a good night's sleep; but a nagging feeling at the back of her head thought of House.

With House on her mind, she had a very important question to answer: Strawberry-Kiwi i OR /i Strawberry-Banana?

Why are there so many different brands of Jell-O? She could only remember Cherry and Watermelon when she was a child. Now there were Mixed Fruit and Peach.

Good God her head hurt.

With one last sigh she blindly grabbed three boxes and walked towards the checkout. She quickly handed a 10-dollar bill to the cashier, received her change and ran-walked to the car.

Sitting in the drivers seat she banged her head against the headrest. "This is ridiculous," she muttered, but once again House came to mind and that expertly gifted tongue with which he was blessed.

On returning home she flopped on the couch and opened her shopping bag. She had bought Cherry, Watermelon, and Strawberry flavors of the dessert that jiggles, and she was silently grateful that in her frustrated state she hadn't picked up a strange flavor.

She had not made Jell-O in years, but she remembered it was extremely easy: hot water, mix, and a bowl. While waiting for the water to boil, which always took forever, she decided a shower would do her some good.

The hot steam and hard pressure of the shower felt good as the tension and stress washed away. She then quickly put on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and returned to the kitchen, where the water was just beginning to bubble.

She turned on her kitchen radio before she started removing three bowls and listened to the local DJ say something that all of those in the Northeast knew: it was going to be unseasonably warm, again, tonight and tomorrow. The first glimpse of a warm spring was rearing its ugly head early in April. The March lion had left a roaring April and there was still 5 months until it was technically fall again.

Mixing the boiling water with the individual packets left her senses with a fruity smell that was purely sweet and innocent; only what she had planned to do with it was far from innocent.

She hadn't been with House in a sexual way for about 9 days, and just when she thought they'd have a moment to themselves Foreman or Wilson would come in the room. The past week, in a nutshell, would be called hectic. Between having a patient who wouldn't cooperate in the least, clinic duty, and charting the whole team was tired and overworked; perhaps that's what led her to the supermarket tonight.

She wanted to let go and have a release; she wanted House to let go and lift the weight of this week off his shoulders; and if they just happened to be doing that together on a warm evening with Jell-O, well, then this whole week was worth it.

The time spent waiting for the Jell-O to cool went painstakingly slow. She first tried to read a book, but she couldn't concentrate enough to follow the plot; she then moved on to trash magazines, that she will forever blame House for getting her into, but even that wasn't working because she kept thinking. Now, normally, that would be a good thing but not this time.

She started to doubt herself and what if he didn't want her to come over tonight. What if Wilson was there? How would she explain why she was over at House's place with three containers of Jell-O on a Friday night? That one would require some fancy footwork and a really good story, but sitting there she couldn't come up with one.

Noticing a significant amount of time had passed since she set the Jell-O to cool in the refrigerator, she got up to check. It wasn't quite ready she went into her bedroom to prepare to leave. Opting to wear a pink tank top and a flowing white cotton skirt without a bra and a blue and purple see through lace underwear (she was looking for an occasion to wear those).

She then sprayed a bit of Calvin Klein's Euphoria perfume on her neck, gave her hair a brush through, and went back into the kitchen.

Finding the Jell-O just right she covered the containers and headed out the door.

Twenty minutes later she was standing outside a very familiar townhouse with three containers balancing in her right hand while her left was ringing the doorbell.

She took a few deep breaths to calm her nerves when the door opened to reveal a slightly disheveled, slightly sweaty Gregory House. They both looked at one another from head to toe: House noting her carefree and breezy appearance and Cameron taking in the thin pajama bottoms (did the man open anything else besides jeans and pajama bottoms?) and white undershirt.

"Hi," she said a bit too high-pitched.

"Hey," was his response as he shifted from the left side of the doorframe to lean on the door and move right.

Smelling a hint of cigar smoke she lost herself for a moment. He just looked at her waiting for her next words.

Not knowing how to really start a conversation that ends with i you-me-hot-sweaty-sex-jello She just went with, "I made Jell-O." He glanced at the containers and back up into her slightly apprehensive face before moving aside and saying, "Come on in."

Limping around her right side he quirked and eyebrow and a smirked, "You seem nervous Dr. Cameron; why should you be nervous?"

"I'm not nervous," she replied hotly, "and we're not at work so is Dr. Cameron really necessary?"

He took in a deep breath and twirled his cane between the skilled fingers of his left hand, "No; it isn't necessary. But what would you like to be called?" he asked in a dangerously low tone.

Her heart began to beat faster as she tried to think of an answer, that she didn't even notice that he was directly in front of her.

"How about I call you Allison?" he asked slowly removing the containers from her arms as his eyes moved from hers to her parted lips. He moved in slowly, so she would see, and never closing their eyes he took her bottom lip in between his lips and teeth and slowly bit down. A soft moan escaped her mouth as he soothed her red lips with his tongue.

"Allison sounds good," she replied in a daze. She could swear her name had never sounded that sexy before and was silently glad that he was the one to make it so.

As she stood in the center of his living room she watched him limp away into the kitchen. Moving forward so she could see what he was doing, she remembered the last time she was in his kitchen; this memory brought a tingling, rush sensation to the pit of her stomach and her nipples began to harden against the material of her tank top.

Making his way out of the kitchen with a butter knife and the containers he began to walk down his hallway, "follow me," was all he said.

She slowly crept down the mustard-tinged hallway to the last door on the left. Ever so slowly she peeked her head around the corner to see House sitting back against the headboard of his bed. He was opening the containers of Jell-O.

The room was cooler then the rest of the apartment and outside; the ceiling fan and the open windows provided this comfort.

She moved to stand in front of the bed as he cut a small piece of each. She could see herself having an orgasm on the spot as he took the first slice of the watermelon-flavored dessert into his mouth. That thought quickly stopped as he did what every child under the sun did with Jell-O: he swished it around in his mouth and gulped it down as if it were a drink.

This made her giggle and while he was licking his lips he leaned forward so he was kneeling on the bed right before her. Brushing a strand of hair away from her face he swept his right hand into her hair and tipped her head back as he ran his red-stained tongue along her milky white neck.

She moaned and grabbed his shoulders as he moved across her collarbone. He then grabbed her head to bring her lips down to his in a heated, open mouth, hint of tongue kiss. As her worries flew out the open window she moved around to his side and began to cut a piece of the strawberry.

He watched as she took the slice and ran it over her swollen lips. His eyes darkened as her tongue darted out to collect a rivulet of juice that escaped. The bulge under his pajama pants became more pronounced and a deep guttural moan came from his lips.

He moved over to her and kissed her. The flavors in both their mouths mixed as she moved over to straddle his stomach. His hands danced delicately over her creamy thighs and up to her waist. He moved his hands upwards, grabbing her tank top along the way.

He sat up and she moved in to remove his shirt. When it was removed she slowly rotated her hips against his and the flimsy material of her underwear met with the softness of his cotton pajama bottoms. Her breasts skimmed his sparsely speckled chest as both their heart rates began to increase.

Her moved her slowly back on to the pillows and as he watched the rise and fall of her chest he sliced a piece of the cherry-flavored Jell-O. Slowly he sucked it into his mouth, but he didn't bite down. Bringing the cool piece to rub over right nipple as his mouth claimed the left. His tongue teased her erect nipple as she squirmed beneath him and grabbing a fist full of his hair.

"Greg, oh that feels so good," she moaned as her hips began to angle off the bed as she ached to be touched.

"I like how you say my name Allison," he said as her quickly moved over to eat the Jell-O slice that had completely cover her right nipple. He then licked his way over in between her breasts. His left hand roamed lower as he bunched up her cotton skirt. He slid his calloused hand up her silken thigh before cupping her mound.

"Well, well, well, looks like someone is all wet," he said as he playfully bit the top of her torso and moving his hand ever so slowly in circles. She only replied with a moan and her hips began to buck into his hand aching for a release.

She let out a sigh of frustration as he moved away from her. "Get up and stand facing the window," was his only response to her sigh.

As soon as she was standing she felt his legs drop to both sides of her and his hands to the zipper of her skirt. He began to move the zipper down and placed a light kiss at the base of her spine. Once the skirt was on the floor he began to slide the lace underwear down her thighs.

"I approve in your choice of undergarments Allison," he said as he let them drop the rest of the way to the floor and brought his hands back so stroke her behind.

"I'm so glad. I don't know what I would have done if you didn't," came her breathy reply.

He turned her around so that his face was even with her stomach. "Well they're out of the way now; that's all that matters."

Leaning back to admire her, he began to cut a piece out of the watermelon container. Bringing the piece back to his lips he watched her shiver from the light breeze floating in the room. "Come up here," he said as he placed the slice into his mouth. Carefully as to not hurt his leg she crawled up until she was leaning over his mouth.

"Perfect," was all he said as he moved her down so he was touching her center. Her hands immediately flew to her hair as she felt the coolness of the Jell-O slide against her throbbing clit.

He slowly slid the piece back and forth as she began to move against his mouth. Taking the hands that had been groping her butt he slid them to part her folds and moved his tongue into her. "omggregohgreg," escaped her lips as she moved against his mouth and felt herself near orgasm and with one last swipe of the tongue across her most delicate part, her world came apart and she let out a scream.

He was equally enjoying her orgasm as her musky flavor mixed with the Jell-O to create the greatest thing he had ever tasted. He noisily lapped up the juices she was supplying.

She moved off of him and laid face down into the bed still recovering from her orgasm. She felt the bed dip as he stood up, then hearing the sound of pants falling to the ground, she new what he was doing. Rolling over she looked at him standing in front of her wearing only a wicked grin.

"I think I need to return the favor," she said leaning over to get a piece of the cherry Jell-O. He stopped her by grabbing her thighs and kneading slowly.

"No need. I think I should be thanking you for bringing over delicious treats," and licking his lips, "not to mention all the Jell-O."

"But I want to-"

"You can suck me off in that hot little mouth of yours another time, but right now I'm going to fuck you senseless, and I hope, you're going to enjoy it," he said matter of factly leaning over her.

"Oh, I'm sure I will," was her cheeky reply.

He then inserted his index finger, and finding her slippery entrance more than acceptable he slid his cock in inch by inch. Both letting out satisfied moans.

As their hips met one another in a steady pace of pleasure he looked down into her face. She was sweaty, flushed, mouth parted, and the most heavenly noise he had ever heard was escaping her delicate rose-colored mouth; it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Feeling her inner muscles clam down on him he began to thrust harder and soon those sounds turned into screams of pleasure as they both rode out their orgasms until there was nothing left.

Collapsing, face down, to her side he moved and arm over her waist. She laid her head back and with one arm draped over his, the other went across her eyes. Both regaining their bearings, they felt the movement of each others breathing as their heart rates returned to normal.

After a few minutes of listening only to the gentle humming of the ceiling fan she leaned over and nibbled on his earlobe.

"Hey, you awake?" she whispered, laughing a little.

"No," was his muffled reply

She giggled when he still didn't turn over. He eventually moved his head upwards when he heard a small slurping sound. He looked over to see her licking the juice of strawberry piece off of her fingers.

"I think Bill Cosby should make more Jell-O commercials because he obviously hasn't explored all of its wonderful uses," he said leering at her as his erection began to grow once more.

Taking the whole piece into her mouth she said, "Well, maybe you should write him a letter."

"I intend to; but first I vaguely recall something about you wanting to return a favor," and with mock excitement, "look at all the delicious and colorful snacks that wiggle back and forth lying right next to you. I wonder what can be done with those?"

She moved over him and pushed him down so he was lying back against the bed. "Oh, I'm sure I can come up with a few ideas," was her reply as she moved down his body.

He smirked and his eyes rolled to the back of his head as she found her intended target with her mouth and a piece of cherry Jell-O.