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Star Gazing

"Look! Look! A shooting star!" Akutagawa Jiroh exclaimed, jumping up and down as he stared up at the night sky. Atobe sighed in a rather dignified way (for he wasn't like the lower class people) and briefly wondered why he was out here again.

"Neh, Atobe, we're suppose to be star-gazing, not staring at our boyfriends." the smooth, deep voice that belonged to the Hyoutei prodigy said from next to him.

Oh, that's right. Jiroh and Ohtori had heard that there would be a meteor shower tonight and had invited the team to go star-gazing. They were watching it in the yard of Atobe's home, having been told that his yard would be the perfect place to watch it from. Unfortunately, the meteor shower didn't start until at nine o'clock and there was only half an hour left before that time.

"He's not my boyfriend, Oshitari." the Hyoutei captain said, sending a quick glare at him.

Oshitari gave a smirk and began heading to where a certain acrobatic red haired boy was. "Of course not, Atobe."

Atobe crossed his arms and leaned against the wall of his home, tilting his head up to look at the stars. He didn't get what was so special about them. There were hundreds of them in the sky.

He then felt someone pulling on his sleeve and he looked down to see Jiroh who was doing it excitedly. Once the boy was excited about something, he never seems to run out of energy, Atobe noted. He hadn't fallen asleep the entire time he had been here.

Once Jiroh realized he had his captain's attention, he gave a big smile at him. "Neh, neh, Atobe! Aren't you excited? It isn't often we get to see a meteor shower. It's so cool, isn't it?"

Atobe couldn't help but give back a fond smile. There was something about the other boy which made him do things he wouldn't do to others. "Ah, but it's not as amazing as Ore-sama."

Shishido snorted a few feet away but Atobe ignored him. He'll deal with him later.

Atobe looked back at the stars before noticing the streams of lights flying across the sky. Giving a glance at the smaller boy beside him, he ruffled his hair before going back to watching the meteor shower.

He didn't fuss or complain when the other boy was leaning against him and had his arms wrapped around his own.