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Chapter 7


Kiba heaved a heavy sigh as he watched water drip from an extremely large stalactite into a small pool directly below it. The sound of the droplets hitting the surface was the only thing penetrating the thick silence in the large damp cave. Bored with the dripping water Kiba let his eyes wander to the hole in the wall that was letting moonlight pour in.

They were all quietly pondering their next move. They knew Itachi could not carry both boys out of the castle by himself. One of them would have to stay behind until Itachi could come back for them, they knew that but the question was where would they go now and who would stay behind and wait.

"We should go back home, we could hide out there until we figure out how to find Naruto." Kiba finally spoke up startling the two geniuses out of their quiet thinking.

"We should start there, we may find Naruto there." Shikamaru said agreeing with Kiba. Itachi nodded in agreement and slowly rose to his feet, brushing dust off his cloak.

"I'll stay behind." Kiba and Shikamaru said in unison neither moving from their seat on the floor.

"I'll stay." Kiba said again sending Shikamaru a glare.

"Kiba you go with him, you're in worse shape than I am." Shikamaru shot back scowling at Kiba.

"I feel fine! Go with him Shikamaru!" Kiba insisted huffing angrily. Itachi fought back the tick developing above his eye as the two continued squabbling over who would go and who would stay.

Itachi was just about to lose it and leave both of them in the dark damp cave when someone stepped out of the shadows laughing softly.

"Whoa who the hell are you!!?!!?" Kiba yelled jumping to his feet and getting into a defensive position. The girl that had just stepped out into the middle of the large cave simply ignored Kiba's question.

"HEY! You may be a girl but I'll kick your ass before I'll let you take Shika and me back to that hell hole." Kiba barked trying to be as intimidating as possible, which didn't seem to be working if the amused look on the girl's face was anything to go by. She still didn't respond to the angry teen.

"Hey stop ignoring me! I'm not afraid to kick your ass if I have to you. You're not getting me back into those shitty cages little girl!"

"Shut your yap rover and sit! We're not here to take you back." Kiba growled angrily but slowly dropped into a more relaxed position. Three more people emerged from the shadows and Shikamaru immediately recognized the boy that had got him into this mess in the first place.

"You?" Shikamaru snorted glaring at Shino. The boy seemed unaffected by Shikamaru's glare, a hand appearing out of his pocket to push round black glasses higher up on his nose before disappearing into the oversized coat once again.

"His name is Shino not you." The girl corrected.

"Next to him is Hinata and Sai." The girl opened her mouth about to reveal her own name but was interrupted by Itachi who had finally decided to speak up.

"How did you find us Ino?" Ino snapped her mouth shut and shot a glare at the older boy before pointing to Shino. Itachi looked at Shino expectantly waiting for an answer from the silent boy. Shino lifted his hand and pointed at Itachi's shoulder the older boy glanced down to see a small black bug sitting on his shoulder.

"When did you place this on me?" Itachi asked watching the bug spread its wings and fly back to the younger boy.

"When you left the dungeons." Shino answered quietly shrugging off anymore questions.

"How did you get down here?"

"There's another passage that leads to this cave that only I know about." Ino said smiling brightly.

"Why are you here?" Ino frowned, Itachi didn't seemed impressed with her secret entrance and what was with all the questions.

"To help of course, you can't carry both those boys out of here." The sugary sweet smile quickly finding it's way back onto the girl's face.

"Why would you want to help us?" Kiba blurted out loudly, he looked surprised by his own voice and snapped his mouth shut quickly a light blush making itself known on his cheeks.

"Because we hate the Uchihas." The boy known as Sai finally spoke shooting a glare at Itachi.

"Ahhhahah not Itachi of course!" Ino laughed nervously destroying any chance for any retort that may come from Itachi. Itachi just glared at Sai and turned away muttering a whatever.

"The sun is rising, we'll wait until nightfall and then we'll leave." They all nodded in agreement quietly, watching the older boy sit himself in a corner and wrap his cloak around him tightly.

The silence was broken by a loud growl they all turned to look at Shikamaru who had a light blush dusting his cheeks. Ino laughed and walked over to the boy, sitting down next to him she pulled an apple and a hunk of bread out of the bag hanging around her waist.

"Thanks." Shikamaru said taking the food from her and taking a huge bite out of the apple.

"Heyyyyyy where's my food?" Kiba whined scooting closer to the blonde girl.

"I don't like you." Ino deadpanned. Kiba's jaw dropped and he stared at the girl in disbelief; she had said it without batting an eyelash almost like she actually meant it. No one hated Kiba that's unpossible! (1)

"Haha funny now give me my food."

"It wasn't a joke I have no food for you I don't like you." Kiba blinked once, twice, three times but the girl still looked dead serious.

"Pfft what's so great about Shikamaru!?"

"He's quiet, and way cuter than you." Ino smiled as Kiba spluttered and stared at the girl as if she had grown a second head.

"He is NOT!!" Kiba hollered pointing at Shikamaru angrily.

"Kiba quit being troublesome." Shikamaru said finishing his apple off and tossing the core into the pool in the center of the cave.

"But I'm hungry toooooooo!" Kiba whined in a high pitched tone causing everyone to glare at him in annoyance except Hinata who stood next to him nervously fidgeting with a small bag.

"Shut your trap mutt and listen to Hinata." Ino snapped shoving Kiba roughly causing him to fall on his butt.

"Bitch." Kiba muttered under his breath, glaring daggers at the blonde.

"Uhh K-kiba?" Hinata mumbled just barely loud enough for the brunette to hear.

"Huh? Oh uhhh Hinata was it?" She nodded meekly and Kiba flashed her a big grin.

"I h-have some f-food f-for y-you." She stuttered holding the small bag out in front of her.

"Ahh really?!?! Thanks." Kiba snatched the small bag from her hands and dug into the food ravenously.

"Told you to listen to her dog breath."

Kiba ignored Ino and continued wolfing down the food in the bag. Ino shook her head and muttered pig before she lay down to sleep until nightfall. Slowly everyone did the same and soon the only sounds that could be heard was the drip of water and soft breathing.


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Gaara turned around just in time to catch the fist aimed for his eye but the force behind Sasuke's attack sent them both tumbling until they slammed into the side of the house. Gaara wasted no time in pinning Sasuke to the ground and proceeding to beat the living daylights out of the spoiled prince. Naruto screamed at them to stop but his cries fell on deaf ears as Sasuke tried to gain the upper hand and the two began rolling on the ground punching, elbowing, scratching, and biting every inch of skin they could reach.

Sasuke gained the upper hand and pinned the redhead to the ground but Gaara was able to get his leg between them and kicked the prince in the stomach with all his might tossing the boy back several feet. Gaara quickly stood as Sasuke climbed to his feet, their wings hung limply from their backs as they glared death at one another.

"STOP YOU TWO!" Naruto screamed trying to grab a hold of Sasuke's arm but he was too late as Sasuke launched himself at Gaara catching him around the midsection and the two rolled several feet before crashing into the base of a large lemon tree. Naruto ran over to them and tried to pull Sasuke off the redhead but the older boy flung him off knocking him flat on his ass. Gaara used the distraction to gain the upper hand once again.

Sasuke cried out loudly as Gaara pinned him to the ground twisting his arm at a sickly angle. Gaara just grinned maniacally and slammed his elbow into the boy's ribcage as hard as he could the cry of pain and cracking of ribs urged the redhead on further as he continued to beat the shit out of the Uchiha. He was jerked off the prince roughly right when he was about to deliver a particularly nasty blow to the Uchiha's already blackened eye.

He forced himself to calm down before he hurt the blond that was pulling him away from Sasuke. He watched furiously as the Uchiha slowly climbed to his feet, his injured arm hanging uselessly at his side. His face was a mess both his eyes had been blackened, blood was pouring from his nose and busted lip and a gash he had received on his cheek. He winced in pain every time he moved his torso and his breathing was shallow and labored.

Gaara was in bad condition himself but nothing compared to the busted up Uchiha. Blood poured from both his top and bottom lip and also his nose, his right eye had been blackened and blood was trickling down from his forehead due to a small gash he had received when he slammed into the side of the house.

Black feathers that had been ripped from the vampire's wings littered the ground some floating on the surface of the pool. The Uchiha lifted himself up and tried to look as high and mighty as possible even though he was beaten half to death. He narrowed his eyes and glared viciously at Gaara.

"Fuck you Sabaku you fucking monster." Sasuke hissed spitting blood at the redhead's feet. Gaara broke free from Naruto and tackled the other boy to the ground, a sickening crack sounding as Sasuke's head connected with the edge of the pool before the two of them tumbled into the water with a loud splash. Deep red started spreading through the water as blood poured out of the new wound on the back of the Uchiha's head. Gaara surfaced pulling himself out of the water and watching the unconscious Sasuke sink to the bottom.

"GAARA WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET HIM OUT OF THERE!!" Naruto screamed running to the edge of the pool.


"NO?!?! WHAT DO YO- AAGH!" Naruto screamed in frustration Taking a deep breath he dove into the pool, reaching the bottom he grabbed the unconscious prince around the waist and kicked off the bottom as hard as he could. He broke the surface gasping for air and struggling to push the unconscious prince up onto the edge of the pool. Once the prince was safely out of the water he hopped out himself and pressed his ear against the boy's chest. He waited with bated breath until finally he heard the boy breathing. He gave a huge sigh of relief because he did not know CPR.

"Why did you save him?" Gaara hissed glaring at the blond.

"He may be an asshole but he doesn't deserve to die and he might not be so bad after all." Gaara snorted and Naruto just glared at him.


"Good now help me get him inside, we all need dry clothes before we freeze to death, and I need to bandage his head before he bleeds to death." Gaara glared but did as he was told anyways. Lifting the Uchiha up off the ground he followed Naruto to the door.

"Wait right here I need to crawl through the window and unlock the door."

"Hurry the sun is coming up." Gaara said glaring at the sun, which was just beginning to peek over the horizon.

"Yeah yeah yeah you'll shrivel up and burn." Naruto mumbled hurrying over to the crate. He climbed on top of it and crawled through the open window. Running around to the kitchen door he unlocked it and ushered Gaara inside.

"This way." Gaara followed the blond into a good-sized bedroom and dropped the prince on the bed none to gently. Naruto shot him a glare but scurried over to the closet, he dug through it for a sec before producing a black shirt and sweats that were a couple sizes too big for him. He quickly stripped the prince completely and redressed him even quicker. Afterwards he disappeared into the bathroom for a minute only to reappear with a bunch of medical supplies.

Rolling the prince onto his stomach he located the gash on the back of the princes head and cleaned it before wrapping crisp white bandages around Sasuke's head. Once that was done he moved on to Sasuke's other cuts and bruises cleaning them up the best he could. All that left was his arm and ribs, Naruto couldn't quite tell if they were broken but they didn't look right. He tried his best to set his arm and wrapped it up in bandages tightly hoping it would be alright, it's not like he could just waltz into the hospital carrying a boy with huge black wings and sharp pointy fangs. There was nothing he could do for the boy's ribs though.

Finished cleaning the boy up Naruto moved him into a more comfortable position on the bed and pulled the covers over him. He then turned his attentions to Gaara who had been standing there glaring at Sasuke the whole time.

"We need to get you into dry clothes and clean your cuts." Naruto pointed out. Gaara's gaze fell on the blond who smiled nervously ushering him to sit down. Gaara did as he was told and sat in the computer chair folding his wings up and pulling them into his back.

"That's so freaking weird." Naruto mumbled shaking his head. He quickly cleaned the few cuts Gaara had received and prceeded to drag him out of the room and down the hall.

"You're alot bigger than me so you'll have to borrow Kiba's clothes." He pulled Gaara into another decent sized room but this one was a mess. Clothes littered the floor and there was a funky smell hanging in the room.

"Ignore the mess, Kiba's a slob." Naruto waved it off and started rooting through the closet for something clean that Gaara could wear. Finally he found a clean dark red shirt and a pair of black pajama pants.

"These will have to do for now I guess." Gaara nodded and took the clothes before disappearing into the bathroom to change. He came out a minute later holding his sopping wet clothes out to the blond. Naruto grabbed them and Sasuke's and made his way to the laundry room to toss them in the dryer. Gaara followed the blond closely as he tossed the clothes in the dryer, started it up and headed out into the living room. His eyes landed on the luggage sitting next to the door in a heap and chuckled.

"I guess that explains why no one reported us missing they think we're on a road trip." Gaara glanced at the blond and then looked at the luggage piled on the floor.

"We decided to go on a road trip for winter break since Shikamaru and Kiba didn't want to go home for Christmas." Naruto explained smiling softly.

"I wonder what today is I lost track of the days in that place." Naruto mumbled flipping on the t.v and trying to find the date. Gaara watched quietly as Naruto flipped through the channels mumbling to himself until finally stopping on a news channel that had the date and time in the corner of the screen.

"Oh wow Christmas eve is tomorrow?!?! I hope Itachi can get them out of there, I can't celebrate Christmas without those two." Naruto moaned sadly glancing out the window.

"Oh I should cover those up shouldn't I." Naruto said noticing Gaara standing in a dark to avoid the small amount of sunlight peeking through the thick clouds. He walked over and drew the curtains shut quickly doing the same to all windows in the house.

Back in the living room Naruto stretched and yawned loudly before flopping onto the couch and flipping through the channels. His eyes wandered back to Gaara who was standing behind the couch watching as he flipped through the channels.

"Uhh you can you know sit down." Gaara glanced at the blond then turned and walked over to the large armchair and taking a seat. Naruto smiled and went back to the weather channel he was watching, he was very happy when he saw that the forecast called for a white Christmas.

"Ahhh It's good to be home." Naruto sighed settling into the couch with a contented smile. He had faith in Itachi and knew his friends would be home safe and sound by Christmas.


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