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Chapter 5 James and Lily – day 1 after previous cliffhanger

James: He saw it. It was a well known fact that Lily Evans and Jessica Roberts were friends. Among the Gryffindor boys, they were known as 'the 20' since they were both perfect 10's. (A/N yes, the 'Clique' readers, this is what the Briarwood guys call Alicia and Olivia (Lisi Harrison) Then why were they both covered in mud, wands out at ready, and sporting angry looks at each other?

Lily: Oh My Gosh! That Jessica Roberts is SO dead to me. So after breakfast,she just suddenly drops a ton of mud on my head? I mean, how low is that? Marissa said it was because I blew up at Lauren. Yeah, so why did she drop mud on me? It doesn't even make sense! So then I dumped some on her and said 'Eat Slugs!' and she started throwing up slugs! That would have been totally unnecessary if she had just apologized or something. And then she told me, "Potter's mine, redhead!"

I'm like, "You can have him! Why would I want a silly little butt picker?"

James grinned at the fact that Jessica started yelling over him, but his smirk fell when he

heard Lily.

Turns out, she was jealous of her own dare, and she was mad at me for blowing up at Lauren for telling everybody! I mean give me a break! I stormed up to the dorm.

James: Ha ha! Roberts was yelling over me! I knew they were all over me. Uh oh, Padfoot is looking at me kind of strange, like he is straining not to kill me. I wonder why? Well, I haven't changed his weight to 1000 lbs. for like a week, so it can't be that….. did I accidently change his hair into a baboon again two days ago? I'll have to think about that one………..

Well anyway, I didn't actually lose the dare yet, since Sirius isn't a Legimens and can't read my mind, and he doesn't know how depressed I am after hearing Lily's comment about me being a butt picker. I mean, everyone does it, (I think) so why not do it in public?

When I got back to the dorm, I felt a sudden rush of panic. I still had to do the dare, because everybody would blab, (especially Jessica)if I didn't and I'd be the most hated chicken 5th year in Gryffindor(among the girls). As of now, my rep can't handle that. But if I did kiss Potter, (EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwww) everyone in school would think we were a couple, including Potter. Ok, that would be good for my rep, but TERRIBLE for me. So do I want to do something for my rep, or for myself?

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