Zutara--Zuko x Katara

From Katara to Zuko

For one instant, I see your life through your eyes.

I see fear not meant for me, but etched into your features, buried beneath your harsh red mark. I touch your scar, and you don't pull away. It seems that you've always been afraid of someone, something greater than you. Your sister? Your father? Both, it seems, and of not coming home. I always figured that the great but banished Prince Zuko considered himself above everyone, even the Firelord. To my credit, you certainly acted that way, bold and self-centered. I wonder if it's your lack of compassion that cost you your honor and branded you with that scar. It's doubtful--more likely you were in a training accident. But this many emotions wouldn't be tied into the memory of a mere accident. It must have been something else.

I sense struggle. You've really fallen, prince Zuko. Once you were the heir to the Firenation throne, but now look at you. Trapped in a cave with a Watertribe peasant, imprisoned by your own sister. Your younger sister, no less. Where is your uncle? Nearly whenever I saw you, he was not far in the background. Have you always traveled with him? That's a smart move, forming alliances with a general. Has he kept you safe up till now? I bet he has, but you haven't appreciated him. That's how you are. You two have been through much hardship together, more in the last few months than, I can guess, in your entire life. You've had to fight, and that's made you strong.

Even after all this, you are still determined. That's amazing--if I'd been through what you've been through, I'm not sure I would possess the same drive you have to get the old life back. We're alike, you and I, but not that alike. Are you still trying to regain your honor, or have you settled down, looked for a more peaceful beginning? Your features seem softer than when I first met you. You can take that as a compliment if you want, because it is. It means that you've grown less unloving to the world, and kinder at heart. That sounds incredibly sentimental, but that's exactly what's been done.

Beneath all these layers, you possess one last feeling, but it is small, almost miniscule, and suffocated by its brothers. It is hope. Have you forgotten it? Hope should be embraced, Prince Zuko, and used to the fullest. It is the thing that keeps me from crying at night, even when the odds are not in my favor. Sometimes I look at Aang and think that there's no possible way he can master the elements in time to beat the Firenation. When I feel that way, I turn to the moon, for she gives me hope. You once said that I rise with the moon and you rise with the sun, but wouldn't that make us polar opposites? Opposites can't be as similar as we are Zuko. Although you might not want to admit it now, and though you will probably deny it later, we've faced some of the same battles.

Let me heal your scar.

But first, let us move closer...

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