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Youzula--You x Azula

NOTE: This is a very...unique...pairing, as the 'you' in Youzula actually refers to YOU, the reader. Hypothetically this could be a same-gender pairing if you are a girl, but it really depends. So WARNING: If you are a girl, you may want to stop reading, as this is about a bond between Azula and you. Also, don't read if you have a pathological fear of stories written with a second person point of view. You have been warned...


As you gently bring the goblet to your lips, you sense something isn't right. There is a faint prickle on the back of your neck—someone is watching you. For fear of being sent away from the Fire Nation palace, you sit silently and sip the tart drink placed in front of you. Your brow furrows and your mouth twists to form a disgusted grimace--that is awful! Too sour, you think, forcing it down and wiping your lips on the scarlet tablecloth. There is a footstep behind you, careful and soft, but you notice it all the same. Your head jerks up sharply at the intruder.


"What's the matter? You don't like the taste?" Coming into the dining hall, Azula rips a flag from its hook on the wall and brandishes it. "Don't stain our cloth. Use this rag instead."

Masking your hesitation, you accept the offer and gently polish the rim of your cup. Azula observes you intently while you work, as if expecting a response. When you don't reply, she finally quips, "My father may have hired you to work for me, but that doesn't make us equal." You keep quiet. "Because I will always be in charge, you know. Always."

This catches your attention. She leans forward, arching the majority of her torso over the wooden table. What is she doing? you wonder, confused, but fast becoming anxious. Her eyes are naught but golden slits now, as yours are wide, frightened disks. Is this some sort of punishment? She draws closer, pupils steely and unrelenting, hands starting to creep towards yours. Unusually gentle, she snaps your eyelids shut with one finger, so you cannot see her come nearer. So you cannot be afraid.

You smell hot breath, rancid, the scent of decay--what is that--but you dare not peek. The reward for obedience will be far greater than the slight bit of knowledge you would gain from ruining the surprise. And you are sure you will be surprised, for isn't that her arm against yours, and her hair brushing against your face? There is an excited flush to your cheeks, a quickening to your breathing, an impatient groan from the bag of your throat.

A husky whisper in your ear: "You do know what will happen if you betray me, don't you? No? Well then perhaps I shall have to show you..." She touches delicately against your collarbone, a light feel leaving you wanting more, and now.

At last, smirking lips press firmly against yours. A little slimy, but you've been waiting for this moment too long to criticize the way Azula kisses. You reach up to pull her in deeper, but it isn't skin that meets your eager fingers, but scales. Your eyes pop open and peer downwards at your so-called love. Moaning in deceived anguish, you break away from the dead fish and fling it to the other side of the room. A merciless cackle rings in from the hallway at your stupidity, your innocence.

You are all alone in the Fire Nation dining hall, and the princess of scarcely a minute ago has fled.


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