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Summary: A .Hack//G.U. fic. Haseo and the other epitath users are still playing the world. But when a new AIDA monster appears, and has his own agenda, the rebirth of the most feared creature, the hidden epitath. Can the group and their avatars, along with Alkaid, Tabby, Silabus, Gaspard, and Piros the 3rd defeat this new enemy and stop the return of Cubia. The next battle begins, and they will be dealing with emotions, and some PKers. The road to success is long, but they will do everything they can to defeat this new AIDA, and stop the return of Cubia. So get ready, for the revenge. The first HaseoxAlkaid paring on this site. So, please don't flame me for putting them together. Their were some hints in the Jap. version of vol. 2 that I saw, and that is when I decided to do this fic. So, R&R.

A/N: This is my first .Hack fic, and I hope it is good. If I needed to add more stuff please tell, me. And maybe something I missed. So, read on, I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

New Beginning

Haseo sighed as he glanced around the city of Mac Anu. He was bored today, ever since they defeated AIDA, and saved the lost ones, nothing exciting decided to happen. He raised his head up and glanced at the sky, he was glad that both Alkaid and Shino were saved, he really cared about them both, though he wouldn't tell them that. He walked over to the railing of the bridge in the city, and just lend against it, his eyes staring into the waters. "I wonder what the others are doing," he whispered to himself. He closed his eyes and just rested their, not sure what to do. He was in his 3rd form and wearing the same armor that he wore before he was data drained by Tri-Edge. Everyone who passed him, didn't even bother to look at him, he was "The Terror of Death" in their eyes.

"Haseo!" a voice called, and a hand appeared in front of his face and began to wave. He fell backwards in shock at the voice of his name, and also who the voice belonged too. He looked up and groaned because he was correct.

"What do you want Tabby," Haseo groaned as he got himself off the ground, and began to dust off. Tabby had long red hair and a short skirt. She also were a pink top, and was a cat girl, so she had cat ears on her head. And her ponytail on her hair was a cat's tail. And around her neck area is pink, and a little pink on her chin, and into her cheeks, everything else was tannish.

"I wanted to go on an adventure with you," Tabby said cheerily. Haseo sighed to himself, he could never get used to her personality.

"Where do you want to go?" Haseo asked.

"Don't worry, I'll take you, so, let me invite you to the party," Tabby exclaimed. Haseo sighed as he excepted her invitation.

"Anyone else going?" Haseo asked the girl.

"Yep, asked Alkaid to come," Tabby said. "She will be waiting for us at the Chaos Gate."

"Fine," Haseo muttered as he walked off towards the Chaos Gate, Tabby right behind him. He honestly didn't want to see Alkaid at the moment, even though this is just a game, he has been feeling weird near her. He had no clue what it was. 'It's just a game,' he thought to himself. He did know that Alkaid lived about a few towns away from his own town. He could go see her one day, maybe then they could start something. 'No, no, no,' Haseo told himself. 'She is just a friend.' Tabby watched the scowl on Haseo's face and wondered what was wrong.

"You okay Haseo, you are scowling again," Tabby commented.

"You're sounding like Kuhn about that scowling thing," Haseo grumbled. After the events that happened recently, Haseo and the other epitath users, minus Atoli, Endrance, and Ovan, didn't stay in touch as much. They did see each other occasionally. They even wondered what happened to Ovan after they defeated him and his infected character. They reached the Dome, where the Chaos Gate was, and went inside. Waiting patiently for them was Alkaid. She was a year younger than Haseo, though she didn't act like it. She had shoulder length red hair, and a large fan on her back.

"About time," Alkaid said as she walked up to the other two.

"All right, let's go!" Tabby cheered. Haseo and Alkaid both sighed as they waited for Tabby to enter the area word. All three were then transported to the dungeon.


Silver, a player with silver armor and red gauntlets, walked slowly through a dungeon within "The World". He was searching for a bug that had been reported near here. Apparently, a player saw this purple stuff coming out of the ground, and it instantly killed one of that players party. "Come out, come out where ever you are," he called into the darkness. He entered a large chamber and looked to see three monsters walking towards him. "I guess a little fun wouldn't hurt." He took out his sword and charged towards the monsters. The monsters looked like big swords and were ready to cut him to shreds. Silver jumped over one of the attacking monsters, and came down on the one behind it with a vertical slash. He then rotated on his heels and charged up an attack. He then jumped forward and smashed the monster into the blue field that surrounded the battle area. He then rolled on the ground to dodge another attack from the sword monsters, then came up with a slash into its body. He then flipped over the monster, and stabbed his blade into the back of its body, making it dissolve. He then took his sword back and charged forward, and performed three devastating slashes, which defeated the monster. He then turned to the last one and slashed at it until the Rengeki trigger was lit. Which he used to destroy the monster. He sighed heavily as he finished up the battle, gaining 290 exp points, which brought him closer to level.

"That was fun," Silver smiled as he returned his blade back to its holder. He then left the room and headed down a stone bridge. He stopped near the ramp that led to the lower level and sighed. "Most monsters were destroyed, which means, someone is all ready here." He looked around and couldn't feel the bug anywhere. "I wonder if this was nothing but a big fiasco." He then felt something dangerous coming from the very bottom of the dungeon. "Damn, there is something here." He got into a running position, and sprinted down the ramp, he just hoped he could find whoever else was here before they get attacked by the bug.


Haseo used his scythe to quickly take out one of the attacking goblins. He then turned to see Tabby and Alkaid both dispatch their enemy. "Looks like you have gotten better Tabby. You too Alkaid."

"Thanks Haseo!" Tabby cheered for the praise.

"Th-Thanks," Alkaid stuttered. Her face was turning a slight red at what he said. She loved to be complimented by him, she was even transferring to the school he attended in a few days. She couldn't wait to see him in person. She would never tell him now, but she was developing a crush on him, and she didn't even know why.

"Let's continue on!" Tabby exclaimed as she began to walk to the next room.

"She sure is enthusiastic," Haseo sighed.

"Makes me wonder why I even agreed to come with her. I can't stand that carefree attitude," Alkaid muttered.

"Come on, she isn't that bad. I mean she is a little too cheerful, but she is a good friend," Haseo said.

"Never thought I would here you say that," Alkaid said. She walked pass him and after Tabby.

"I can be friendly sometimes," Haseo mumbled. He gave a huge sigh before following his other party members. They walked for a while, until they found another room with monsters. This time, they were facing two heavily guarded knights with lances. Haseo took out his scythe and charged one of them, effectively getting the first strike. Tabby ran forward and slashed her claws threw one of the knights, then jumped backwards to dodge the lance attack. Alkaid jumped over the other knights lance, and came down with a double slash down the armor, making the Rengeki trigger active. She then ran forward and performed a devastating attack, destroying the knights armor. Haseo then jumped over Alkaid's head and slashed it down the middle. Alkaid then moved around the knights injured body, and slashed with her two blades. The knight stumbled for a bit, as it was joined by the other knight, whose armor had been broken by Tabby.

"All right, time for some awakening!" Tabby cheered as the party was glowing an orange color, and they ran forward and slashed rapidly at the knights, and dodging each attack. When the awakening was over, the two knight monsters were destroyed. "We rock!"

"That was easy," Alkaid commented.

"I thought it was difficult," Tabby said.

"You are just not strong enough," Alkaid said.

"Am not!" Tabby yelled at Alkaid, the cat players ears twitching in anger.

"Whatever," Alkaid said with a shake of her head as she headed to one of the doorways. "I see the beast statue this way."

"Then let's go," Haseo said as he began to walk after Alkaid.

"H-Haseo?" Tabby asked. Haseo sighed as he turned to face Tabby.

"What?" Haseo asked.

"You don't think I'm weak, do you," Tabby said, her eyes big and puffy, her lip quivering as she stared at Haseo.

"Um..." Haseo began, a huge sweatdrop forming on his head. "I don't think your weak." He was lying of course, didn't want to hurt her feelings, she was even more annoying when she was called weak, she just stared to cry.

"Oh thank you Haseo!" Tabby cheered as she ran up and gave him a huge hug.

"U-Um..." Haseo stuttered, his face turning slightly red. Alkaid was watching this, and she had a scowl on her face.

"Get off him!" Alkaid shouted at the cat player.

"Oh, does the angry red head have a crush on Haseo," Tabby said in a high voice.

"N-No," Alkaid stuttered as she turned her head away from them, hiding her blush. "Th-This is a game, remember."

"Doesn't mean you can't have a crush on another player," Tabby continued. Haseo looked from Tabby to Alkaid, and back to Tabby.

'I don't like when they do this,' Haseo groaned in his mind. He decided to end this by walking pass Alkaid and towards the beast statue. "Come on you two!" Tabby and Alkaid saw him leaving and quickly ran to catch up with him. They walked up to the beast statue and opened the chest, finding a weapon for a Tribal Grappler player. "Here you go Tabby," he said as he walked up to the cat player. Tabby jumped up and down as she took them.

"Thank you so much Haseo!" she cheered.

"No problem," Haseo said. He smiled at her little performance of joy, something he hardly did. Unless he was around Atoli, Alkaid, and Shino. They some how made him smile the whole time. "Let's go."

"Right," Alkaid said as she walked with Haseo to the gate. "Coming Tabby?" she asked the cat.

"Um...guys," Tabby said in a shaky voice. Haseo and Alkaid turned to see a purple substance forming near the beast statue.

"It can't be," Haseo said.

"It looks like it," Alkaid shivered. "The stuff that infected Sirius, and that Bordeaux person who PKed me."

"AIDA," Haseo muttered. "Alkaid and Tabby! Get out of here now!" Haseo commanded the two girls. He pulled out his scythe and stood in front of the two.

"We can fight," Tabby said.

"This is too much for you," Haseo snapped at the girl. Tabby was taken back by the sound of Haseo's voice. Alkaid looked from Haseo to the purple substance.

"Be careful," she told the Adept Rogue. Haseo nodded as he watched the two run off down the cave. The gate was falling apart near that purple stuff, so they couldn't use it. Haseo got in a fighting stance as he waited for the AIDA to form. In about ten seconds, the purple substance formed a person. He had pale skin, and yellow eyes. His hair was tied in a ponytail, and he had black whips swinging from the back of his body. The newcomers eyes shifted around the area, his eyes finally focusing on the Adept Rogue in front of him.

"Nice to meet you. Haseo, The Terror of Death."

To be continued...

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