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Total Eclipse of the Heart:

An evil plan unfolds...

The dark figure stood over the sleeping Danny. Danny tossed and turned as the blue whisp fell out of his mouth. It was probably the box ghost.
"Now this won't hurt at all." He emptied the remains of the needle into Danny's body.

New emotions grow...

"I think I'm in love." Danny's eyes connected with Tuckers as the lights flashed all around them, the music drowning his words almost to the point of nonexistence.
"What?" Tucker asked.
"I think I love Sam..."

His powers grow stronger...

"Isn't this cool, I have another power."
"This is great." Tucker exclaimed.
"Yeah, great." Sam whirled around in the chair so she wasn't facing them. Danny overlooked Tucker, and stared at Sam. Why wasn't she happy about this?

He's loosing touch with his friends...

Danny's eyes narrowed at Sam.
"You let the ghost get away!" His hand grabbed her arm shaking it wildly. She winced with the pain; his nails ripping into her flesh.
"Danny, you're hurting me."
"I'll find the ghost myself." He pushed her to the ground and flew off. Tucker ran over to help her. His face grew pale when he saw blood slowly trickling down her arm.

How long will it take before...

"I don't know you anymore." Danny's eyebrows knitted together. What was she talking about; he was the same old Danny that she knew ever since second grade.


"Sam." He took a step forward, and she took a step back.
"Stay away from her." Tucker growled as he stood in front of her.

He looses control of himself...

The body lay at his feet, blood staining his hands.
"Danny." Sam whispered in disbelief. Her head started to fog up with confusion. Danny was in front of her with blood covering his hands.


"Sam." Danny reached out to touch her cheek, but she pulled away.
"You hurt Tucker, you hurt me..."


"Kill her now." Vlad ordered. An ecto-blast formed in Danny's hand.
"Danny, you can fight it."
"Silence." Vlad screamed. Ocean met violet.
"It's Vlad or your friend Danny." She screamed in pain when a blast that was fire from Vlad hit her.
"What are you waiting for?" Vlad questioned.
"I'm sorry Sam..."

I been trying to decided what part of the chapter to stick in here. I went with some of the fluff... just because the story doesn't haven't much of it.

"So her granda died?!"
"Not so loud, I don't want to have the whole school to know."
"No wonder she's depressed."
"I don't know what I'm going to do Tuck."
"About what?" Danny stopped at the sight of John talking to Sam. He felt his eyes fo green when Sam laughted.
"Uh Danny, your eyes." Tucker hissed. Danny struggled, but managed to get them back to normal.
"You better ask her."
"Ask her what?"
"The whole school is waiting for you to ask her." Sam's eyes locked with his causing him to pull his eyes away.
"But what if she says no."
"If I know her like I think I do, you won't have anything to worry about."
"Hey guys." Sam inturrupted their conversation.
"So what did John want?" Sam's cheeks filled with a pinkish color.
"He asked me to the dance."
"Are you going with him?" Danny couldn't stay around for the answer,
"I got to go." He pushed by them and ran out the school.
"What's his problem?"
"Why don't you go ask him yourself?"
"Danny wait!" She finally caught up with him at the park which he often cut through to get home. Danny however didn't stop."
"Danny, what's wrong?"
"Nothing, why don't you hang out with your new boyfriend?" Sam rolled her eyes.
"Is that what this is about?"
"Yes, you don't know John- You haven't heard the way he talks about girls in the locker room."-
"Which is why I turned him down. John is... not my type. I don't know him, and I've heard about him fro other girls." Danny saw his chance and took the plunge.
"So what exactly is your type?"

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