A girl opened her eyes to the morning light. She looked over at the clock besides her bed and read the time.

7 a.m.

She sighed and rolled out of bed. She went to the bathroom and washed up. She only took showers before bed. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and analyzed herself.

She had soft waist length pale blonde hair with bangs that reached her cheek bones framing her face. She had light amethyst colored eyes with vertical pupils much like a cat's eye or that of a fox or a wolf. She was well developed for a 14 year old with a curvy but slender body. Her body was lightly muscled but toned well with all her training but for some reason even though she would spend countless hours in the sun; she always had a light peach colored skin tone. Her lips were full, pink, and soft. Her hands were slender as well. All in all she looked beautiful in an elegant and graceful sort of way.

She walked out of the bathroom to put on her clothes. Is wore baggy clothing to hide her appearance. Making her, look kind of like a boy, most of the students at school thought she was anyways. She tied her hair up and wore a skullcap that shaded her eyes as well letting only a few strands of her bangs show. She then wore a high collared navy blue shirt and long baggy black pants that tied off at her ankles. Her weapon pouch was in a fanny pack around her waist.

It was not that she didn't have any feminine clothes, she did but they were too small and dressing in baggy clothing was more comfortable in her opinion. She looked at the clock and grabbed an apple and put on her black ninja shoes before leaving to the academy.

As she walked down the street an elderly couple saw her and waved.

"Naru-chan, good morning!"

"Ah, good morning." She said absentmindedly.

The elderly woman slapped her on the back and laughed. Naru stumbled a bit and waved at them as they waved her off.

When she got into the academy grounds, she saw a group of girls crowding around three boys. They were the most popular guys in school and in the same class as her. It was Uchiha Sasuke, Hyuuga Neji and Subaku Garra. She walked past them and into the school named Konoha Ninja Academy.

She went to the class and saw her friends in the back waving at her. She walked up to them and sat. Her group of friends consisted of: Nara Shikamaru and Hyuuga Hinata.

"Shogi?" Shika asked.

Naru nodded and sat next to the Nara heir. Hinata was score keeper and watched as Naru won another game. Though the Nara was a genius, Naru was smarter then him by a mile. When asked about how strong she was she would just shrug. The Hyuuga and the Nara heir were the only people in school who actually knew that Naru was a female. Shika's family knew that she was a girl but not Hinata's since Naru never went to the Hyuuga mansion before. She only went to Shika's place since Hinata insisted that they go to his place or Naru's place instead of hers.

Hinata's family was very traditional and didn't like outsiders, and they considered Naru an outsider even though she and Hinata were friends so she wasn't allowed there. The Nara's on the other hand didn't give a fig.

"Naru, did what did you bring today?"

"Rice, meat mixed with veggies with my own sauce and some miso soup. Ah yes I almost forgot, I brought dessert."

Hinata and Shika only managed not to drool.

Naru was an expert at domestic things, but when it came to cooking…not even the most experienced chef could match her and her desserts were absolutely divine. She never opened a restaurant though and only cooked for her close friends.

"Naru, are you finally going to show us what's under the hat?" Hinata asked.

It was lunch and they were outside sitting under a tree eating when Hinata asked the question. Shika stared at Naru too.

"Nope." They sighed.

"You know Naru; you can't always hide behind the hat and the shirt." Shika said.

"I know, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts." The three chuckled at that and ate everything. On the way back to class the three could be seen eating ice cream made by Naru.

When they got to class, they were late. Iruka was staring at them and sighed.

"Thank you for joining us. Now for the final exams please follow me outside."

They went outside and stood in a line.

"I'll call you by your names so be ready. The first part of the exams is hitting the dummy on its vital area's."

A lot of students passed the fist part. Only a couple failed. The second part was a written exam. Shika answered everything but the last one since he fell asleep.

About half of the students failed that part.

The last part was taken in another room individually. Surprisingly Naru was the first one called.

"Hmm, seems like they're going from the bottom up." Shika commented. Hinata nodded in agreement.

Naru sighed and stood. She went past everyone and shut the door behind her.

She came in 2 minutes later with a headband on a black cloth tied to her waist. She was walking up the stairs and paused on the step where the popular boys were. She didn't even look at them and spoke.

"Uchiha you're next." And she continued up the stairs. The boys watched him go up and sit next to his friends. Hinata smiled and gave her a high-five while Shika just smiled.

Sasuke was walking down the steps and ignoring the screaming banshees, he thought about Uzumaki Naru. Sasuke was pretty sure he was a guy when he first met him even though he had a girl name. But now he doubted himself. Naru's voice didn't sound like a guy's voice. Not to mention the fact that he had a crush on the boy.

He closed the door behind him and came out soon with a headband tied to his forehead on a blue cloth. He told Ino that she was next and she rushed into the room.

By the time the exams were over, only half the class passed.

"Well congratulations graduates! Tomorrow I will be putting you into your genin teams to be ready. Dismissed!"