Little Red Raising Storm
Written by: Lone Wolf NEO
Conceived by: Lone Wolf NEO

Author's note: this is an AU (alternate universe) Fatal Fury fan fiction that parodies one of the most famous fairy tales in the world. This story was originally written as one of many chapters featured in the fan fiction Guilty Gear Fantasy Adventure, and may coincide with Sheo Darren's Snow Claes and Seven Cyborg Sprites 00 premise. Original characters are subjected to copyright under the watchful eyes of Lone Wolf NEO and Sheo Darren, while SNK Playmore owns the exclusive rights over Fatal Fury, Garou: Mark of the Wolves and King of Fighters franchises.

Chapter 1

"Alright, everybody," Athena uttered as the casts of King of Fighters and Mark of the Wolves were gathered inside the auditorium hall just outside Shanghai, "since all of us are here, I assume that we can start this meeting."

"Why are we here?" Rock Howard asked, all while Hotaru zealously clung onto him like a horseshoe crab.

"Yeah, why are we here? I demand an explanation of this," Sakazaki Yuri demanded.

"Calm down, calm down. At least, please have a seat." The people obliged and seated on the chairs positioned aptly to resemble The Round Table, with Athena sitting at chair number 1. "We are here because we have a play to do. I have been entrusted to direct this play, which will be based on the story Little Red Riding Hood. I believe everybody knows this story, so there's no need for explanation."

"Little Red Riding Who?" jokingly Kain asked, and was Instant Killed by Kula's Freeze Execution.

"DESTROYED!" the announcer declared.

"He made that sound suggestive," Kula cutely complained.

"He's one lame villain would-be," suddenly Rugal Bernstein added as he took Kain's empty seat (he was accompanied by an irritated Kusanagi Saishuu and the grinning Geese Howard). "Unlike him, we make the better substitute." He noticed that everybody else was staring at him in a mixed feeling: anger, fear, curiosity, surprise, you name it.

"Aren't you supposed to be dead, like, many editions of KOF ago?" Athena asked.

"I am," Rugal answered with a grin, "but in this universe, old men are here to stay." He emphasized it by showing off his muscles, causing the females to squeal in excitement and the males to glare at him in envy.

"I concur," Geese nodded.

"Whatever…" Saishuu grumbled.

"Oh, okay." Athena coughed many times and corrected her eyeglasses. "Let's see… to begin this meeting, I'll start with the narrator." Her fingers pointed to Yabuki Shingo, who was at the time discussing with Malin Shijou. "Shingo!"

"Haii?" he replied and lifted his hand.

"You take that role!" Athena told.

"Just leave it to me!" proudly Shingo declared and pounded his chest. "Anou… Asamiya-san, if I'm the narrator, who's going to be Little Red Riding Hood? It must be a girl, mustn't it?"

Athena giggled. "Unfortunately, Shingo," and here she laughingly glanced at the dumbfounded Rock. "He's going to be the famous Akazukin-chan! Rock Howard, you be the Little Red Riding Hood!"

In an instant, Rock's face turned pale white, much paler than a dead man's face. "W-what?! I don't want to be a cross-dresser! I'd rather die than to disgrace myself!" he interjected.

"And here I thought Bridget is the infamous cross-dresser in fighting game's world," Todo Kasumi commented.

"Apparently not," her colleague May Lee answered.

The rest of the women, on the other hand, squealed over the cast choice, as they expected Riding Hood to be played by one of them -- Hotaru, on top of that, was surprised at the choice, although she supported the choice. "Mou! Why it must be a man who plays Riding Hood?" Yuri protested.

"Because this meeting minute wasn't drafted by me," Athena said and tossed the draft onto the floor. "Read it." The karate girl took the draft and saw a roster that looked like this:

Supervisor of all sorts

Lone Wolf NEO (and sometimes… Suzumiya Haruhi)


Asamiya Athena

Assistant Director

Malin Shijou and Kula Diamond

Crews of all sorts

K Dash (electronic)

Sakazaki Yuri (visual effect)

Rugal Bernstein (music and sound effect)

Kusanagi Saishuu (special effect)

Geese Howard (special effect)

The rest (whatever that fits them)


Rock Howard as Little Red Riding Hood a.k.a. Akazukin

Hotaru Howard as Akazukin's grandmother

(CENSORED) as the Big Bad Wolf

Kim Kap Hwan as the Hunter

Li Xiangfei as Akazukin's employer

Yabuki Shingo as narrator

"Wow, I'm not impressed," Yuri spoke and returned the minute to Athena. "Especially that censored part. Who might that be?"

"Next, we'll have Hotaru-chan as Riding Hood's…" She paused as to triple-check the list. "Note to director: she'll be one, hot, seductive grandmother whose overdrive, Ten-Hou-Ran-Ki, is super-powerful as it is super-naughty. Sign, the Author?"

Foxily Hotaru giggled. "I tell you to push up my button, baby, ah-hah…" she sang and jiggled her moderate load. The man nosebled. Rock blushed at the act of seduction showed by his wife.

"Perverted guys and perverted Author…" grumbled the annoyed Heihachi.

"Whatever he wants to. Next, we'll have Xiangfei as Riding Hood's employer," Athena continued, "while Kim plays the role of the hunter."

"Just leave it to me!" the Chinese girl declared.

"I shall purify this world and petrify evil in the name of justice," Kim Kap Hwan said to himself, his eyes sparkling. "Oh, yeah."

"As for your leading antagonist, a.k.a. The Big Bad Wolf," Athena uttered. She glanced at Terry. She nodded and pointed to his face. "Terry! You take the role! Be the wolf and unleash your wild side!"

Hotaru glared at Terry and hid behind Blue Mary's back, whispering, "protect me from the big bad wolf." Kim laughed out loud while pointing wildly at his comrade. Xiangfei blinked many times in surprise. Shingo Yabuki took note of that. The rest of the crews could not hold on and rolled on floor, laughing mouth all open, except for the old men: Geese, especially, cackled at his archenemy.

The self-proclaimed Lone Wolf of South Town, predictably, objected. "Objection!" he screamed and stood up, pointing at the goddess-singer-fighter. "I demand an explanation for this stupidity! Why must I be the bad guy instead of him?" he questioned and pointed to Geese.

Suddenly Phoenix Wright stood beside Terry. "OBJECTION!"

"Hold it!" Athena replied. "For the love of Sol, stop complaining and get over it. And you, Phoenix, what are you doing in this premise?"

"I was bored," Phoenix shrugged.

"Yeah, Terry, get over it," Geese added.

"But… but…" Terry's complaint was silenced when a pair of lithe arms leisurely wrapped about his body. He turned around and saw Madlax's eyelashes drooping in invitation, as she seductively gazed into her partner's eyes.

"Do it for me, if not anybody else," hotly she whispered. Terry's ears burned red. Malin and Kula looked at the 'dangerously in love' couple, the former cheering for the female assassin. Geese and Rugal applauded the lone wolf, the former saying to the latter: "well, I never thought to see a gorgeous woman winning the lone wolf's heart that easy." Saishuu ignored it and picked his nose.

"Are we copying Sheo Darren's play? He has one similar to this," Blue Mary asked.

"Yes and no," Athena answered. "Apparently, our fellow Author had nothing better to do and got inspired by the Gunslinger Girl stage play, so he decided to revive one of his old stories and give it a new breath. Though it was supposed to be a Guilty Gear fan fiction…"

"If either Mister Badguy or the Slave of Glory played the leading role," suddenly Takane Hibiki uttered, addressing Sol and Potemkin with the nicknames, "things would certainly not go his way."

Athena stared at the swordswoman. "Weren't you supposed to be with your… precious one?" she asked and signalled the apostrophes with her fingers. Hibiki blushed at the word 'precious one'.

Rock, meanwhile, sat in one corner of the auditorium hall, poking the floor in angst. He could not accept the fact he would be playing a girl's character, and he was crying river and waterfall. "I'm not Bridget… I'm not Jun… I'm not Rey…" was all he said.

Hotaru glomped him. Really hard. Her bosom was instinctively pressed against his back, as she spoke softly, "Let me take your pain away, Rock. Let me be your PLEASURE…" When Rock turned around, her moist lips seized his mouth, and the married couple was engaged in a deep, passionate kiss that lasted for a couple of minutes. The crews gasped at the firefly girl's bold act: under-aged people had to have their eyes covered, the male crews applauded Rock, while the female crews bopped their opposite gender counterparts with paper fans.

"Have you done that to him yet?" Athena asked. Hibiki blushed even more and cupped her burning cheeks, shaking her head many times in protest. "Oh, I guess you haven't. Yet."

"Mou, Athena-san, yamete…" Hibiki protested.

The kiss disengaged. Hotaru stared into her husband's eyes, snickered, and put a finger onto his lips, persuasively silencing him. "Satisfied, honey? I can give you more…"

Rock playfully nibbled her finger, causing her to moan. "For you, my love, I will do anything…"

Athena shrugged and stood up. "Haii, haii, minna," she said and clapped her hands. "For those whom I haven't given anything yet, all of you will be supporting casts and extra crews. Well, if nobody protests, let's get the work started, shall we?" Everybody inside the hall cheered supportively, save for one who was screaming in the background.

"RAH! I hate you, Mito Anji! I HATE YOU!" Higashi Joe screamed.

Geese Howard PWNED Higashi Joe with Deadly Rave. "Predictable."

And so it begins...