Little Red Raising Storm
Written by:
Lone Wolf NEO
Conceived by: Lone Wolf NEO

Author's note: this is an AU (alternate universe) Fatal Fury fan fiction that parodies one of the most famous fairy tales in the world. This story was originally written as one of many chapters featured in the fan fiction Guilty Gear Fantasy Adventure, and may coincide (or may not) with Sheo Darren's Snow Claes and Seven Cyborg Sprites premise. Original characters are subjected to copyright under the watchful eyes of the authors while SNK Playmore owns the exclusive rights over Fatal Fury, Garou: Mark of the Wolves and King of Fighters franchises.

Chapter 8
End of The Day

"It has been a hectic week, isn't it?" Athena asked as the crews gathered for their second post-mortem meeting. "I hope everyone's satisfied with what we've been doing up till now. How is viewers' response?"

"So far, their reaction is kind of mixed," Malin reported. "They thought the stage play could've been a bit better, but overall they were satisfied and expecting more plays from us in the future."

"More stages plays, isn't it? I'll consider it," Athena took note and scribbled in her notepad. She, then, turned to the workers and noticed that they were either spent or looking dissastified. "Hey. What's the matter with you? Just because it ends doesn't mean you have to sulk over it."

"The problem is," Geese complained, "we didn't get the chance to kick each other's ass like we planned earlier."

"I agree," Rugal added and kneaded his goatee. "It would have been better if we were the ones who kicked the Hunters' ass." Suddenly an ass got loose and ran around the auditorium hall, squeaking rabidly as if been injected with morphine. "Okay, that was a very bad pun," he added.

Athena glowered at the two SNK bosses. "Oh, get over it. It's not that we can resort to aggression. There were children among the audiences. Violence is not allowed."

"But they seemed to enjoy fight scenes," Geese said, reminding the crews of the two duels that had taken place during the stage play, with the most recent being Mother Hibiki singlehandedly owning the Hunters of the Octagon Table. "And I must question something: why was Terry taking all the credits?"

Terry beamed at the Most Powerful Man in the World. "As expected from the man himself," he snorted, as his nose grew by an inch. "Pity you didn't get the chance to show the world who's the man."

"I take that as an unpleasant invitation to a challenge, Terry," Geese replied.

"O RLY?" So saying he jumped away from the crews and opened fight stance. "Hey you! Come on! Come on!"

Geese shook his head. "Useless."

Geese and Terry fought. Battle cries and explosions could be heard across the hall, as the two combatants exchanged fists and kicks and projectiles, shouting "POWER GEYZER!" and "predictable!" here and there. As the crews had feared, the children immediately applauded the fighters, without ever considering how fierce and R-rated the fight scene was.

Athena palmed her face. "Damn, when will they ever learn to stop fighting? Come to think about it," she uttered and looked around. "I didn't see Kim anywhere. Did he leave already?"

"I heard he went to the Philippines to accept the challenge invitation by someone named Shinn Asuka," Yuri said. "Hmm… isn't that name familiar to me?"


// near Mount Pinatubo, the Philippines

"You insulted my family, and you insulted the Korean Taekwondo," Kim Kap Hwan uttered while pointed to Destiny Gundam. "I shall vanquish sinners like you from this world in the name of justice. Your sin is beyond the grace of God."

"I hate you so much, Kimmy!" Shinn screamed from onboard the MS. "And why you become so religious in a sudden? You're not a Holy Knight!"

Kim frowned. He trembled in ultimate wrath. "Do. Not. Call. Me. Kimmy." With that said he shouted a mighty battle cry and unleashed a blast of yellowish orange aura. "YOU ARE DEAD!" the 'Super Saiyan' Kim shouted.

"And you stole my line and copy Dragonball, too!" Shinn cried out. "YOU SUCK! I HATE YOU!"

Kim and Destiny Gundam charged at each other. Cue music of Ignited took place. Mayu shrugged her head and took seat next to the equally dumbfounded Dearka, the latter commenting: "I'm supposed to be at the hospital. What the hell happened?"

"Oniichan… you never want to learn…" Mayu mumbled.


"Seriously," the Kyokugen Karate fighter uttered, "how is a normal human going to fight against a Mobile Suit almost as tall as six-storey building? What is he going to use? Strike? Destroy? Gouf Costum? Tallgeese? Godannar?"

"Anything not Waltz-related, I think," Candy suggested.

Yuri glared at the android. "You are supposed to be dead. Don't you know anything about that?" This was replied by a sharp glare by Kula as she possessively wrapped her arms about Candy (the android girl was surprised by the sudden action the 'ice princess' took, although she had nothing to complain). "HEY! What do you think you're doing, Kula?" Yuri retorted.

"Nobody can tease Candy-oneechan," she said and clung onto Candy like a little girl holding onto her 'big sister'. "Not even you, not even your friends, not even Lone Wolf NEO. Oneechan belongs to me."

Mikuru blushed. So did Tsuruya. Madlax and Hibiki leisurely giggled at the young girl's overprotectiveness, although the swordswoman slightly twisted in resentment when Kula mentioned the Author's name. The rest of the crews simply looked around in wary, in case of corrupt-minded fan boys suddenly storming into the hall and shouting in approval at the… "so-called twincest," Phoenix Wright commented.

As predicted, Yuri snapped in fury. (Author's note: now that rhymes!) "What the-- HEY! First you're acting like you're the greatest N.E.S.T.S. fighter in the world or something. Now you're acting like some spoiled girl who doesn't want to let her oneechan go!" she exclaimed. "Are you trying to provoke me, Kula?"

"No," Kula said and emphasized it by sticking out her tongue. "Why would I want to provoke you, Yuri-chan? Oh, that's right." Again, she tightened her arms and held closer onto Candy. "Because I can."

Yuri lost her temper and shook her fist at the girl. "Damn it, Kula! Don't try me!"

(Back at Kiev, Triela complained to Hillshire about how she was irked by Elsa acting possessive around Claes. "You know," she spoke, "I can't seem to understand why a little girl has to act pampered when her big sister is around. Is it a must, or is it because the Author wants to?"

"Obviously, Triela," Hillshire uttered, "you never experience it yourself."

Triela growled in disgust. "Victor, how cruel of you…!")

Athena pretended she did not see the argument coming and continued the meeting. After collecting her eyeglasses, she proceeded. "Okay, I think there are several things to consider if we're to stage another play in the future. For example: pick a better fairy tale that doesn't require someone to crossdress," she spoke.

"I heard that, Athena."

The crews (including the brawling Terry and Geese) stared at him, who without warning appeared at the door. Piggy-riding his back was a tired, sleepy, yet pleased Hotaru and she seemed to be oblivious of the situation. "Did I miss anything?" the rather-not-amused Rock asked.

"Why, yes, you are," Malin replied. "You missed the part where Mother Hibiki kicked the Hunters' ass. That was really cool."

Rock turned to Hibiki. The swordswoman smiled and bowed to him. Imotou and Momoko inexplicably hurled toward her and excitedly embraced her. "Hurray for Mother Hibiki!" they cheered.

"And I thought Miss Hibiki was the Little Red," Rock said. "What happened?"

"Mikuru-chan took over your place," Hibiki explained and glanced at Mikuru. The red-haired girl frantically bowed to Rock and apologized for the mess she made along his absence. "As you can see, she did quite a brilliant job bringing the character's soul to life, although why she fired Mikuru Beam at the audience is out of my knowledge."

"She did?" Rock asked, and here Malin pointed to the silver screen to show what happened.


"But didn't Big Bad Wolf want to eat Little Red in the original story?" Mikuru asked again. "I heard that the original story was meant for adult readers. With all those ecchi and dirty stuffs, it was really unsuitable for children."

"Was that true?" Terry asked.

"Well, someone named Claes told me on the phone," the time traveller answered.

Terry shrugged. "Oh, so I guess there were versions where Big Bad Wolf was actually a female," the lone wolf of South Town stated. "Crazy people with crazy things in mind…"

"WHERE!?" suddenly male audience shouted. "WE WANT LITTLE RED/BIG BAD WOLF YURI DOUJIN, AND WE WANT IT NOW!"

Mikuru killed them with Mikuru Beam. She, then, glanced at the remaining audience and saw Haruhi (she was in total shock at what her classmate just did). She grinned --deviously?


"I say, Mikuru-chan," Hibiki said after the flashback ended, "you acted quite off-character back there. Did something knock your mind?" Childishly Mikuru laughed silly and apologized for the mess she created.

"So how was your honeymoon, Mister Howard?" Athena jeered.

Rock laughed. "Honeymoon? What made you think of that?" he replied. "It's a secret we refuse to share with you or anybody here."

Athena shook her head in disgust at the blonde man. "Stupid long-lost twin of Kaede…"

(in GVSE universe, Avatar of Lightning Dragon Kaede sneezed. "That was something," he wondered.)

"Anou…" Mikuru interrupted the session. "There's something I've been wondering even before we came here." The crews stared at her who was gathering her strength to speak. "I noticed that the scripts were… out of order. If I may ask, who was the scriptwriter?"

"That's exactly the same question we've been begging to answer, Asahina-san," Shingo answered. "When the draft first came here, we were puzzled when we found out the scriptwriter's name was missing from the list. Either the person chose to remain anonymous or…"

"Anonymous does not care."

Silence. Everyone on the stage stared at the source of the voice. They saw the 'detective man' seating not far from the stage. At first they did not recognize the person, thinking that he was merely a spectator who missed the closing time.

That is, until he stood up and lowered the hat. He looked up at the much-surprised crews and heartily chuckled. "So, I bet the stage play has been rather… smoothly, hasn't it?" Lone Wolf NEO spoke.

"Lone Wolf-san!" Excitedly Hibiki ran down the hall and hurled toward the visitor. "I thought you wouldn't come and watch the stage play!" she said as she seized his body in a tight embrace.

The Author laughed and embraced the swordswoman in return. "What? You missed me already?" he asked. "Don't tell me you are."

Hibiki bashfully giggled. "Of course I am, you silly. You did promise to take me for Valentine dinner, didn't you?" she spoke and childishly poked his chest. "Ne, what about that someone you wanted to introduce to me? Don't tell me it's a girl…"

"You're always with your jealousy," Lone Wolf NEO uttered and pinched her supple cheeks. "Always with that sense of protectiveness." Hibiki growled in protest and clung onto him as zealously as she could. "Now look at you. Refusing to grow up emotionally and insisting to stay a little girl at heart. That's why I love you." He later gave her a box of Cadbury chocolates and smiled. "Just for you. Happy Valentine's Day."

Hibiki shyhy giggled and took the present. "Arigatou, Lone Wolf-san…"

"Lone Wolf!"

The Author and his fiancée turned around and saw Terry charging toward him in Buster Wolf. He shrugged and stepped aside, causing the overdrive to overshoot. "What the hell was that for?" he demanded.

"You must be responsible for the stupidity of the script!" the Lone Wolf of South Town sneered. "I demand an explanation of this!"

Lone Wolf NEO blinked. "What do you mean? Didn't Athena tell you anything about the scriptwriter?"

"I thought you wrote the script!" Terry argued.

"Obviously I didn't," Lone Wolf NEO answered. "So that means Athena's at fault. The message was never conveyed."

"I didn't know anything about the script or who wrote it! Honest!" Athena insisted.

"Ow, whatever," Lone Wolf NEO shrugged. "I'm too tired to argue with you or anybody else here. I just want to spend my time with her alone." When the crews stared at him strangely due to the answer, he cackled and wrapped his arms about Hibiki's waist. "Jealous? Envious? Begrudged? That's just your mind deceiving you."

"Mother Hibiki!" Imotou and Momoko shouted and ran after her. "Are you leaving already?"

Hibiki giggled, even as she contently rested against his body. "I didn't say I'm going to leave," she said. "What's the matter?"

"That means we can play together!" they cheered and surrounded the couple. "Please, sir! Can we play with Mother Hibiki? Can we?" they pleaded.

"Well… Mother Hibiki, eh?" Scratching the not-itchy head, Lone Wolf NEO turned back and forth between his fiancée and the eager young girls. He later pointed a finger to the ceiling above. "I think I just spotted a restaurant on the way here. Perhaps I can take her and both of you along."

"Boo, Lone Wolf doesn't want to admit he's taking Takane-san for a date," male crews jeered. Hibiki blushed at the world date and hid her flushing face beneath the heart-shaped chocolate box.

"Just say that you're jealous, guys," Lone Wolf NEO sighed. "Besides, Rock, Hotaru, Mikuru, Tsuruya, Madlax, Kula and Candy are coming with us too." Then he glanced at Terry. "And that means you are coming, too."

Male crews growled in defeat. The said names could not believe the invitation they got on the spot; Kula, especially, giggled in excitement and hugged Candy even tighter, much to the annoyance of Yuri. "What?! No way!" Terry replied in shock. Madlax giggled at the lone wolf's reaction.

"By the way, Mister Neo," Geese uttered as he charged up his Reppuken. "I forgot to tell you that Terry still owes me one battle."

"Oh. In that case, Terry has to stay behind," Lone Wolf NEO blatantly spoke. "Sorry."

"Lone Wolf, you suck! You just want to establish a harem for you alone, don't you!?" Terry grumbled before grabbed on the shoulder and flung tens of feet above the floor; there was a very loud noise as he crashed on the stage. Madlax slightly gasped at the lack of awareness her boyfriend had but did nothing about it.

"Predictable," Geese said.


"And so it ends. Officially. Little Red Raising Storm has come to an end after one hectic fan fiction week just working on it. Everybody is off to do their own work; Terry and Geese are busy fighting against each other near the Yangtze River, the Author and his beloved fiancée are having dinner at a 5-star hotel with the crews as their partners.

"P/S: it is indeed true that Lone Wolf NEO has plans to establish a harem of his own, taking into account the fact that the girls he picks up are quite lovely and hot."

"You're horrible, Shingo," a janitor suddenly interrupted.

"Oh, shut up, please. Phoenix Wright returned to his hometown to resume his career as an ace attorney, while Athena, Yuri and Malin went shopping at nearby superstore. Simply put, everybody's having a good day. Yeah, yeah, I should go for a holiday."

"Yet one question still remains unanswered," Shingo uttered as he ended the monologue. "Who the hell wrote the script in the first freaking place?!"

The phone rang. Shingo picked it up, but heard no one on the line. He waited for the caller to speak out, and it would take a very long time before a word was finally heard.

"You will meet your demise in seven days…"