"Hey people. Here's an idea that's been floating around in my head for a while. Basically what happens is I get my body and soul turned into energy and forced into another dimension where I, well. I'll just let the story tell you."


Author's Power in a Shinobi World


Stephenville, TX, A nice town to raise a family or start a new life. Unfortunately at the moment it was a hell hole. Resident Fanfiction author, DarkMagician41 AKA Jason S. Kimball, was fighting his nemeses, and old bully that used to pick on him before he became a fanfiction writer, Ken Vargas, who found a way to gain author power to not only to get his bully status back with Jason but also to control the whole world with it.

"I will not allow you to take over this world ken!!!" Jason cried as he jumped from one house to another.

He was wearing his usual author gear. Dark blue jeans with a black shirt that read, "It's called thinking, you should try it sometime" written in white and red, the whole thing held together with a black leather belt. His feet were protected by special black and dark grey sneakers that had steel covering his toe and between plastic sole of the shoe and the felt used to keep it soft. His whole body was covered with a red alligator type jacket that reached his ankles. His eyes were covered with a special type of miniature transition glasses that blended into his face and can take above five tons of pressure before they break.

He held two different styles of swords in his hands. In his right was a katana that has different that any blade before it. The part of the sword that cuts was two different colors, Black and White. The cutting part was black as a moonless night, while the other side was white more pure then a child dreams. His left held a European longsword which was five feet tall, eleven inches shorter then Jason's five-eleven martial arts frame. The cross was shaped like a European dragon's head with a curve on either side to allow any sword to slide off the blade and the neck was the grip/handle of the sword. The Katana, or Chaos Fang, as Jason called it, was made by crystallizing pure dark and light energies that were not tainted by good or evil thought and feelings, while the longsword was created from the first dragon's fang, Taimat.

"You took away my life you bastardo," Ken said as he swung at Jason's head with his blades, "Now I'm taking yours!!!"

Ken's author form, while the same as Jason's, it had a more sinister feel to it. Everything he wore was a type of black of deep crimson red. His right hand had a Chinese Dadao/saber and a Mexican style bowie knife in his left. Both were blacker then a black cat at midnight during a moonless/starless night and pulsed with evil. Each time their blades slammed into one another the air shook and the earth trembled at the massive power the two were fighting with.

'Soon,' Ken thought, 'my plan will start and Jason will be no more.'

Bellow the fighting authors two of Ken's minions were setting something up. Keith and Logan were once friends together with a love for bullying Jason around by got brainwashed by Ken to follow every one of his orders.

"Is it time yet? Logan asked as he sat behind the weapon that would spell Jason's doom.

"Wait for master's signal you dumb ass!!" Keith said to Logan while he slapped the boy behind his head.

Soon the tow writers were in front of the cannon with out Jason knowing it. Both were breathing as hard as old steam locomotives, but while Jason had a worried expression on his face, Ken's face was full of evil smugness.

'Soon I will win,' Went thru the evil author's mind as he quietly gave the signal to fire.

Before the two idiots fired Jason's eyes instantly glazed over as his original power of precognosis activated. In his mind he saw Keith and Logan fire the weapon at him but nothing afterwards. Knowing he had only seconds before it fired he raced towards Ken as the weapon charged up to fire following his every movement. He grabbed Ken by his arms just as the weapon fired a black bolt of energy.

The bolt of energy hit both authors making them scream in pain. Soon they separated form each other with half of the bolt on each of them. Soon their bodies transformed into energy, each author their personal color, before another bolt of energy fired from the weapon into the sky forming a vortex. Soon the two balls of energy, purple, gold, and crimson for Jason and pure black for ken, shot towards the vortex which closed with a defining boom.

"Uh, oh," Keith and Logan said see as they fired on their boss.

They tried to get the heck out of dodge but didn't make it. The reason why was because all of Jason's friends and family were behind the duo before they could even get out of the starting gates. What happened next is not something that should be read or seen so we'll just follow Jason and Ken thru the portal. In the portal the two balls of energy got separated by a fork in the road making the ball of energy with Jason in it go to the right and ken's to the left.

At the end of the portal the Ball of spit out and shot over a scene of blood and mayhem. People who have seen the first episode or read of it will know what I'm talking about. Yes people, this is the battle when the nine tailed fox was sealed. While the ninja's attacking the fox didn't see the ball of energy, Kyuubi did. It followed the ball of energy thinking only one thing.

'Is that an Author?' It thought before it was attacked again and attacked back trying not to hit any ninja's but trying to get them to leave him alone to get the people that killed its family.

The ball of energy shot towards a hospital, thru the walls towards a woman giving both to what seamed like a stillborn baby. The energy paused for a moment before it shot towards the baby giving it life before it was fully out of the mother. Inside the mind of the baby Jason was laying on a bare floor with bare walls and ceiling. Jason moaned for a bit before he shakily got up.

"Where am I?" he thought as he got up holding his head as his head ached from the trip

He looked around the room still holding his head. Before he could get his bearing the room began rumbling and rolling making the teen fall on his ass again with his head hitting a near by wall. As he cursed up a storm he got up again holding his head. Before he could look around again he instantly grabbed his stomach as pain began running thru his entire body, and screaming to high heaven. The room around him began to warp and change into a huge sewer pipe with some water on the floor and smaller pipes around the top. After Jason stopped screaming, he got up taking deep breaths as he got his bearings back.

"What just happened?" He asked to himself before he heard a mournful wail that sounded like fox's.

With his head still pounding, he began walking like a drunken sailor on a Saturday night towards the sound. Soon after many twists and turns he reached where the sound was coming from and just stood in awe at what he saw. In front of him was a huge bared gate that reached around four or five stories in height with only a small piece of paper holding the gates closed. On the other side of the bars was a huge fox the same size as the gate. Its crimson red head was pointed to the ceiling as it howled out it sorrows. Jason began wondering what that creature was before he saw the nine red tails on its tail bone.

"Kyuubi no kitsune." Jason breathed out as he watched the majestic creature cry out in sorrow.

The fox heard the boy's whispered awe even thru its crying. Its large head tilted downward until Jason could see its eyes and gasped when he saw that the dark pink eyes were more feminine then masculine. Jason's awe tripled when he saw that the lord of hell was actually the lady of hell. The author then began chuckling a bit as he began talking to the vixen.

"So I was right, you are a girl."

Kyuubi chuckled slightly and began speaking in a deep but feminine as her body morphed into a normal woman's body with the exception of her tails and ears. If Jason didn't know any better he would have thought that she was like the ancient Roman goddess of love Venus, her body was perfect. Her body was almost reaching the six foot mark, with her long legs and her hour glass like body. She did have some muscles showing under her porcine like skin but it only enhanced her beauty. Her breasts were slightly bigger then what would seem right for a body like that but not overly large. All this was covered by a tight fitting kimono that had shot sleeves and a shirt skirt that looked more like a mini skirt from a pervert's wet dream. Her hart shaped face was framed by long red hair that saw slightly curly but did not cover her pinkish red eyes nor her ruby red lips.

"Why thank you Author," She said as her voice went from deep and menacing to soft and sweet, "But I must ask, why are you in this boy's body?"

Jason just sighted as he re-told his tail about how he ended up head from what he could see from what the orb would let him see. When Jason asked why she attacked Konoha, her eyes took a dark but saddening tone.

"I attacked Konoha because someone form here has killed my family, unfortunately my rage over took me and I began to kill everyone who got in the way of my revenge," Soon she looked up at the boy with thankful eyes, "But your untimely appearance awaken me from my rage and I was able to stop form killing more innocent people."

"Glad I was able to help."

When Jason finished he instantly began to scream and wisps of energy began to tear from his body only to be absorbed into the walls. Both immortals knew what was going on and Jason knew he had to work quickly.

"Kyuubi," Jason cried forcing the fox to tear her eyes away form the wisps coming out of his body, "I need you to do something for me!"

Before Kyuubi could ask what he wanted a purple, gold, and red crystal appeared in front of her while Jason's clothing changed back into his normal gear of a short sleeved shirt, jeans, and sneakers with miniature glasses hanging on his nose.

"In thirteen years time, someone will tell my reincarnation that I am you. When that happens, I want you to feed the crystal some of your energy. It contains my memories, powers and other things form my life. If you do this I promise you, and a Kimball warrior, I will avenge your slain family."

The fox lady just nodded her head having known a few Kimballs in her life and knowing that when a Kimball gave his or her word, they kept it to a T. Soon as she touched the crystal Jason's body instantly turned into purple, gold, and red ribbons which were absorbed into the wall. Kyuubi could only stand there as the author disappeared; she turned around and placed the crystal on a pedestal that appeared behind her and watched in awe as her side of the cage changed from a dreary, cold, and wet sewer to a luxurious room with everything a girl could want or need. While Kyuubi didn't know how the author, who's name she knew from the crystal as she touched it, she loved that he wanted her next thirteen years to be in comfort even after everything she did. She could only cry as the worlds lost a good man, for now.


"All right people should I continue the story or what, you tell me. Also this will be a super powered Naruto and Harem, just to warm those of you who don't like this kind of Naruto."