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Sakura meets her fiancé Sasuke at a party without knowing who he was. It was hatred from the moment she looked at him and he looked at her. But Sasuke is going to regret getting on her bad side once their married and she's making his life a living hell!

Chapter One

"SAKURA!" her father bellowed angrily. Sakura sighed in frustration as she said goodbye to her friend Hinata. She had been talking on the phone with her for over two hours already and has had her father waiting for her to get ready to go out for about thirty minutes.

"What do you want? I was just talking to Hinata you know!" Sakura yelled angrily as she walked down the huge staircase. Her father was waiting for her downstairs tapping his foot impatiently. How much he wanted to wring her neck at the moment.

"You're not even ready?" he growled out angrily as Sakura stood in front of him. "I said I wasn't going to that stupid party where's your whore anyway isn't she supposed to be with you?" Sakura asked as she looked around. When she said whore she meant her step-mother Stephanie she was the person that Sakura hated the most in her life.

"Stop calling her names Sakura how many times do I have to tell you. She's sick today and she can't come with me so you're coming. It's about time you got out of this damn house and go to a decent party." When her father said 'decent party' he meant one of those business parties he attended almost every month. Her father was a very rich man, he owned one of the richest companies in Japan and was invited to many different 'decent parties' to go to.

"I said I wasn't going. Remember what happened last time I went, I had to actually apologize to the woman when she deserved that slap. And then it was all over the news and you had me trapped in this house for too long. I'm not about to let it happen again I'm twenty-two years old and make my own decisions," Sakura said firmly crossing her arms over her chest as she remembered that little incident. The girl she had slapped was called Temari. The girl had actually dared to call Stephanie beautiful and to completely ignore her friend Hinata and her. So Sakura gave her a slap to show her some manners. It had also caused a dispute with one of my father's top clients and it was put all over the news.

Sakura's life had always been like that, ever since her mother died when she was seven she had become a rebel who didn't listen to anyone. She had a long history with the press as being rude and crazy because she couldn't behave like a 'normal' lady should. But though it was deemed improper by the high class a lot of the 'high class' girls secretly admired the two girls's courage to actually do whatever they wanted without a care in the world.

"Yes, I do remember what happened last time and couldn't care less about it, that girl kind of deserved it in a way only bad part was that her father almost broke his contract with me," Sakura's father said with a scowl. Sakura giggled at her father's change of mood. His mood swings were like that of a pregnant woman's, he could be happy one minute and the next be spitting venom at anyone who dared speak to him. Even though his father tried his best to hide it he was just like his daughter, he loved extreme things and didn't really care about what he did unless it hurt his business in a bad way. He was also the kind of father that loved to spoil the women of his family. Sakura could get anything she wanted from her dad, except to get him to divorce the witch he had for a wide.

"But you're still going Sakura, I need someone to escort in there I will not walk in by myself," her dad said going back to being serious.

"No," Sakura said simply as she turned around and started to walk back up the stairs.

"You'll have no credit cards and none of your cars for until I forget that you said no to me if you don't go," her father said with a smirk as he fixed his tie and turned around heading for the door.

"I hate you! You old ugly stupid man!" Sakura shouted as she jumped off the stairs and took a vase from a nearby table. Without hesitating or thinking it twice she flung it angrily at her father who easily dodged it with a smile on his face. The vase broke as it hit the floor sending glass pieces everywhere.

Sakura had fire in her eyes as she stared at her father with anger. From out of no where they heard an agonizing wail and soon Stephanie, Sakura's stepmother, appeared at the top of the stairs with a hand to her forehead. She had dark circles around her eyes and her skin was very pale, she was staring at the broken pieces with longing.

"That was a very expensive vase you just broke!" she screamed pointing an accusing finger at Sakura, but the effect got ruined when she started coughing and holding her chest dramatically. Sakura and her dad sweat dropped and shook their heads.

"Just buy another one and stop faking sickness you're so pathetic if you don't want to go to that damn party just say it," Sakura said as she glared at her father before she stomped up the stairs. She successfully 'accidentally' pushed Stephanie to the floor making her coughs worsen. Sakura smiled to herself but started to run to her room when she heard her father's scream of outrage.

As soon as Sakura locked the door behind her she dialed Hinata's phone number and put the phone on speaker. It rung twice before Hinata picked it up.

"Guess where I'm being forced to go!" Sakura yelled angrily as she walked into her walk-in closet and went to her formal dress section. There were speakers in Sakura's closet purposefully put there by her so that she could walk in there and still be able to talk to Hinata without picking up the cordless phone.

"That dumb party that you defiantly told me about ten minutes ago that you weren't going to?" Hinata guessed in a bored tone.

"I detest you. How did you know?" Sakura snapped as she decided for a strapless red dress that had white designed at the top and at the bottom of the dress. She slung it over her shoulder and then walked over to the shoe section.

"By remembering that you told me that you'd call me back if you were forced to go," Hinata said with a sigh.

"Oh," was Sakura's only reply as she picked some red high heels out of her very wide selection.

"I feel very bad for you. You're going to be bored to hell being forced to act like you're enjoying yourself while your father talks about business all night. I'm on the other hand going to stay home watching movies and eating popcorn until I get tired and fall asleep," Hinata said in a monotone voice.

"Well at least you don't get to go to some boring party. Is your father going?" Sakura asked quickly. She heard Hinata sigh before she answered, "Yes he is but I'm not going Sakura no matter what you say."

Sakura snorted and picked out a red purse before walking out of her closet and going inside her bathroom, where not surprisingly there were speakers also.

"Why not? You know it'll be fun if we both go there. We can pump it up and show those losers how to really party," Sakura said.

"Because Sakura when we tried that last time we ended up sitting down bored watching other people talk and laugh formally with each other. I won't go no matter how hard you try to convince me."

Sakura sighed and took out her make-up kit. She put on some white eye liner, black mascara and light pink eye shadow and pink lipstick with a touch of lip gloss.

"Come on you know it won't be the same this time. Plus we can make fun of the stuck-up bitches that go there," Sakura pleaded with desperation. She really didn't want to go to that party without her best friend being there. She knew that it was going to be overly boring if Hinata wasn't there.

"No," was Hinata's reply. She sounded bored and as if she was busy doing something else. "You know you're very persistent Sakura but so am I. I said I wasn't going because I know it's going to be boring even if we're both there. There is no way for us to make a party fun when the people that are there don't know how to have fun and have no intention in learning."

Sakura pulled her hair into a half down half up style with her two usual locks long locks falling down framing her face. She walked out of the bathroom and toward her bed where her red dress was awaiting her. She quickly pulled it on after putting on a strapless bra.

"You know it's better to be in my company than watching old movies and eating popcorn," Sakura said with desperation. She really didn't want to go to that 'decent party' and waste a perfectly useful night doing nothing but smiling and talking about things she didn't give a damn about.

"Not really you know how funny it is to watch these black and white movies and make fun of how unprofessional the people act and how crappy the special effects are," Hinata replied.

Sakura finished putting on her shoes and glared at the phone as if she was really glaring at Hinata. "You're such a good friend you know," Sakura said venomously.

"I know that's why I'm getting in my father's limo in about five more minutes and wait for you at that lame ass party," Hinata said with a laugh as she hung up. Sakura smiled as she hit the disconnect button, she could always count on Hinata to be a bitch.

Sakura walked out of her overly pink room and went downstairs where her father was waiting for her with the door open. He beamed at her as she approached and held the door open for her.

"You're such an asshole," Sakura said as she walked out into the rather warm night followed by her father who was chuckling.

"Yes, well I have to admit I can be one sometimes. But there is no way I'm going to trust you to stay behind with a very sick Steph," he said. Sakura rolled her eyes and got in elegant black limo. The driver was holding the door open for her and her father.

"You're always sticking up for that bitch. She must be a real good sex pup for you to be keeping her around," Sakura muttered as her father sat down next to her in the limo.

"Sakura watch your language I won't have any of it tonight," her father warned in a dangerous tone. Sakura rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest holding her handleless red purse in her right hand.

"Where is this party anyway?" Sakura asked for the sake of some conversation.

"It's going to be at the Uchiha's," he answered. Sakura rolled her eyes again, the Uchiha in her opinion were a bunch of cocky people who had nothing to talk about other then how much better their business was then anyone else's. Though she had to admit that was what most people that had successful businesses talked about.

But she had to admit it was a little weird that the Uchiha were holding a party. As long as she remembered they only did parties whenever there was something really important they had to announce to the public. Last time they had a party was when the eldest son, Uchiha Itachi, became vice president of Uchiha Corp.

"Why are they holding a party now?" Sakura asked with curiosity. "Because their youngest son, Uchiha Sasuke, is going to come back to Japan after many long years of living in the United States," her father answered. Her father turned to look at Sakura with a smirk and said, "I want you to get along with him. Somehow I got a feeling that you're going to like him a lot."

Sakura turned to her father with a suspicious look. Last time he had said something like that he had tried to hook her up with some good for nothing pretty boy just because the guy's father was rich and was looking to doing some business with my father.

Her father laughed nervously at the expression his daughter was giving him. "It's nothing like last time believe me. It's worse then you think," he said the last time very quietly Sakura wasn't able to hear him.

"What did you say?" she asked dangerously. "Ah . . . Nothing that you look absolutely beautiful today. You're going to have all eyes turn to you like it was last time," he said nervously. Sakura gave him a sweet smile that only meant trouble before she looked away from him.

The rest of the way was very quiet. Sakura had to intention of talking to her father anymore since she was already angry at him, and he had no intention of talking to her afraid that something that should be kept secret until a little longer slipped out of his mouth accidentally.

Once they reached the huge Uchiha mansion Sakura couldn't help but be amazed. Though she had been there once before she couldn't help it, the mansion screamed wealth from every inch. The driver soon opened the door and her father got out and gave her his hand. She took it and slowly got out of the limo. To her surprise she had attracted some attention to herself as she did, it probably was the way she got out of the limo the slit on the dress showing her strong legs as she got out or like it mostly was her weird natural pink hair color.

Her father offered her his elbow and she put her hand through it elegantly with a bright smile. "Dad, the only thing you're going with me tonight is walk through that door and dance a set because Hinata is going to be here too. I'd rather hang out with her than walk around with you boring my ass off," Sakura said. Her father squeezed her hand tightly at her use for language as a warning but nodded anyway.

As the two walked toward the doors they were stopped by a man that had a long list in his hand. Her father took out his invitation from the inside pocket of his tuxedo and gave it to him. The guy looked at it for a second before nodding at them and letting them through. The two walked inside the huge mansion with a bright smile. People turned to look at them as they walked in and soon a man emerged from the crowd with a small smile. Her father pulled her toward the man that looked very familiar to her.

"Ah my good friend it's good to see that you were able to make it," the man said as he shook her dad's hand. He then turned to Sakura and she stretched her hand out, he took her hand in his and pressed his lips against it for a second. "And this lovely young lady must be your daughter Miss Sakura," he said with a smile.

"Sakura please," Sakura said with a smile. Now she remembered this man was the head of the Uchiha. The man chuckled and nodded toward her father. "You got a loud one there wish one of my sons were more carefree," he mumbled.

"You wanted me father?" someone asked from behind the Uchiha. Soon enough a young man about twenty-five in Sakura's opinion stepped beside his father. He was in Sakura's opinion hot! He had wild raven black hair with some hair coming down to frame his face and onyx eyes that would make many swoon if he watched them for too long. He looked at her with disinterest and then turned to her father.

"This is my son Uchiha Sasuke. He is my youngest and the reason why this party is being held," Sasuke's father said. They shook hands and greeted each other while Sakura was being completely ignored. Sakura frowned at this and tightened her grip around her father's elbow. Sakura's father started to slowly try to loosen his daughter's grip it was started to hurt a little.

Sakura looked at her father and noticed that he was going to say anything so she took the initiative. "My name is Haruno Sakura nice to meet you too," Sakura said with an annoyed smile as she stretched her hand for Sasuke to take. He raised an eyebrow and smirked at Sakura before he looked down at her hand but didn't take it. His father coughed and smiled warmly at Sakura before giving his son an expectant look but Sasuke wasn't doing anything.

"Just in case you didn't know you're suppose to shake it not stare at it like an idiot," Sakura said irritated. This gained her a glare from her father and a chuckle from Sasuke's.

"Of course excuse me I just didn't notice you for a while," Sasuke said his smirk widening as he shook her hand and saw her irritated expression.

"Yes, well you must be blind then. Out of all the people in here I appear to be the only in red and with very noticeable pink hair," Sakura said. Sasuke's father's laughter boomed throughout the room making some people turn to look.

"Sakura," her father hissed angrily. But Sakura turned to him giving him a bright smile. "I'm sorry about her behavior but she seems to be in a bad mood today," her father explained to Sasuke and his father. But Sasuke wasn't paying any attention to him, he was instead examining the pink haired beauty that had actually dared to insult him.

"Oh don't worry about it Haruno it's more of my son's fault for being so rude. Now why don't you come with me I'll introduce you to some of these people," Sasuke's father said. "Yes, of course. Sakura why don't you stay here and give Sasuke here some company," her father said. But before she could protest he walked away leaving her alone with Sasuke.

She watched that her father was away before she turned to glare at Sasuke who she had noticed was checking her out for a little too long. "What are you looking at? Go find someone else to bother your presence is annoying," Sakura said as she crossed her arms and looked away from him.

"You got a fiery temper there you might want to watch that around me. It kind of gets me interested which is very hard to do, unless that is what you're trying to do," Sasuke said with satisfaction when she notice him glare at him again.

"Keep dreaming pretty boy and now if you don't mind I'd rather-"

"Sakura!" someone interrupted her from behind. Sakura whirled around with a huge grin to meet her friend Hinata. They hugged each other happily and looked over each other. "You were forced into it weren't you?" Sakura asked her friend with a smile. She was wearing a blue spaghetti strap dress that had a golden design at the bottom.

"Yeah, by you. I hope this isn't as retarded as the last one. Who is he anyway?" Hinata asked finally noticing Sasuke who was watching the interaction between the two with amusement. He had never met girls who could actually talk about anything but him whenever he was around.

"Oh, that's the great Uchiha Sasuke, this party is to honor his Grace's presence," Sakura said with a roll of her eyes. Sasuke chuckled at the pink haired beauty before turning his attention to the other girl. She had short raven black hair and lavender white eyes, eyes that resembles Hyuuga Neji's a lot.

"I am Uchiha Sasuke it is nice to meet you," Sasuke said with a smile as he kissed Hinata's hand. Hinata giggled and introduced herself, "I'm Hyuuga Hinata." 'So they were related,' Sasuke thought.

"I think you two make such a cute couple," came someone's loud remark. All eyes turned towards a blue eyed blonde guy who was walking their way with a huge grin and a glass of champaign.

Sakura bursted out laughing and wiggling her eyebrows at Hinata while Sasuke and Hinata glared at the blonde.

"I didn't mean her, heck no, I meant the pink haired one! I saw how you were looking at her," the blonde remarked. At this Hinata and Sakura both inhaled sharply in indignation before saying in unison, "I don't like you."

"Naruto what do you want?" Sasuke asked a little irritated and amused. The girls didn't hesitate a second to tell Naruto their opinion.

"Well, I'm sorry you don't like me. I think I'm in love what is your name," Naruto asked looking at Hinata.

Hinata glared at him before turning on her heel and pulling Sakura with her, not that she wasn't glad to get away. As the two walked away Naruto and Sasuke stared after them with amusement.

"I take the pink one," Sasuke told Naruto as he looked at Sakura with hooded eyes. "And I take the other one. She's fiery, what are their names?" Naruto asked.

"Pink one is Haruno Sakura, the other one is Hyuuga Hinata," Sasuke said his eyes were following Sakura who had sat down beside her friend and was glaring with hatred his way while Hinata was glaring at Naruto with equal hatred.

"No wonder her temper's like that," Naruto said.

"Well, you'll have to deal with it and go over to them. I want you two to get along with them," someone said from behind them. Both guys turned around to find Sasuke's father looking at them with a serious face.

"I don't think it would be a problem from our part," Sasuke said as he turned back to the pink haired beauty that had taken his interest.

"Then I suggest you make it your top priority that you get along with them," he said. "Why's that?" Naruto asked dumbly. "That's something that you will find out later," Sasuke's father replied before he turned around and walked away from them.

"Well getting to know them is something that I wouldn't mind doing at all," Naruto said as he started to make his way toward the two girls that were now talking animatedly with each other. "Not at all," Sasuke said with a smirk as he too made his way toward the two girls.


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